Friday, 13 June 2014

Souvenir hunting

Summer Christmas is coming, the fruit salad's getting fat… and with it come the recordings of series four of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme! There will be three recordings in July and August, and you can enter into the draw for tickets to the first one here. The others will pop up on the same site in due course.

But what if you can't wait till then? Or if you don't want to enter into a draw; you want a ticket? Or if you're only really comfortable watching sketch comedy if you know you are within easy reach of date stamps and microfiche terminals?

Ah, then what you need are the semi-secret (as in, only mentioned here) try-out nights of new material for the show that we do, normally in a pub, but this time... in the lecture theatre of Kensington Central Library! (I know! I may wear a monocle.) Come along and see me, some of the cast, and special guests performing brand new sketches for the first time, and therefore often having to work out on the spot which silly voice to do. No age restrictions. (Not on you, anyway. I still have to be 36.)

For details, and to book tickets, follow these links...

John Finnemore's Library Edition, Thursday 19th June

John Finnemore's Library Edition, Friday 4th July


Demi said...

Hello! Looking forward to series 4! Just wondering if you meant Thursday the 19th June though, There's no 17th June on a Thursday, not this year anyway :-)

John Finnemore said...

Dammit! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Booked my ticket! :) Looking forward to it!

Brynhild said...

I got an amazing email about this and was so excited until I saw the dates. I live in the wrong country :( *sighs* Crossing my fingers for JFSP recording tickets on the only date that will actually work for me.

To all you lucky people out there: enjoy the show and laugh a bit for me ;)

Carla said...

You may have to be 36, but you certainly don't have to act it. :)

Sadly as I am across the pond, I shall have to wait until it's recorded and airs. Damn, damn, and double damn. D: </3

Anonymous said...

Wait - Is it Tuesday 17th June or Thursday 19th??

Shappeybunny said...

Booked tickets for the tryout on 4th July AND applied for the recording on 7th July. Presumably this means high chance of seeing the same sketches performed in slightly different clothes. Hooray!

Bedders said...

Good luck in your endeavours and thank you for the kind invitation, but I shall not be venturing forth from my country pile on this occasion.

Philippa Sidle said...

Noticed this too late and now it's all sold out :(. I would have had a reason to be in the south of England around that time for once and might have been able to make it. Bah!

Дени said...

I love you, Mr. Finnemore. I love you long and hard.
I have now read every entry in this blog. I’ve taken every quiz and played every game.
I pondered the mysteries of Lincoln’s chair and of the shrinking pig’s socks.
I’ve imagined an unimaginable number of otters and elephants (you’ll have to take my word for it) and dreaded the rouge tulip.
I’ve commiserated with your personal struggle with the cheese pushing French and all things French in general.
I’ve giggled uncontrollably at the idea of 12 monkeys eating Gilbert Grape and I was happy to hear that you cracked the case of Roger Rabbit’s framing.
Separately I listened to you lie to your heart’s delight about Russia, Germany, BBC, airplanes, crocodiles, Samuel Johnson, Boris Johnson, guinea pigs, pubs and dogs and also school us about the problems of the Spanish banking system and Bideford council’s religious issues.
And of course I’ve listened to and memorized phrases, excerpts and whole Cabin Pressure episodes, as one does. Don’t even get me started on Yellow car.

All of this has steadily led me to the opening statement of this comment and I’ll be happy to repeat it. I do in fact love you. You are easily one of my favourite human creatures currently occupying our planet and I am infinitely happy to know of you and your work.

I am going to continue to lurk around in quiet appreciation of you and all your doings and every now and again I might even voice my ongoing love. Please, don’t be alarmed, I promise not to stalk you (not that I wouldn’t be your stalker – I would and gladly, but I live far-far-away and it is simply not possible). (At the moment).

Alex C said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the show last night - many thanks. Particularly the extended 'Since you ask'.

Mr Finnemore's Fan said...

Wish I could have been there! Meanwhile, here's a link to a petition asking the casting directors for the forthcoming Paddington film to cast JF as the voice of Paddington, now that Colin Firth has pulled out. I think John would be utterly brilliant as Paddington!

Anonymous said...


Дени said...


Mr Finnemore's Fan said...

'Ave a banana!

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Unknown said...

But what if you can't wait till then? Or if you don't want to enter into a draw; you want a ticket? Or if you're only really comfortable watching sketch comedy if you know you are within easy reach of date stamps and microfiche terminals?

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