Thursday, 5 May 2011

No, I don't know what happens when you press the button with a fish on it.

Thanks to Plenty More Fish for directing me to this amazing guy who has created book covers based on famous albums. My favourite is Horses. And Surfer Rosa. And Abbey Road. I have lots of favourites. (Simon Kane has also done a great one, but it's on Facebook and I can't work out how to link to it.)

Anyway, it looks like too fun a game not to join in just because I'm rubbish at Photoshop, so here's a couple from me, done with horse-drawn pen and paper.


Kaitebon said...

Haha! Someone should definitely publish a "Pet Sounds" book like that! The "Turn the page" sound could be a Beach Boys excerpt!(They have a "turn the page" sound in those sorts of books, right? only it's been years since I read one...though considerably fewer years than it should be in light of my age...)

kodama said...

Those are yours? Amazing! :D They are really fun and nice!

Don't worry, I suck at any kind of CG, you have to have tablet to make it look at least decent ;)

That's why I'm a big 'tradional art' shipper! ;D

I love "Purple Rain" and Alice Cooper book covers! They're delightfully kitchy! I wonder how the book would be written... ;)

LadyRedCrest said...

The Patti Smith one is good. But then again, isn't anything that has to do with her good?

SamWow said...

FYI: You are awesome.

That is all.

adubs132 said...

on facebook you look at the thumbnail. right click and click 'open link in new tab' and then right click the picture that opens in the new tab and click 'open image in new tab' and then copy and paste the URL.

oh, by the way, i absolutely love your stuff and i has me in stitches every time i read/listen to it.

Anonymous said...

The man draws as well?

I am not jealous, I am not jealous ...

If I keep saying it, I may eventually start to believe it ...

Miss Pear said...

@theficklepickle: Don't worry. Totally with you. *makes some envious muttering noises and curses her spazzy hands*

These are brilliant. I especially love the two Queen ones turned into a miniseries (can you have a miniseries with only two parts?) and, for some reason, the titles turned into non-fiction manuals really amuse me. I think what probably strikes me most is the authenticity; it's amazing what you can achieve in Photoshop (I love both physical and digital art), but you need to have the knowledge and patience to do it or it can all go a bit squiffy.

Frustrated that I'm away from home at the moment, because my brain keeps throwing up getting ideas for more, and I'm keen to crank up Photoshop and try to make my own pitiful attempts. Except... this computer may well have Photoshop. Fear in advance for your eyes.

simon kane said...

Hmm,does this work?

Custard Socks said...

I love them! Not only are they fantastic, their book shape reminds me of my beloved 8-track collection :)

verilyvexed said...

I've fallen in love with that lettering. The drawings are wonderful, the linework delightful, but I'm ready to propose to the lettering.

verilyvexed said...
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verilyvexed said...
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hakan altan said...

Blaze movie watch.

Jsemleslie said...

As a massive Pixies fan, I love that you include Surfer Rosa. :-)

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