Saturday, 3 September 2005

I bet it would work, though.

Headline on BBC News online now:

Wales: Big game warning to troublemakers.

Sadly, the warning turns out to be not to make trouble at the Wales-England qualifier. And not, as I was hoping: 'One peep out of you, see, and we'll set the tigers on you!'


Kieron Quirke said...

Or force them to play garden chess. that would be another 'big game' [pun].

James Lark said...

Well done, Kieron. Have you considered doing a show with Tim Vine?

The frightened Frog said...

First I read "pig game", obviously influenced by the previous post and I was just wondering how it would be like...

I'm now really starting to worry about some Welsh habbits I found out in your blog, you know - if I understood everything well they seem to puzzle with pieces of bodies by connecting them, and now pig games...

The thing is that I will spend 2 weeks in Wales next summer, what else will I find out... ?

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Sarah said...

I like the implication that you don't think much of Tim Vine. You're far too nice, I think, to trash-talk people now you're famous, but I do wonder what you think of other comedians/comedy writers. The interview you did with Richard Herring was fascinating, as he came across as a hugely lazy arse who at the same time felt himself deeply superior to and disdainful of people who actually craft their comedy.