Thursday, 7 December 2017

Twenty-Four Things - Thing Seven


(For those asking where it is: I'm afraid I made it up. But I cribbed bits from the Cathedrals of Wells, Amiens, Rheims and Exeter. And then I put in some completely unnecessary flying buttresses, because what's the point of doodling a cathedral if you don't get to do flying buttresses?)


Anonymous said...

Where is that?

TJ Tamlin said...

Nice flying buttresses!

Tealin said...

Ooh, how very Ken Anderson ...

deku said...


Dancing Lemurs said...


Peter Davies said...

Gormenghast... <3
You've just made my day!

RLChinaNW said...

Where are the flying buttresses (always wondered what those are)...

John Finnemore said...

They're the bits at the extreme edges. Possibly specifically the upper ones - I'm not sure, and am too lazy to Google. But that's ok because, with all the respect in the world, so are you.

eurosmith said...

Surely it's the other way round "I wanted to draw some flying buttresses so I had to do a cathedral."

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