Sunday, 6 December 2015

24 Doodles - 6

This is from August, when I was working on Hot Desk. There was a photo of a girl on a horse lying around on the table I was working on. I like the horse's legs in this, but not much of the rest of it.

(Incidentally, the 'Aesop version' actually turned out to be The Tortoise That Fell In Love With A Hare. But the rabbit and the lion were useful staging posts to getting me there.)


Anonymous said...

I love these doodles! Thanks for posting them!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, doesn't have anything to do with these excellent doodles; I never bothered looking it up, but apparently Ouagadougou is a real place in Burkina Faso. It's its capital, in fact. Fascinating. (c:

P.S.: Yes, I just listened to Timbuktu again on iPlayer.

slepkane said...

Aw fab! Funnily, I've been making almost identical calculations with my own M and G.

Molly said...

I finally heard this episode just last night, and it was delightful, well worth waiting for! Thanks for letting us have a peek inside the notebooks; it's no end of fun to see, as it were, the stone that the final sculpture was chiseled from.

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