Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Last Call for the Flying Visit

Ok, it's been a while, let's have one last plug.

We're down to the last EVER five shows of John Finnemore's Flying Visit!

We've had an absolutely fantastic time, so we might well do another tour in the future, but if so it won't be this show; so this is the last chance to find out what on earth we're about to do with those Sainsbury's bags and gardening gloves...

So, come along... TONIGHT, at the Leas Cliff Theatre, Folkestone. 

Or, on the 3rd November at Spa Grand Hall, Scarborough.
Or maybe the 4th November, at the Octagon, Sheffield (this one might sell out soon)
Or would you prefer the 5th November, at the Playhouse, Weston Super Mare.

Or, failing all those, our extra date on the 1st December, at the Bloomsbury Theatre, London. 

Or why not go to all five? I mean, you'd have to be a lunatic, but apart from that, why not? 


Unknown said...

I came to the show in Southend, and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone!

I do feel, though, that one trick has been missed - I would have loved to have been able to take home a souvenir programme...

Please don't make these the last ever!

Anonymous said...

Hi John.
I took the whole family to your show in Aberdeen. I'm currently enjoying a nice brew in my kirates! mug.
Super show. We all had a great time and we were all really surprised by the secret guest appearance. Great casting for the part of "the lord".
I'm a fan of all of your stuff so I'm looking forward to hearing you on the radio again soon.

Deborah Latham said...

John, Simon, Margaret, Carrie, Lawry - I saw the 'Flying Visit' you made to Barnstaple, and with me were two young friends, Nathaniel and Joshua, who had never been to a live theatre gig before. They had the time of their lives and, as aficionados of the original 'Horrible Histories' were especially excited to see Lawry! But all five of you were terrific, as you always are, and - for me - the look on your face at the moments when we, the audience, turned the tables and made YOU laugh are images I shall continue to cherish. I will always be able to describe this show as the one that had the audience literally howling with laughter! (Those of you who have been, will know; those of you who have not, jolly well should, and then you'll understand!) Thank you so much for the exercise of your professional talents, John - in my heart, the lemon will ALWAYS be in play!

Kent Red said...

Well you ask us to provide you with feedback...

We came to the show at Folkestone, travelling the hour from Ramsgate on a cold and dark late October evening and John was very kind to spend sometime listening to myself, my wife and two daughters gush and badly recite some of his material after the show.

We have been listening now for years and your series cd’s are what we continue to listen to over and over on long car journeys and sometimes short ones.

We loved that you played our family favourites the slightly off ice cream van painter which we point out with glee whenever we see his work during the summer. Red trousers, we now name everyone Tim and the goldfish who need better...erm...what is it that they need again?

I could quote the entire performance and I can only apologise again that, once we recognised the sketch that we cheered like excited teenagers but, to be fair, half of us are.

It’s just brilliant.

I’m hoping that next time we come along you would add “Put it one a plate” and the Notre dame sketch. Keep us clamouring for more eh?

Thanks also to Simon who also popped out, I think looking for the toilet but, he was also kind with his time.

Thank you again to all, we very much look forward to hearing and seeing you again.

Beth Brauchli said...

Which venue is closest to New Zealand...if one was planning on swimming from Cape Reinga? And what was your point about being crazy?

Daniel Smith said...

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Unknown said...


My husband and I and a couple of friends attended your gig in Sheffield last night. We all really enjoyed the show (though definitely disappointed no "The lemon is in play" t-shirts were left!) and thought you and the cast coped admirably with the unexpected outing when the fire alarm went off a few minutes before the show was due to start.

However... I am sorry to say that Gigantic did not cover themselves in glory:
They sent an email the day before the show saying that doors would open at 7.30 pm.
They sent an email at 3.27 pm the day of the show, saying that the doors would open at 6 pm and the show would start at 7.30 pm.

When we arrived (shortly after 6 pm), we were told that although the outer doors of the venue did indeed open at 6, the doors to the area with the seats would not open until 7 pm. Had we known this, we would not have fought rush hour traffic to arrive so early – especially as one of us is disabled and cannot stand for more than a few minutes at a time (and there was no provision made for people in that situation). In the end, the doors did open a bit before seven; I assume the stewards took pity on us.

However, the time spent waiting before the show started did give me ample opportunity to pen new words to the song "There's No Business Like Show Business", which I will take the liberty of sharing here:

The doors open at half-seven, at half-seven I know
That is what they told me in an email
Sent to me the day before the show
If you cannot trust Gigantic's email
What can you trust? I'd like to know

The doors open at SIX pm, it's SIX pm I know
That is what they told me in an email
Sent to me four hours before the show
If you cannot trust Gigantic's email
What is the point? I'd like to know

The doors open at SEVEN pm and SIX pm as well
That is what they told me when I got here
Hour and a half before the show
Standing for an hour while you're waiting
Is just the ticket – so a propos!

The doors opened before seven, before seven hi ho!
I will send an email to Gigantic
Tell them all how much I liked the show
How their 'helpful' emails made us frantic
I thought that John would want to know
When he... (big finish!)
Plans his next show!

Kind regards,
The lady in the front row who looked like she carries a packet of tissues with her (sitting next to the fellow who looked like a dog person but is actually a cat person)

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Laura said...

Is there any possibility the last performance could be filmed for us poor unfortunate antipodeans?
Have a most amazing time, Finnemore and Friends!

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Bruce Fielding said...

Fabulous final show - despite the technical issue with the mic.

Your call for requests whilst it was sorted out led me to ask for 'So! Ha!'

A request which although acknowledged, went unfulfilled...

I therefore challenge you to a duel!

Hakan said...

We were at the Reading one, what an evening!!!

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Sneha said...

Thanks for your post

Kate McLaren said...

One day I suppose you will come to Scotland.

I am, in fact, your Greatest Fan. I now await a tirade of invective as if from Hester.

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Anonymous said...

Hidden on John’s Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=John_Finnemore&oldid=976250927#Personal_life

The happy couple: https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/john-finnemore-and-guest-attend-the-writers-guild-awards-news-photo/905313900