Thursday, 19 July 2012

Cabin Pressure FAQ

Hi. I've been getting a few questions about Cabin Pressure recently, and I thought I'd put the answers to as many of them as I can think of here, so they're all in one place. So, if you're reading this because I've replied to a question of yours with a link, please don't think I'm being rude, it's just you'll get a fuller answer this way.

Q) Is there going to be a fourth series of Cabin Pressure?

A) Yes, there is. Hooray!

Q) Will it have the same cast?

A) Almost definitely. That's certainly our intention, and everyone seems keen to come back. It's just a question of making the dates work. Speaking of which...

Q) When will it be?

A) We just don't know.

Q) What do you mean you don't know? Get on with writing it, you lazy writer!

A) Fair point, I am a lazy writer, but on this occasion that's not actually the problem. By stupidly casting incredibly talented and in-demand actors (plus me), we've accidentally made it really really hard to get everyone together in a room at the same time. But we're working on it, and the intention is still to get it at least recorded, and ideally broadcast, this year.

Q) Ah, but I am reading this in The Future! Have things changed since you wrote this?

A)  As soon as I know more, I will announce it on this blog, and tweet a link to it. If I haven't done that, then I don't have any more news.

Q) I've heard it's coming back this month! Is that true?

A) Nope. Definitely not. Basically, if you didn't hear it from me or David Tyler the producer, it's probably not true.

Q) Ok, I get the message. It's coming back, you don't know when. Fine. Let's talk about something else. Oh, like: I've been playing Yellow Car since I was a kid! You didn't invent it!

A) Er... no, I know. I didn't invent charades either. Or Monopoly. What's your point?

Q) Just... be careful, that's all.

A) Ok. Will do.

Q) And talking of Yellow Car, how many points do you get if...

A) If I can just interrupt you there, I believe Mr Arthur Shappey has already answered your question here.

Q) Well, no, actually, he doesn't answer my question, which is what if the car-

A) Yes, he does. I have never heard a question about Yellow Car which is not answered by the phrase: 'When you see a yellow car, say 'Yellow Car'. And I have heard a lot of questions.

Q) Why are you being so grumpy?

A) I don't know. I'm sorry. I promise I'll answer the next one non-grumpily.

Q) Good. Ok, what's going on with Martin's salary? It's unresolved at the end of Qik, but elsewhere in series three he sometimes implies he is getting paid now, and sometimes says he isn't.

A) What an excellent question! Yes, you're quite right. What happened was, in the recording there was an extra scene in Qik in which Martin and Carolyn came to an arrangement that changed the situation slightly. However, as that got cut from the broadcast episode, the rule is: it never happened. Martin still doesn't get paid as a pilot, and makes his living as a man with a van. But don't feel too sorry for him - money's always tight for him, but he's not living in abject poverty. And he is doing the one job he always wanted to, and how many of us can say that? (Yeah, ok, me. But I'm really lucky.) 

Q) Where can I listen to / download / buy / read Cabin Pressure?

A) In a variety of ways. You can buy the newly released CDs of the first three series from Amazon. You can buy downloads from Amazon or Pozzitive's online store. Someone has put all the episodes up on YouTube. And someone else, or a collection of someone elses, have put up transcripts of all the episodes, which you can easily find by googling 'Cabin Pressure transcripts'. I only get money from the first two of these, but personally speaking, I have no problem with the last two ways. (The BBC probably don't agree about that.)

Q) I have an idea for / have written a script for / have written a story about the characters from Cabin Pressure. 1) Do you mind? 2) Will you read it?

A) 1) No, I don't mind at all, I'm very flattered! 2) I'm really sorry, but I'd better not. In the first place, even if I love it (and I'm sure I would love it, you're clearly really talented, I can tell that just from your questions) I wouldn't use it, because I'm egotistical enough to quite enjoy being the sole writer. And I can't read it just for fun, in case it overlaps with an idea of my own, and then you feel like I've ripped you off. Even if you, personally, wouldn't mind if I ripped you off, it's much easier if I'm able to say 'No, I've never read any Cabin Pressure fiction I didn't write', so we all know for certain any similarities are just coincidences. (Also, I gather lots of them involve characters getting it on with each other, and I'm not sure I'm ready to imagine that...) 

Q) Where is Fitton?

A) Fitton is not a real place (and has nothing to do with the Filton in Bristol). However, I've always known exactly where it is in Britain, and there are now enough little geographic references over the course of the series that it's possible to pin it down to within about ten or twenty miles. I know this, because some very impressive internet detectives have done so, and sent me the results. And they were right.

Q) Why is Douglas so mean to Martin all the time?

A) There are three basic answers to this. Firstly, because Martin's the captain and Douglas thinks he ought to be, and so has to demonstrate his alpha dog status in other ways. Secondly, because it's a sitcom, and if everyone was lovely to each other all the time, it would be really dull. Thirdly... I don't actually think he is, to be honest. He certainly helps him out at least as often as he takes him down, and even when he does take him down, it was often Martin that started it (Abu Dhabi, Qik).

Q) Can I get tickets for the next recordings, whenever they are? (I know you don't know when that will be yet, because you said that already.) 

A) Yes! And: Not necessarily! Adding up to: Maybe! 'Yes', in that the tickets are free, and released by the BBC online, for anyone to apply to. 'Not necessarily', in that applying doesn't automatically get you tickets, it just gets you into the draw. And even then, the BBC always give away more tickets than there are seats (I wish they wouldn't, but that's another story), so it's possible to get sent tickets, turn up to the recording, and then get sent away because we're full. I hate it when that happens, but there's nothing I can do about it, apparently. So, in summary, 'Maybe'.

Q) There's one line of Martin's that occurs in two different episodes. Was that deliberate?

A) No, it wasn't. For some reason, I thought that line had been cut from the first episode it was in the edit, and reused it; only to eventually realise it hadn't been. So now it's in both, and it really annoys me. Grr.

Q) When will Cabin Pressure end?

A) When it's finished.

Q) Are you being deliberately vague and mysterious now?

A) Yes. Sorry.

That's all the questions I can think of for now - if you have others, put them in the comments, and I might do another one of these in a while.


Anonymous said...

lovely, wonderful, cant wait etc etc, any chance of you using Louise Brealey and her dolphin impression??? she could be Arthurs new love interest :-P

anon Hull

ps I soooooo hope I get a ticket and a ticket meanwhile, 4 candles please

E. Rabbit said...

I'm in the states and have been buying "Cabin Pressure" seasons on iTunes, so first, are you getting paid for that? Because I will be wracked with guilt otherwise.

Second, you all are literally the only thing that kept me awake, laughing, and sane recently on a 9 hours drive (each way!) to Kentucky, so thanks so much for that (I did nearly drive into a mountain in West Virginia from laughing too hard, but that can be overlooked).

Anonymous said...

This year? Wheee! You've made me very happy.

(And yay for your being flattered by the fanfic. Have you seen how well CP is doing on the AO3 rankings? It makes me vicariously proud.)

Anonymous said...

I only get money from the first two of these, but personally speaking, I have no problem with the last two ways. (The BBC probably don't agree about that.)

Bless you, Mr Finnemore! There needs to be more creative folk like you with the same mentality.

Significant Otter said...

Thank you for this lovely FAQ, sir!

I've got one more question for you though! Is it possible to be included in the draw if I live abroad or are the tickets for the recordings only available for the UK residents?

Anonymous said...

Your writing makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Helen said...

Had none of these questions (only because my belief in another series never faltered), but the answers have been most informative, entertaining and, in one case, very reassuring, as there are some paths best tread only by more adventurous fans.

Hugely looking forward to series four whenever it happens and to hearing series two of Souvenir Programme on the air. Enjoy Edinburgh!

Sarah (one of them, there are loads) said...

Now I'm going to have to listen to them all again to work out which of Martin's lines is in there twice! I can't believe I didn't notice it before.

The conversation with Martin and Carolyn about his pay is good, you should use it somewhere if it didn't really happen. Although in my head it did happen because I can't square the fact of it not happening with Martin telling Nancy that he does get paid because I just can't imagine him telling her that he does if he doesn't. So in my head it did happen, is that allowed?

I hope you are having fun writing some more and am really looking forward to it, Cabin Pressure never fails to make me chuckle.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, thank you so much for this information. Hopefully you can get all your cast in a room with each other soon. Good luck writing, and know you have a ton of people who love your writing and characters. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Significant Otter, just jumping in to say that for last year's Royal Wedding recording, they didn't restrict it to UK residents because I live in Singapore and I got two tickets! Of course, you have to actually be in the UK when it happens (I was going there for a trip), but in case you wanted to know!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the fourth series, and we'll wait (almost) patiently for that!

Also seconding CP's brilliant effect in keeping me fully awake throughout a ten-hour drive from Paris to Southern Germany (but having to stop in rest areas from time to time when I was laughing too hard.) You may be surprised that Molokai to me will always take place somewhere in the Black Forest (just before the Singen Autobahn interchange, to be exact), and Ottery St Mary near Winterthur (yes, I had got lost by that time, and the MJN crew KEPT ME SANE as well.) Less sunken yachts came up on the banks of Lake Constance, the perfect place.

So more power to your elbow!

Elliot Smith said...

I was wondering why Martin's line was repeated, and now, thanks to this delightful FAQ, I know why (among other things this post has enlightened) Thankyou for answering many questions we were all keen to know the answer to.

Oh, and by the why, if you happen to talk to Benedict anytime soon, please wish him a very happy birthday from Elliot. Thankyou!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the FAQ. Hopefully you'll get everyone together soon. :) But since a significant part of CP fandom is also part of Doctor Who and Sherlock fandoms, I'd say that if there's one thing we can do, it's wait.

I know you don't read fics (I perfectly understand your reasoning), but have you seen the amount of fanart there is? Are you aware of Cabinlock, and if yes, what are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

What Sarah said. I just can't imagine Martin telling Nancy that he does get paid if he doesn't get paid, either. So in my head the conversation did happen, and in case this is not allowed just let me know and it will remain a secret in my head, I won't tell anyone.

I hate being so grumpy, sorry, I really really love your work anyway.


Gabriel W said...

My mum works for the CAA and found the 'flying into a mountain' conversation from "Ipswich" hysterical when I played it to her.

Apparently it is a scene of great realism...!

So now there's one more person eagerly looking forward to Series 4!

The only remaining question is, where *is* Fitton? :O

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this Q&A. I really enjoyed the show! I probably have listened to every single episode for like 5 times, and still find them funny:)

For the question, I'm wondering about the episode names. They are in alphabetical orders. So what are you planning to do when you reach Z? Are you going to start over from the beginning again? Or do it in some other brilliant way? Thanks!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What I *really* want is for Martin to find himself a lady friend...he seems so lonely, poor guy!

Mai said...

Thank you for this. It's BRILLIANT!
I have another question.

Why did you choose to speak Arthur? And did you have this in your mind from the very beginning (+voices for the other main characters)?

Anonymous said...

Episodes are also available through, at least the US site!

And as an American who would love to be able to put in for tickets and then schedule a trip around it if selected, but sadly gets paid about what Martin does, I would shed blood for a video recording of at least one episode.

Thanks for keeping us posted!

Nick said...

Don't read this:

I am going to guess where Gerty is flying in series 4


I decided to only use the first initials of the place names, rather than attempting to spell each one, as, to be completely candid, my spelling is not brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I came to your 4th July SP run through & loved it! I wanted to join the ridiculously long line to gush, but I got the distinct impression that you had been told quite a few times that you are an exceedingly funny man, so I thought better of it.

The downside to not queuing was not getting to say hello, obviously, and that I had an unanswered question, which was annoying me. But now I can ask it. Brilliant!

Since the CP titles are alphabetical, why did some of them end up being broadcast out of order?


Anonymous said...

Nick, you missed the T episode! ;)

Thanks for this post, Mr F, entertaining and informative!

Anonymous said...

I don't really have another question, but I just wanted to say that I love your writing and show! Haha a lot of times I listened to it while walking to my classes and would end up laughing outside by the streets and stuff. I'm pretty sure some people thought I was crazy or something. I don't think they realized I was listening to something. Anyways, keep it up! I love your work.
-Love from Los Angeles

Amanda said...

It's too bad that you don't want to steal some of our incredible ideas, because I had one about a way a new chara/love interest could have been introduced...oh well
Anyway, I'm also glad that all but one of the questions was from S3 (which I did not read due to spoilers), because I just ended S2 (except for the Christmas special)
P.S. For anyone wondering which line Martin repeated, it was about Arthur and Carolyn not being his type; the second time it's in Limerick, the first time it's somewhere in S1.

Anonymous said...

John, you are in my top three comedy gods (none of you at No1 - you continually jostle). And I feel a bit weird about mentioning that... There should be a star system of British compliment so we can simply refer to it gruffly and then all go away feeling alright about it...

Irina said...

Brilliant! Thanks so much for keeping us posted!
My workmates, by the way, think I've lost it because every morning when I show up, I'm blue in the face from trying to suppress the giggling attacks I have from listening to CP on my way in...

Irina said...

Brilliant! Thanks so much for keeping us posted!
My workmates, by the way, think I've lost it because every morning when I show up, I'm blue in the face from trying to suppress the giggling attacks I have from listening to CP on my way in...

Ross Bennett said...

As for that one occasion where Martin repeats that same line twice, I suggest you consider it a one-off homage to the fine work of Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft.

"Listen very carefully; I shall say zis only once."

Anonymous said...

You, sir, are best that happened to the internet since rainb-- cats.

I too was wondering about getting tickets from outside of the UK; thanks to the above commenter for letting us know! I'll definitely try!

Re the duplicate line, well, it is a good line. :)

(And audiogo is another site you can buy CP, if anyone's interested.)


Anonymous said...

John Finnemore, I would like to know:
What happens when you run out of letters in the alphabet? Will you just go back to "A" and go to Aberdeen, Bradford, California...?

Aimee said...

Thank you so much for this FAQ. I agree that I can't imagine any of the four main characters getting together. I think a large number of people agree with you because this fandot tends to be unusually good at creating original female (and occasionally, male) characters.

Did you know there is also CP fan music? It's called Pilot Rock.

Alan said...

John, I can't tell you how excited i am to read this. This series is pure gold and worth the TV license alone. The whole family love it and it keeps us amused on many a long car journey.

My son can't believe you write it ... he looked at me and said "you mean the Martin? the stupid one writes this?"

oh they have much to learn

Sparrow said...

Humans and goats here on the farm all thrilled with today's blog post. We're all chomping at the bit for more Cabin Pressure and more Souvenir Program!

Thank you Mr. Finnemore, for all you do that makes so many people around the world smile!

Kris said...

Thank you for doing this FAQ! I can't wait for Cabin Pressure to come back, though I imagine it's a nightmare to coordinate.

I'm slowly convincing all my friends to have a listen, and I just got my father into CP too - he loves it! Keep up the awesome work! :)

Ali said...

Thank you for this! That repeated line always bothered me.

I'm so sad that I probably won't be in the UK when season 4 is recorded (although I would give a year of my life to be there, so maybe I'll just come back). But at least I made it to a Souvenir Programme recording, so I've heard you say "brilliant" in real life, even if not in character!

Paul said...

Hi John,
I can't believe I'm going to ask this question -I'm going to sound so much like a nerd. Anyway...
I was working out a time line of the major events that happened to the characters leading up to the final (so far) episode and I was a little puzzled by something Caroline said.
She's been divorced from Gordon for eight* years, but she told her sister in Helsinki* that she'd been running Gertie as a business for twelve* years. Was this just a little inconsistency, or was Caroline running the Airline for 4 years whilst still married to him?

Sad, I know.

* - at the time the episode occurs

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for this lovely FAQ post. I've bought the eps from the Amazon online store and have also pre-ordered the CDs, which I can't wait to get hold of! I've also spread the love with my friends: the more new fans your programme gets, the better!

Cabin Pressure has recently become a wonderful obsession of mine and I listen to 1 or 2 episodes every day: they're better than chocolate if you're feeling down and need cheering up quickly! :)

My daughter, who's 9 years old and is only just starting to learn English as a second language (our first language is Italian), loves Cabin Pressure just like me and is learning a lot of new British words thanks to you, because she *demands* that I let her listen to some eps of CP every day before going to bed. Arthur and Martin are her favourite characters and she has even learned some of their lines by heart. So, you should feel proud also for being a great (although unaware) English teacher, hehe! :)

Thank you for everything. Keep up the great work.

Silvana (Italy)

Pipit said...

I've always imagined that if Carolyn and Herc get together that Arthur and Martin might get a bachelor pad together to save on expenses. Of course, the only thing they could probably swing is living in the old DC 10 fuselage. But, now that Douglas seems to be divorced again and on the market, perhaps the three of them might go bar hopping or something. I wonder what that would be like?

OOPS! I hope I haven't infringed on your not reading fan fiction clause and accidentally hit upon some of your ideas for future shows!

Keep up the BRILLIANT work, Mr. Fennimore!

Unknown said...

Firstly, a statement... you really are amazing. Just had to say that.

Secondly, a question... if the BBC ever come to their senses and finally commission Cabin Pressure for TV, would the main actors be the same?

Thirdly, a statement... if I were ever to go into a coma, I've asked my family to have Cabin Pressure and Souvenir Programme played to me through headphones on constant repeat until I wake up, laughing.

Fourthly, a plea... don't ever stop writing.

Thank you - seriously, thank you.

Anonymous said...

i love Cabin Pressure! You are a genius. Okay, enough sucking up. Will keep an eye open for schedule of new episodes taping. PS if you need to find someone to "make a man" of Martin, I will happily volunteer.

Tata said...

And yet Athur's hat remains a mystery. The fandom has been asking the wrong questions.

Anonymous said...

First, my degree is in Aerospace Engineering and your (Martin's) explanation of how lift is generated was great! If my professors had explanied it that well I'd have done better in aerodynamics.

Second, I'm now a stay at home mom and one episode of Cabin Pressure is good for putting away 3 baskets of clean laundry. Could you make the episodes longer so I can get more done?

Ashby said...

I've learned some things today!! I actually have a couple questions, though.
1. Do you have a particular favorite episode?
2. How similar are you to Arthur in real life?

Anonymous said...

Another source to add to the list - I bought all of the episodes as downloads from audiogo (BBC Audiobooks). I have been listening to them avidly and it is a true test of greatness that they never pall, however many times I play them. A glorious combination of excellent writing and excellent performances.

Could it be that Martin says the same thing in different episodes because he was pleased with how he'd put it the first time and decided to remember it for future occasions? That's what I tell myself anyway!


rawrded said...

"For two very different reasons, neither Carolyn nor Arthur quite float my boat."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you don't mind people listening to the show on You Tube or downloding it. :) I would have never found out about the greatness of it if it weren't for the free downloads. But I still plan on buying the CDs as soon as I can scrape the money.

Mandy said...

Thanks for clearing my doubt, Mr Finnemore. I always thought I misheard the line.

I love CP, and am thrill to know it is coming back this year (in only 5 months, in fact). Apart from the regular casts, pls also bring back Herc (Anthony Head)! He and Carolyn and Douglas are fun together.

Someone on the web said that you titled the episodes in alphabetical order. The last one is "St Petersburg" which started with "S", that mean most probably the 1st episode in Series 4 would start with "T". Counting 6 episode in one series and perhaps adding one special than all 26 alphabets are used up, could that mean Series 4 is the end of the programme? Please tell me it is not.

Jinnie said...

*SQUEE* Thank you so much! I positively can't wait until the next season!

I live in NZ but I'm awfully tempted to travel half way across the globe to watch the CP recording :D

I'm also curious like Mandy as to whether season 4 will be the last?? Please say it's not... :'(

Maron said...

Like the previous posters, I'm also hoping the 4th won't be the last season. Please tell us it's not..!

Apart from Herc, any chance of having Mr. Alyakhin back? Or Martin Davenport. I'm really curious if he and our "little" Martin ever went for that pint and if they became friends.

Will there be new promo photos? Please say yes. :D

Thanks so much for this amazing series. <3

Random_Nexus said...

Thanks for this post, for answering these questions in it, for writing Cabin Pressure so well that these questions need answering, and for being - as far as I can tell - a pretty spiffy chap.

(And if you're not, let me say you're hiding it amazingly well. *wink/grin*)

tmort03 said...

You're fantastic.

Just thought you should hear that from another person, yet again...because really, can you EVER hear that often enough?

Like a few others, I bought the series through iTunes - and love it to pieces - and not only have fallen in love with your writing and wonderful performance and figured out how great Robert Allam is, but also re-discovered Stephanie Cole (loved her in "Waiting for God" on late-Saturday nights on my PBS affiliate) and solidified my admiration for Benedict Cumberbatch. And you should've heard me squeal when Anthony Head's voice came out of my radio speakers!

Anyway. I've loved every minute so far and look forward to every upcoming minute. My husband has even admitted (grudgingly, yes, but admitted) that this BBC-related stuff isn't all bad. And we've got a rollicking game of "The Traveling Lemon" going on, not to mention perpetual "Yellow Car."

Again, in summary - you're fantastic!! :)

mizu said...

Brilliant! Thanks for answering these question again and again...must be tiring.

Have you considered making a Q&A session(with all 4 of the regular cast, ideally)? As you can see there are loads of questions that we'd like to ask, and it would be lovely if we could hear the answers in person...please?

Anonymous said...

Hurray! A new entry. Hurray! A Cabin Pressure update! I've bought from iTunes but am getting the CDs as well- well worth it. Hurray from the States!

Kris said...

Either you've been getting some really bitchy emails, or you feel we're more critical than we are. :( sorry. We love you, John! We love CP and Souvenir! You are the best thing since sliced Beatles!! xoxo

David in Christchurch NZ said...

Having recorded the original HHGTG series off Radio 4 when it was first broadcast in 1978 and playing that to my daughter to get her hooked on Douglas Adams - it was only fitting that she gets her own back and got me hooked onto CP, Yellow Car, the Travelling Lemon and John Finnemore.

I think the word to describe CP has been mentioned before - but it is worth saying again... 'BRILLIANT'.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard British Airways pilots are losing their cheese trays as a cost cutting measure?

Just making sure you're aware of potential plot devices. I mean current events.

Sarah (The other one) (Hi to all the others) said...

Thank you for answering all those questions Mr F. Desperately looking forward to more CP. Not making any second guesses for what happens next, since your writing is so unexpectedly delightful that guessing doesnt tend to work. Just happy to take what comes and know that it will be 'Brilliant'.

Loved your transcripts - its great to see how you produce rounded episodes and how things tie in, and how you explore all the possibilities. Would love to see more of those.

Thinking of you as you write, hoping the muse is constantly with you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for clarifying things. That's a very sweet and helpful thing of you!!

Anonymous said...

Firstly, thank you for being so relaxed about youtube and transcripts and also fanwork. (Especially the last, in the media furore over Fifty Shades of Grey - it's not all like that, I promise! Some of us just need a way to keep ourselves entertained while you brilliantly talented people find time to record more.)

Also, Cabin Pressure was absolutely the perfect remedy to stop me crying during an awful day at work recently, so huge thanks for preserving my dignity, and cheering me up. I wish all manner of good things on you; may your days be filled with otters (or other endearing and fluffy animals of your choice).

Veej said...

I was just wondering if anyone would mention the transition from fan fiction to mega-selling work, as in 50 Shades of Drab. The very thought of Cabin Pressure going down that route - no, no, stop there!
Will be hitting the Apply-for-tickets button as soon as the option is available. Meanwhile, soak up all the affection & praise that's here, you deserve it for being so Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Out of idle curiosity, have you heard of the Cabinlock fandom? (Crossover between Cabin Pressure and Sherlock). It's surprisingly huge, for a crossover fandom.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! Can't wait to see what t is. Tottenham? Tangalooma? Tokyo?

Anonymous said...

I've always thought Martin and Molly would be a match made in heavenly awkwardness.

NotMirandaHart said...

Thanks for the FAQ, particularly that CP season 4 will be out by the end of this year:)
For the next FAQ:
1)Will Gordon Knapp-Shappey return in Season 4? Mr Birling and him could do a double act!
2)Caroline Knapp-Shappey's first husband - deceased/divorced and what's their history?
3)will Ruth return? I liked Caroline reverting to her old accent with her sister.
4)Its indicated that MJN Air had other pilots before Martin. Will Douglas mention them/they turn up in future episodes?
5)Have any of the crew members been in prison? (Douglas sounds likely, but Martin's bad luck and Arthur's 'arthurness' is fair game for all)

Meanwhile, looking forward to more souvenir programme & the Now show sketches.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Is it too early to hope for the V to be a city in British Columbia? Vancouver, Vernon, Victoria, Vanderhoof...

kodama said...

Can I just pop in and say how much I aprreciate your work? I do, I really do.(And I might be slightly in love with your brain, if it's ok...)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that today, while listening in the car to Ottery-St. Mary and more specifically the exact bit where Arthur is explaining the rules to Yellow Car, we saw a yellow car.

My son and I both had a good laugh. Not that we don't always have several good laughs while listening, but this one was especially sweet!

Elares (Linette Moccia-LeBlanc) said...


Anonymous said...

The names of the episodes are in an alphabetical (more or less) order. Once you get to "Z" and decide it's still not the end, will start the alphabet again or will you do it in a random order this time?

PS. Your FAQ is not only informative, but also the most entertaining one I've ever read. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Ever thought of middle names for everyone? Would you mind sharing them now or do we have to wait for episodes to air?

Non-Brian of Britain said...

Hello John

I just wanted to ask you to kindly refrain from absorbing any more than the tiniest fraction of the praise being heaped upon you here and elsewhere. It is all perfectly justified but I'm afraid that it will change you and your writing, which would be a terrible shame!

Cabin Pressure is a little gem. I must have listened to each episode dozens of times and they never cease to brighten my day. Congratulations to you and your amazingly talented cast.

Two questions:
1. Will Linda Fairbairn be back? She is quite obviously exactly what Martin needs - a no-nonsense Scotswoman who will not tolerate his self-doubt.
2. I know I am pushing my luck, but is there any chance you could do a Christmas special this year?

saide said...

Goodness...bless you Mr. Finnemore.
Because of your series, I've learned about the games they play. Especially Yellow Car and The Travelling Lemon hehe.

It's making me happy, Cabin Pressure. :D

Oh! And I was wondering...would it be okay if I send you a thank you postcard along with some stickers? :D

Anonymous said...

Today, I treated myself to a really good Bolognese and listening to the third series of Cabin Pressure while cooking. Despite having read this very informative FAQ a question arose: When talking to ATC, Gerti is mostly referred to as "Golf Tango India" by ATC but sometimes - like in St. Petersburg or, I think, Abu Dhabi - Martin refers to her as "Golf Echo Romeo Tango India". Why?

And some useful advice to all the listeners of CP: listening to "Rotterdam" and eating spaghetti at the same time can be a, if not to say dangerous...

pekay said...

John, you're marvellous, naturally, and I particularly enjoyed your pasty rant on the Now Show. My niggling question about CP, though, is:

The final of the Six Nations, between France and Wales, in Edinburgh? And Wales are 'Triple Crown champions' by virtue of beating France?

Is this deliberate parallel-universe stuff? Or can it be possible that neither you nor anyone else whose eyes the script passed in front of knows enough about the northern hemisphere's main Rugby Union tournament to realise that that's several shades of jarringly, distractingly wrong to anyone with any knowledge of it? (Note for uninitiates: there's no such thing as the 'final' in the 6N, which is a league-table-based, all-play-all once tournament: a Wales-France match would be held in either Wales or France; and France matches are irrelevant to the Triple Crown, which is won by one of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales when they beat the other three.)

I'm thinking it must be the former, right? I mean, there's no way an intelligent fellow like you, even if you did know nothing about rugby, wouldn't check that blind stabs in the dark about a sports event you were only vaguely aware of were consistent with reality, if you'd intended them to be, is there? But then, why would you actively not want it to be consistent with reality? (CP being otherwise, of course, a model of eerie verisimilitude in every respect.)

I appreciate 'Edinburgh' was an alphabetical constraint, but I can't see any terminally obstructive reason why Mr Birling couldn't be Posh Scottish, say (they can sound like us, too - and Scotland winning the 6N in recent years would put us in fantasy-land quite nicely), or the match couldn't be Scotland-Wales, and be 'the deciding match' rather than the final... Anyway, I'm just kind of intrigued about the thought process behind the decision. And distracted by the little involuntary brain-winces at the wrongness of it all that I get whenever I hear the episode.

Also, since you mention it, OHMYGOD THE NIGHTMARE THAT IS BBC TICKET MANAGEMENT. We spent faaaaaaaaaaar too long being very, very, very squashed in the bar of the Drill Hall, still not knowing whether we'd actually get to see the recording of Molokai, because we were near the (extremely approximate) cut-off line in the queue (which we'd also stood in for a good couple of hours, after a two-hour journey), and were amongst about a dozen people ushered in with specially-coloured 'these ones are not guaranteed a seat but we have shoehorned them into the waiting pen anyway' stickers. We did get seats in the end, and the recording was brilliant fun, but as an overall experience, crikey it was miserable. Honestly, genuinely horrible. They really need to sort that out some better way. Have been to the Radio Theatre a couple of times and not found it quite so dire, but won't be risking the Drill Hall experience again.

Unknown said...

Like many I came for The Batch but stayed for the Crew.
Cabin Pressure is by far the best radio play/audio comedy I´ve been lucky enough to hear. It´s the first I can hear again and again and again.
Luckily I have some friens who like it as much as I do so we use quotes everywhere and annoy other friends :P

I take it everywhere with me on my mp3 player. It makes me feel good. It helps me relax.

So: I can´t say I can´t wait for the 4th season. I can. I will wait for it in anticipation.
And be thankful for your work.

Unknown said...

Like many I came for The Batch but stayed for the Crew.
Cabin Pressure is by far the best radio play/audio comedy I´ve been lucky enough to hear. It´s the first I can hear again and again and again.
Luckily I have some friens who like it as much as I do so we use quotes everywhere and annoy other friends :P

I take it everywhere with me on my mp3 player. It makes me feel good. It helps me relax.

So: I can´t say I can´t wait for the 4th season. I can. I will wait for it in anticipation.
And be thankful for your work.

Mandy (from Australia, not the other Mandy who previously posted) said...

Mr Finnemore, bless you for taking the time out to answer all our clamouring questions!

Well, I will be keeping an eye (maybe two eyes!) out for the BBC ticket call and praying that it happens in mid-Oct (only because that is when I will be in London)...

Love Cabin Pressure (on a constant loop at work, which always gets me funny looks as I burst out laughing for no apparent reason) - bring on season 4!

Elin In LA said...

Hi Mr. Finnemore,

My family only recently discovered Cabin Pressure (we live in Los Angeles) and are delighted to be onboard...!

Many thanks for all the laughs and for providing such phenomenal aural entertainment.

Can't wait for Season 4! Until then, will continue to enjoy repeated listenings of all your wonderful episodes to date!

Dave Shelton said...

Your crypticness (crypticity? crypticitude?) in your answer about when Cabin Pressure might end makes me wonder at your plans. My encyclopedic knowledge of both counting and the alphabet suggest that series 4 takes you to Y and a one-off Z special could round things off neatly. And your enviable ability to engineer plots makes me think you like neatness.

Pointless speculation as you've already demonstrated that you don't wish to address this matter more fully. But more power to you whatever your plans. Very much looking forward to series 4.

Anonymous said...

I, too, have some episodes on my mp3 player and have to be careful in public because if I'm not bursting out laughing outright, then I find myself walking around with what I can only imagine is quite a goofy grin on my face. I'm glad to see here that I'm not the only one with this "problem". In fact, I've sort of been hoarding new (to me) episodes and tend to break one out if I'm depressed or have had a bad day and find that they really do provide a tremendous lift. Thanks so much for that.

I also enjoyed the News of the World and Eurozone Crisis rants and will seek out more of your work in the future.

I have a question for anyone who might happen to know. Is the Christmas episode (Molokai) included on the 2nd or 3rd season album or does it have to be purchased separately? Thanks in advance.

My favourite tv comedy is "Frasier" and one of the best episodes is "Ham Radio" which involves the live broadcasting of a radio play in honour of a station milestone. Of course, everything goes wrong and hilarity ensues. I'd love so much to see the real thing now; it does seem to be more common than ever to have a camera in a radio booth to stream a visual version online these days. I know the whole play isn't recorded in one take, but if it's not too much trouble, it would be fascinating if you could have a camera on to record the process so that some of us from overseas who would never have a chance of attending could get a better idea of what the experience is like. I understand that getting the recordings organized is hard enough already, and I don't know how the performers would feel about it, but just wanted to reiterate the idea for consideration in case it might be doable.

Again, thanks, and I don't suppose T will be for Toronto,

Susan in Canada

pekay said...

Susan in Canada - no, Molokai's not included in the series sets of Cabin Pressure - at least not the downloads; I presume not the CD either.
(And wasn't available from AudioGo as a single download either when I bought my series, but I see it is now available, so I'm off to add it to the collection...)

Sorry I seemed to rant on a bit above (seven comments up at time of posting). I'm a chilled kinda person, really. And I do hope it was obvious I'm not a 'disgusted of Tunbridge Wells' about some jumped-up so-called 'comedian' on the wireless playing fast and loose with the specifics of sports tournaments, just interested in the decision(/oversight?? As I said, surely not?).

H said...

@Anonymous: on first encounter, ATC will refer to a plane by its full registration G-ERTI; after then, if there isn't a conflict they will abbreviate to the country and the final two letters G-TI.

John: hurrah for you and your work. One question: why did you say "row C" at one point - surely Gerti has numbers for rows as usual?

renosnave said...


renosnave said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Will there be another series the Souvenir Program?

PS I have adapted yellow car into yellow shirt for filling the boredom at work. It becomes quite interesting when the yellow shirted person is in earshot when you spot them...

Anonymous said...

@H: Cheers!!!

Dawnyd said...

Thanks for explaining the plane reg thing. I've often wondered that too.

Dawnyd said...

There is going to be a new series of SP as I was very lucky to be at one of the recordings. I think they said it was due to air in September :-)

Dawnyd said...

Hi John

Thanks for those answers. I think it's really cool that you don't mind people listening via YouTube. It did work in your (and the BBCs) favour as my first listen to Cabin Pressure was through YouTube I realised how brilliant it was and then went and bought all the downloads.

Talking of which it would be great if I could buy series one of Sounviner Programme as I missed it and I've only managed to get bits from YouTube.

Anyway keep up the wonderful work I look forward to hearing your new series when they're on :-)

Sal said...

Dear John.

I love Cabin Pressure especially the ep Ottery St Mary (which lives on my iPhone )

Will happily wait for the next series. i am sure that it will be worth it.

Hope that all is well in your world.

Sal said...

Dear John.

I love Cabin Pressure especially the ep Ottery St Mary (which lives on my iPhone )

Will happily wait for the next series. i am sure that it will be worth it.

Hope that all is well in your world.

Anonymous said...

One Q that should be more F A: why is CP usually buried in the Radio 4 daytime schedule? Because of this I didn't become aware of it until (I think) some time in series 2. Can we look forward to a better timeslot, and lots of R4Extra repeats?

Anonymous said...

You, sir, are amazingly talented and we will continue to tell you that fact until you specifically beg us not to.

You write hugely successful and hilarious shows without using bad language, graphic violence or adult content - and that's a very rare thing indeed these days. I salute and thank you for all you have given to us, your adoring public.

Now my question: the wonderful Mr Burling alluded to the string of girlfriends that Arthur has attracted over the years... are we ever going to meet a new one?


Hannah Littleton said...

Mr Finnemore, I was at one of your souvenir show recordings, and my friend and I laughed like drains all the way through, it was just top notch. Thank you for being so clever and funny!
We got to sit in the front row because the nice lady outside noticed my friend is blind and ushered us in early ''so he will be able to hear fine.'' There's nothing wrong with his hearing, but we weren't about to protest! I can now brag to my Cabin Pressure mad brother that I was 'this close' to Arthur Shappey!

Oh and one more thing.... delicious!

Two more things - my family and keep laughing at you Eurozone analogy you did on The Now Show some weeks back. It never stops being funny.

Anonymous said...

if lines have been cut from the episodes then i hope you are compiling them to make an outtakes session? is there such a thing as a radio gag reel? why do DVDs get to have all the special features.

also i love the episode limerick. all the silly games to distract from boredom balance perfectly with the rich character backstories we get from douglas and martin! bravo, you. so looking forward to the next season, whenever you get around to recording it. xoxo

Jess said...

I have a slightly unrelated characterization question - in your head, does Martin want to be captain because it will get him respect and admiration, or does he want respect and admiration because he feels he deserves it for being the captain?

Anonymous said...

Cabin Pressure is easily the best thing I've ever heard on the radio. Can hardly wait for the new series! Any chance of having Richard Armitage as a guest on the show? Since you already have two Ex-Spooks-actors on the flight deck anyways and he seems to be a brilliant person like the rest of the CP-team.

Anonymous said...

Love the series why don't you put the scripts (or some of them) on the BBC Writers Room website library ?

I wonder how MJN Air would cope with the Olympics? And just how many ways can Douglas steal the whisky on Birling Day?

Hannah said...

Hurrah! So glad to hear some Cabin Pressure news on top of Souvenir Program! I am looking forward to both immensely, I listen to an episode of one or the other at least once a week, normally more. I so wish I was in England so I could make it to a recording, but I will have to make do with introducing as many of my fellow Australians to the shows as I possibly can. :)

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to take a picture of Benedict with some Boeing 747's.
"Benny and the Jets." Get it? :D

John Birch said...

Listening to Series 3 on the way home from Europe last weekend. The Rotterdam episode came on as we drove through Europe, and just as Douglas spoke about his desire to visit Spa guess what turn-off we passed?

Nicole said...

I feel that I also must voice my admiration for this brilliant show. We have created a tradition in my family called "Sunday Crew" where either at my house or my parents, we and some of our dearest friends all gather 'round the or computer...and listen to two episodes of Cabin Pressure. It has been a delight to listen again and introduce the show to our friends. I've listened to all the episodes multiple times. My parents both received CP T-shirts for their birthdays this year and I'm fairly certain all the family Christmas gifts will be CP-related.

Keep writing. You're utterly amazing.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! We were lucky enough to get tickets for the last series and certainly didn't mind waiting in the enormous queue for a few hours. However, once we got inside, the CRUSH for the unallocated seats was dangerous (and I think that this is only going to get worse!)John, I know you don't control the ticketing process but could you PLEASE point this out to the BBC to see if it could be avoided in future. We live in hope...

Anonymous said...

Hah-I dont think the actors would be the same.Its said that Martin is,well,not well-looking and pretty short.

Anonymous said...

I really want Douglas and Carolyn to get married and move in with Poop-a-doop.

Miguel Ángel said...

Ok, here's my UAQ- How did you know about Albacete? Just curiosity.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the plane at the top of your post... You wouldn't get many otters in there, would you?

LadyRedCrest said...

Would it be possible for the radio theatre company I'm with to get permission to perform an episode of Cabin Pressure?

Cringing Wretch said...

I suppose MJN Air will never be able to finance a HondaJet. Mr. Alyachin would've approved.

Silver said...

The CDs of Series 2 landed on my doormat yesterday, so now I have to get all my work out of the way to allow me to indulge my CP addiction!

I do have two questions:
1) 'Molokai' was not in the Series 2 set, so will it be in with the Series 3 discs?
2) Given Arthur's tendency to be often lacking in what many of us regard as 'common sense' {hey, this is why we love him!}, how did he manage to pass his driving test? Arthur is my age, and the Theory Test was brought in before we were old enough to drive (1996 - originally a written test, then on computer in 2000), and given that we know he is not good with exams / tests, how did he manage it?!

joue223 said...

What's up with Arthur and his father? Why is Gordon Shappey not "brilliant"?

Luna said...

Ooh! I've thought of a question! Chuffed. What was Arthur hiding behind in Cremona? (At the start, when they mention Hester and he pops of somewhere, prompting a "What were you DOING behind there?!" from Martin) Because I'm thinking wardrobe/closet but then I don't think Carolyn would have one in her office ... Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Does Arthur have a collection of plane related videos and DVDs? And I must confess I recorded 'Airplane!' after it was mentioned in Limerick.

Anja said...

Just spent 2 days in Avionic engineering (no kidding!) doing nothing but listening to Cabin Pressure and snorting regularly.
No matter when, where, why or how the next season is recorded: I have to be there!
I want to be the snort in the background, so I can tell my grandkids (or whoever) "That is my snort there! Can you hear it?" It would be my heritage ;)

PS: I would know a couple more spaces to store otters. I am not sure, if they would live though....

Tigercat said...

Look Forward to a 4th series hopefully we'll get round the alphabet a second time

Here's a little diorama I mocked up

All I can say is

I can find no words that describe a fire better truck than, “Fire truck"

Unknown said...

I absolutely love Cabin Pressure"!! I came over it on YouTube by an accident (I was actually searching for "Benedict Cumberbatch". Tihi) I listened to it every night for about.. 4-5 weeks, and then.. I couldn't find it on youtube any more. Do you know why youtube have deleted it, and if there is somewhere I could listen to it for free? :) (Oh, and yes, I live in Norway)
Btw, can't wait until the next season!! And the next, and the next and the next...!! Hope you make at least ten!

MartinS said...

You say Martin didn't get his payrise - but at the end of S03E01 (Qikiqtarjuaq), Martin (with a lemon on his head) is talking to Nancy and states that he is "paid" to be a pilot. I had assumed from this that he had made some headway in the negotiation, with the results to perhaps be revealed at a later date.

Myms said...

Best. News. EVER.

I just wanted to say "Thank you!!!" for creating cabin pressure, it makes my 12 hour night shifts at work bearable and me looking like a little creepy weirdo, laughing alone while sorting the mail and parcels all over Sweden.

My Hägglund in Sweden :)

MartinPic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

You've snag some pretty amazing guest voices over the seasons. When things are more definite, will you give us a little heads-up as to some of the guest stars for season 4?

Anja (the snorting one) said...

Talking about Cabin Pressure... have you seen this?

It's brilliant! Isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the QA session. We fans would never get enough of it.

I wonder whether you have the intention of making CP a TV serie, because it would definitely be *brilliant*?

stephen webster said...

Fitton Location:
I think I have narrowed it down as well but I have a big problem with the Johannesburg series when Caroline clearly berates Douglas for flying (from Fitton) “200 miles North-East” (to Barrow in Furness) instead of “300 Miles South West” ( to Paris.) Clearly East and West mixed up? And then we have a closer fix.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Cabin Pressure and used to be so upset when I missed it on radio 4 extra or when it was radio 7!! It was one of the only ways I kept my humor in my high-stress work place!

-Meghan in Kentucky, USA

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hello. I am new to Cabin Pressure and have only just started listening to it. You are a wonderful writer; this is one of the best things on radio that I've ever heard! I do not live in the UK but from everything I've read online, the goings on at the recordings are pretty hilarious too! Do you have plans to release DVDs of the recordings themselves? There's a lot of people hoping you will!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Somebody else I think already asked about the time-line concerning Caroline's marriage to Gordon vs. her running MJN for twelve years - but I didn't find an answer to it anywhere. I'd also like to know more about her first marriage, and the sweet shop in particular, and is it just me or is it implied that there was something going on between husband no.1 and Ruth ("I always liked him" - "I know you did!!!"). What about husband no.1 anyway? And about the marriage to Gordon? Caroline is 63, Arthur is 29, so she got him at 34, so she was married to Gordon at that time already (Caroline just isn't the type to give birth outside of wedlock), yet their divorce took place when she was in her fifties, implaying twenty years of matrimony at least, and also Arthur being an adult when they split up - yet it doesn't sound that way to me if you know what I mean. Did they split up much earlier and only finalised the divorce at that (late) point? In a nutshell: can we learn more about Caroline's and Arthur's history?

Another thing: how long is Douglas with MJN? And was he always number two, or did he get demoted when Martin joined? Because - well, he's sort of the natural captain, and I can see how "no captain's salary" beats "natural captainship", but what was before that?

Anonymous said...

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Betty said...

Will it be televised? Love it love it love it, might be even better with pictures

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

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