Tuesday, 1 December 2015

24 Doodles - 1

This chap sat over the way from me in the Union Jack pub in Waterloo this February, while I was working on the plot that eventually became Wysinnwyg. You might be able to read the note that says 'Is the problem that the Sues and Adele come from different sitcoms?' The answer to this was... yes. 


mash mish said...

Ahhh! The intermittent nuggets from 'Forget What Did'.
The antidote to the vicissitudes of almost any a day.

Anonymous said...

YAY the doodles are back!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Oh blessed be! My thrice hourly checks have finally paid off! The interminable days are now going to be ever so marginally less interminable.

The question is do I open my browser and check as soon as I get to my desk - or do I delay until the afternoon to give me encouragement and hope for a brighter, better future and so then I may actually do some of the work I am sort of paid for?!

Maybe I should just go and Youtube a fluffy cat instead...

Spa Somerset Lady said...

Great doodle, he certainly looks tickled by something!

Anonymous said...

24...Is this going to be a 'better than chocolate' daily advent treat?

Unknown said...

Chocolate is so over-rated when we can dine on insightful Finnemore doodles instead

Tealin said...

Hooray!! Excellent.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic doodle. More than absurdly delighted with the thought of it being December and the possibility that they might be daily doodles. I'm really hoping that means there will be placeholders and some of them will rival the actual post for brilliance.
R x

Laura said...

Why has nobody commented on Adele from Wysinnwyg popping up again in 'Hot Desk'? And still managing to be excruciating without actually being there at all?

On Y Va Films said...

When Useless Joel reappeared in Red-Handed (could he reappear, never having appeared in WYSINNWYG? Having been mentioned in it, anyway), I wondered whether there were any other cross-references, but I have been unable to spot any.

I had a moment of wondering whether, like The Sound and the Fury, the final Act might reveal some overarching unifying plot!

Still great fun, though.

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