Friday, 13 December 2019

24 things, or not, but maybe. Thing 13.

Apologies if this is baffling to non-Brits. But count yourselves lucky.


riflet said...

I'm one of the Americans who gets this and I commiserate.

It's getting harder to be an Anglophile, I'll admit. But fortunately Mr. Finnemore and several score other UK creative types are really what I've always been Anglophilic about, not the yob rule.

You survived the Black Death with that stirring old Black Death spirit -- you'll survive this.

riflet said...

PS: Of course, as an American I have some experience with this type thing in recent years. I apologize to the universe on behalf of the USA.

Helen in Mustardland said...

"You?! How have YOU helped?"
"I was the one who thought of putting a Prime Minister in the fridge"
-the crew settle the issue of how many feckless liars could fit on Gerti.

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SarahKay said...

Helen in Mustardland, you have just made my day with that comment.

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