Thursday, 5 January 2012

That's what it says on his business cards.

A new entry in my occasional, and very niche, series: Favourite Guess In The Game 'Articulate' Played Over Christmas. (If you don't know it, 'Articulate' is a board game where you try to get your team-mates to say as many of the words on the card as possible without using those words yourself.)

Describer: [Trying to get the guesser to say the word 'Adder'] 'Black (pause) Rowan Atkinson...'
Guesser: 'Lenny Henry!'


Anonymous said...

Oh my god XD

Matt Bell said...

My favourite Articulate situation was as follows:

Describer: [Trying to get the guesser to say Chameleon]
Karma, Karma-karma-karma-karma.....


Anonymous said...

My favourite this year
Describer: Talking about something really passionately?
Guesser: Speechifying!

I was laughing so hard I didn't hear the actual answer.

Anonymous said...

I've never played it, I'm starting to think I should!

Anonymous said...

Don't buy the board game, get everyone to write words (or just names) on slips of paper and throw them all in a big bucket during the evening, then play it that way. Much more fun.

Sarah said...

Answer on card: 'The Himalayas'

Describer: A mountain range in Scotland.

Guesser: The Himalayas.

Do they get bonus points for getting the answer right by both getting it wrong in the same way?

Róis said...

Describer: [Trying to get the guesser to say the word 'Blueberry'] 'Not a blackberry'
Guesser: 'iPhone?'

lizzie_s said...

Over Christmas we played a lot of Articulate

Me as Describer (Trying to get the guesser to say Rocket)
'Something you shoot into space'

My son as Guesser: 'MONKEYS!'

Lesley-Anne said...

Sadly we've never had Articulate as we are a Triv Family. Fave guesser comment on "how many strings on an abacus" (now immortalised in Family Lore) turned to her brother and said, "you'll know, you're musical..."

Anonymous said...

Trying to get my Mum to say olive I said: 'it is a fruit, comes in green and black...'

Mum: Jelly babies!

My diet was not great as a kid...

Emma x

kodama said...

The game sounds so funny!

Elliel said...

Comedy gold in our household:

Describer: [trying to get the answer Bob Monkhouse] presenter, first name is the same as his *points at grandfather*

Grandmother: Robert?

Describer: shorter...

Grandmother: Bob?

Describer: Yup, second name, first half... A man who lives in a monastery.

Grandmother: monk?

Describer: excellent! Second half... Somewhere a person lives.

Grandmother: um, home?... Flat...?... Apartment?

Describer: time's running out! Bob monk....

Grandmother: abode!

[timer empties, Describer hangs head in shame!)

Peter Stanford said...
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Peter Stanford said...

I gave as a clue "Flatfish, we're playing just for the..." and got the correct answer from my teammate, but the bad loser opposite said that it was a "sounds like" and therefore inadmissable.

And he wonders why we don't like playing with him.

Anonymous said...

One Christmas, my cousin was describing 'Thrush'.

Cousin - "It's a bird, and also a disease that women get"

Another cousin's husband - "AIDS!"

It stopped the whole game while everyone collapsed in hysterics.

Plastic Business cards said...

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Anonymous said...

my mother trying to describe 'razor' to her husband of 24 years (who wears a beard), in the company of their 4 children...

"most other men have them, but you don't..."

we were inarticulate for some time

Claire said...

I love articulate (and did you know that there's a new version out called 'Articulate your Life'- for those groups of friends who know every single solitary word of the game off by heart?).

Favourite Articulate Situation:

Describer: "Shape of the board"
Guesser: "Square!!"

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