Sunday, 9 January 2011

It had better be a really GOOD free test pad, that's all.

That's...  a bold claim. I worry that in classrooms across Britain, scenes like this are taking place:

'I say, you fellows! I bring astounding news for the beginning of the new term! For years you have derided me, picked upon me, and locked me in the stationery cupboard against my will, but no longer! For behold: in 2011, clever is the new cool! So now, at last, I am your alpha male - but fear not, for I shall be an enlightened leader; bearing no grudges; and providing precious reading lists and chess tips for all, even my erstwhile tormentors!' 

'Oh yeah? And who told you this?'

'Why, it is emblazoned quite clearly, and with appropriate exclamation point, right across our new English workboo... ... oh I see.  Right. I'll go and get in the cupboard.'


Mia said...

Spot on!

Piques said...

It happens in every generation, but clever really does beat teenage cool for 75 - 80% of our lives. It is only the first 20 years when the opposite it true.

It makes you feel very sorry for those who are born idiotic social losers. There should be a charity to help them. I wonder who would present the Radio 4 Appeal?

Anonymous said...

aw bless. it just wants to be loved :)

hakan altan said...

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