Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Extra July Priory Engagement Dates.

These signs have started appearing all around London:

If that's true, our athletes are in real trouble. I've barely done anything. Sorry, I assumed someone else was training them. 

Anyway, in answer to questions, if you haven't heard whether or not you have tickets to the July recordings of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme, I'm afraid that probably means you haven't. However, good news! We're doing an extra two John Finnemore's Priory Engagements, on the Wednesday before each recording, the 4th and 11th July. So, why not come along and see that instead? Same cast, similar sketches (plus some extra ones), much smaller audience, and all in a lovely pub. Tickets, as usual, here.


Laura G said...

One of the few redeeming features of watching the Olympic torch relay is being able to play yellow car. I know they're supposed to be gold. But they're really not.

Sarah (the other one) said...

Darn, I will be working *whimper*. Sounds like a really nice event. Hope it all goes well, cause I have a ticket for one of the shows at BBC... Woot! (I love that 'woot' is in the dictionary now.)

Sparrow said...

I sure wish you could come over to our side of the pond one day. Would love to see you live and in person!

I worked in radio and television for 30 years and met dozens of true "A list" entertainers (not the reality show nitwits) but the only person I'd really like to meet in John Finnemore!

You're second only to Peter O'Toole in my list of favorite entertainers. (Didn't get to meet him but did talk with him on the phone setting up a satellite interview!)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info; more than the ticket unit bother to tell us.

That's one of my big, big gripes with the BBC Ticket Unit - they don't seem to be arsed to be able to let us know if we haven't got tickets. How hard can it be to send out an email?

Some of us are trying to keep the night free 'just in case', not knowing when to give up.

Nothing to do with you JF, but they don't seem to listen to the audience's opinions on the matter...

frustrated of Chiswick (not the posh bit)

Luna said...

Mr Finnemore, you and all your enticing shows, and they're all in London ... I should just move there. Have you got room on your doorstep?

Anonymous said...

Luna - there's a recording at the Edinburgh Fringe on 18.8.12. BBC ballot again.

Luna said...

Anon - Wrong end of the country, unfortunately! Are you planning on going to Bournemouth soon, Mr F?

The not sporty Frog said...

I can say that I've very much contribuated to british athletes. Actually as I haven't trained at all for french ones, it will be highly helpfull for their sport competitors... et voilà !

Philippa Sidle said...

How incredibly exciting - I didn't get recording tickets, it seems, but I WILL be as near to London as I'm likely to be on 11th July, visiting relatives. I've signed up! Now to persuade other half!

Pipit said...

My biggest help to athletes is to not watch them. Every time I watch the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on television they lose! It got to where even the sportscasters at the ABC affiliate where my husband(Sparrow)worked started to blame me for their losses! I was instructed not to watch them, especially during play-offs.

Hayley said...

For the first ever I was lucky in the draw and now I find I can't go! If anyone would my tickets I would be happy to pass them on. Email me on (Is it ok to put email addresses on blogs? Too late now, if not!)

Veej said...

Couldn't believe my luck to get tickets, absolutely thrilled & really looking forward to the show.
(Haven't yet worked out what the train fare will be but hey)

yeony said...

I'd like to sign up there, but i can not go there. because, i am korea fan. i'm in korea!! i'm so sad ..

Hannah Littleton said...

I'm going to be at the recording John, and I'm so excited! Hope all goes well and cant wait to contribute my chortles to your show. Hooray!

Yellow Car said...

Disaster!! Ottery St. Mary has been flooded by the River Otter. Save the piano! And the otters, some of whom may have shifted in transit.

See here

Reclaim Democracy said...

*Just* scraped in to your last recording - loved it. Really very silly :-) Great to see you in action and can't wait to hear it all again in the broadcast.
Somehow, despite being last in we were found 2 seats - together - near the front! No idea how that happened but I'm very grateful - being a bit old and decrepit I couldn't have stood for two hours and was preparing to slouch home instead. So thanks a million to whoever organised that.

Rebecca said...

When will John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme be broadcast? I've been humming the insomnia song since Saturday night and I think it's going to stay in my head until I hear it again. Also, excellent deployment of the lemon in the Series 1 cover notes!

Other Rebecca said...

Had a lovely time yesterday evening; the new material is spot on.

Chris M said...

Sorry for the self-promotion, but Cabin Pressure fans can now test their knowledge at

Just match the episode to the quote!

Was hoping to have this ready for Wednesday night (which was brilliant!) but it's here now!

Musical Lottie said...

Wow, I can't believe I've been so busy that I haven't managed to leave a comment until now. I was at the first recording of your Souvenir Programme - which was insanely brilliant - and I just wanted to say thank you for making our lives better with your comedic genius :D

I got home just before midnight that Saturday, and had to be up again at 5. I went straight to bed but didn't manage even three hours' sleep, so the insomnia song was ironically apt that night. It made me smile though, so all was good!

Also, yay - hopefully the Messenger sketch will make the cut this year! :D

Dawnyd said...

Dad and I came to the recording of Souvenir Programme last night and we really loved it. We can’t wait to hear the whole series on the radio. This was our first radio recording, it was really wonderful to see you guys performing live.

I did come out and consider checking this blog (as I do regularly) then I realised that you probably wouldn’t have updated it as you’ve been a bit busy recording the radio show I’d just seen, doh!

Keep up the brilliant work John :-D

Veej said...

Really enjoyed last night's recording of the Souvenir Programme. It was brilliant! Or do I mean delicious?
Unfortunately we couldn't stay for the 2nd half because of train times but really looking forward to hearing the broadcasts.
John, can't thank you enough for the pleasure your work has given - how can one person have so much talent!

Mandy said...

I was lucky to be in London last Wed and even more luckier to be able to come to the priory engagement in Priory Tavern! Thanks John for such a wonderful evening. I couldn't wait for the official broadcasting of the Souvenir Programme. BTW, have you started writing Series 4 of Cabin Pressure yet?

Unknown said...

Poor Olympians did not get much from me either - I have even left the country, 3 long-haul and 2 short-haul flights in the last 3 weeks - NO limerick safety instructions, NO-ONE looking for peripatetic lemons, only safety videos with Olympians cheerfully claiming they would see us in London. This particular flight was not going anywhere near London.
Unfortunately neither am I so cannot get back to the Priory this time - devastated of course.

Unknown said...

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