Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Almost Twelfth Night...

... I suppose that means it's time to take down the traditional Christmas Hatstand.


Daedalus said...

Yes, it's so depressing at this time of year to see the piles of hat stands by the road side, waiting to be picked up, taken down to the recycling centre and turned into Xmas trees.

Best Buy Westwood Gamer's Club said...
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Anonymous said...

I saw a christmas tree on the side of the road, burnt from about 1/3 of the way up. Its inexplicable 2/3s immolation keeps me up at night.

cucaracha said...

Love the hatstand. How i wish i had one like that!

I have heard that a lot of house fires are caused by burning the chirstmas tree in the hearth, pointy end first! this solves that problem for the bomberos!

Ellie said...

Jolly good idea!
We have a christmas tree lend outside now therefore it will be there for sometime.
I think this may be next years plan.
Thanks for the idea :)

Custard Socks said...

I'm rather perturbed by the thought of your hats being evicted each Christmas :(

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Simon said...

ha - I had a christmas pillar drill:

anyway, great to be at the recordings on Friday, looking forward to them going out, and see you on the next Ten o clock live series... ;-)

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