Saturday, 6 August 2005

People Whom, If You'd Never Heard Of Them, You'd Assume to be Heroic or Villainous Purely on the Strength of Their Name.


Neil Armstrong
Judy Garland
Harry. S. Truman
Ernie Wise


Joseph Heller
Russell Crowe
Walter Cronkite
Calista Flockhart


Joe said...

What about Huxtable Flangemop?

John Finnemore said...

I thought we had agreed never to mention him ever again. All the Flangemops are rotten to the core, but Huxtable... he's pure evil.

Kieron Quirke said...

Calista Flockhart.

What's wrong with that?

Calista means 'most beautiful'.

'Flock' suggests sheep - not too evil, unless they are radioactive sheep.

A hart is, I believe, a deer - homophone of dear - as well as itself being homophonic with heart, and so is a symhomophony, which should be a word, of 'dear heart'

How can someone called Most Beautiful Sheep Dear Heart, be considered evil, especially as Sheep would normally be left out, seeing as it is a middle name.

'Most Beautiful Dear Heart' is a lovely, lovely name and Calista Flockhart is a lovely person and a fine lawyer.


John Finnemore said...

Calista: Suggesting calluses and blisters

Flockhart: Suggesting flog, pick and pluck your heart.

Calista Flockhart: The callused, blistered one who comes to flog and pluck your heart.

And one whose legal decisions are on occasion seriously compromised by personal concerns.

Lucy H said...

what about... Patek Philipe? /shot

Gordiana17 said...

Oh, it is nice to see, that you come with the idea so long ago :D

The listening to the BBC Frog said...

Oh John, you put two of them in CP !

Rachel said...

Ah! It is absolutely delightful to find this here, genuinely. For over 10 years now I've collected little bits and pieces of dialog that I had with friends about things I thought were funny or interesting, and I put them into my work now. Of course it makes perfect sense to do it, but to see someone I admire so deeply doing it as well cheers me up in my own endeavors. You’re made of wonderful! Please keep creating forever!! *cheer*

Unknown said...

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