Sunday, 29 January 2012

1 thing I drew this week - Thing One

Occasional drawing posts are for life, not just for advent. So here, have a Dame Maggie Smith.


Annie said...

I always love your drawings! Speaking of Dame Maggie, do you watch Downton Abbey?

Michele said...

*giggles* To the life!!

Anonymous said...

Haha that's awesome! I love Maggie Smith! :D

Sparrow said...

Great drawing. As soon as the page loaded, The wife, Pipit, said, "Hey that's Dame Maggie Smith!"

Great radio, wonderful artwork, funny guest appearances; is there anything you can't do?

Anwyn en fa said...

Ah, December nostalgia...

She looks a bit smug. I suppose I would be too if I got my portrait sketched by Mr. John Finnemore.

Anonymous said...

That's what they call 'a speaking likeness', isn't it? She's obviously just about to say something devastatingly witty. (She has all the best lines in DA!)

(OpenID still hates me.)

Andy said...

Get her on Cabin Pressure. Douglas's mother or something. Even more scathing and sarcastic than him.

Anonymous said...

That's what I always thought Penelope Pitstop would look like if she grew up (and was real). Lovely.Cue Smiley face

Sparrow said...

Really enjoyed The Unbelievable Truth tonight. Another brilliant guest appearance by Mr. Finnemore.

And no, your laugh is not annoying!

Musical Lottie said...

Oh YAY, you posted another drawing! *does a happy dance*

Sasha said...

I would like to start a petition to grant Maggie Smith immortality.

emily michelle said...

Sasha, I will sign that petition. Love the picture.

Cathy-from-Canada said...

I just found your blog. Love listening to you on Radio 4. I laugh so much at your work - love the way you think... Good luck with the Cabin Pressure nomination.
I like your pictures. I guess your creativity runs deep. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Love all of the drawings.

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