Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Victor Hugo gets his author photo taken.

"Oh, yes, Victor, very nice! Very intense. Like it. Great. Ok, shall we try another pose?"

"...Yep. Yep, that's good too. Ok, I think we've got some terrific options for that look. Tell you what, let's try one without your hand on your face. How about that?"

"......Ok. Yep, ok, that was my fault. I left you a loophole there, didn't I Vic? Fair enough. So! Now let's try one without your hand on your head AT ALL."

"...I'm not an idiot, Victor. [...] YES, that counts as 'on'! [...] Of course it does, it... Look. We're both tired. Let's take a break, shall we, for a few days. Or years, or... decades, even, and then come at it fresh."


"Fine. Very nice, Victor. Very intense. We'll use that one."

"Yeah. And the same to you."


slepkane said...


Tealin said...

I guess he just had a very heavy head.

SylviaHolly said...

Or maybe it's like when liars compulsively touch their mouths to stop the lies from being discovered. Maybe he just wants to keep all his fictions safe.

Arthur Collins said...
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Isobel C said...

Equally could be a series of rejected passport photos?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you're back!! I can't help imagining what role Victor Hugo might be playing in the next series of the Souvenir Programme.
Or Double Acts?? More Double Acts as well pleeease!!!
I still find your flower photo incredible, by the way.

Stu Mcalister said...

And I bet he was wearing bloody red trousers ...

Jazzy said...

Looks rather miserable, doesn't he?

Unknown said...

Or how even excellent writers can be completely clueless of patterns of behaviour when they concern themselves :p

Unknown said...

Well, since you ask for a tale of moody French authors with weak necks who need to hold their head up.....

Peter said...

He’s the big-nosed novelist of Montmartre. You’d look miserable too.

slepkane said...

Fantasy artist reality more mundane and more reliably solvent said...

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