Monday, 7 December 2015

24 Doodles - 7

Here's a little bit of research I diligently did into stained glass terminology for The Goliath Window at the British Library in October... none of which ended up in the script. But then, you never know what will be useful until you do it.

That 'Why's it funny?' question was one I had to keep reminding myself to ask whilst writing Double Acts - it was easy to get seduced by the story-telling aspects, and then realise later a page had gone by without any jokes. The answers I came up with here are largely not the answers I ended up with, but at least it reminded me to bear in mind it was a comedy.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr F.,

thank you for your doodles - although the notes from your scrapbook are as interesting as the art.

By the way, I enjoyed the Double Acts, especially the pony lovers one. Being German myself, it was frightening how well you portrayed us. And the speakers were terrific!

anelles47 said...

Thanks so much for letting us see these! They are inspiring me to do some writing of my own and offering me ideas for how exactly to go about it.

I'd really love to see more, both of doodles (you draw quite well, in my opinion) and of your process.

Emma in Wonderland said...
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Emma in Wonderland said...

I absolutely loved The Goliath Window - my favourite 'Double Act'! Fascinating to get a peep behind the curtain, thank you for sharing, sir!

Lothiriel said...

'Because M is an idiot' is probably the best note ever. I still can't decide which thing I love more, your doodles or the chance to get a peek at your notebooks.

Also, The Goliath Window is by far my favourite episode of Double Acts - brilliant writing and superlative acting, both you and Simon. Thank you so much for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

Goliath Window was my favorite Double Acts for many reasons, not the least of which was your son-naming methodology. Good thing they didn't have five sons, eh?

Thank you for a brilliant series.

Tealin said...

I'd wager that had you forgotten to put jokes in, it would still have been funny on the performances alone, but as you remembered them, it delivers on all fronts. If there were any justice it'd be used to school writers on How It Is Done! (I may be biased.)

Unknown said...

I'm a great fan of John Finnimore, and everything he does/writes, especially his Double Acts. As a young GCSE drama student with many hopes and also high levels of stress, I find listening to them both comforting and instructive. Later in the academic year I will have to act a scripted piece, as part as either a group or a pair. As such, I would love to get my hands on a copy of the script for Hot Desk (my personal favourite, as well as being the easiest to adapt for a stage).
I'd also just like to thank John Finnimore simply for his existence, as without it many of my favourite comedy radio shows would never have come to pass. His brilliant wit, as well as his marvellous doodles inspire me to become a comedic writer, or at the very least to be the innocent and slightly foolish one amongst my friends.

Anonymous said...

A few of the press releases for Double Acts mention that one story's about "a band of explorers beginning to wonder if they'll ever reach Australia's Great Inland Sea". I'm wondering if it was ever written or was a press release mistake.

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