Thursday, 28 October 2010

Great Rhyming Journeys of the World.

Can you a) identify them? (for answers, look at the file name, or simply click to make big enough to read) ; and b) suggest any more? Be warned - I may nick the best ones, and put them on the radio. 

I have actually done of one of these, by the way. The most boring one. 


Mairi Maclean said...

I tried to come up with some ideas but only succeeded in discovering there's a place called Townsville, and another called Rollingstone on the West coast of Australia. Not very useful but I thought I might as well share that strangeness with you.

I actually wanted to leave you a comment telling you that I absolutely love Cabin Pressure and think you're a great comedy writer. I also love listening to you on the Now Show (your skit about the walrus still makes me giggle!). I know this probably sounds a bit creepy or whatever, but I really just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your series.

So uuh... thank you I suppose?! I don't know what else to say now... should probably leave it right here before it gets awkward. =)

Daedalus said...

I know what this guy's up to. He wants us to feed him a rhyming place for Vizhny Volochek.

muerps said...

There's Bonn and Yonnes and Minsk and Pinsk. (Sadly, the u in Lublin sounds like the vowel in boot, it's pronounced Loobleen).

muerps said...

There's also Lille and Kiel.

sweetpea said...

I have just stumbled across this blog while searching for more Cabin Pressure fixes (I keep telling myself I can quit anytime).
To reiterate previous comments... I also love it (and will stop there to avoid adding to the overall impression of stalking).
Moving onto place names, have you considered the plethora of truly weird names in the UK alone? These seem to be particularly focused in Norfolk and Somerset for some reason. After all, does it have to rhyme when you have a name like Chipping Sodbury or Seething (which, incidentally does have a little airfield) . And don't get me started on the pronunciations... There really is a rhyming journey between Wymondham (Norfolk) and Wyndham (Wales) ... I don't think it counts as great though.

Joe said...

'Los Angeles to The Antilles' has quite a nice ring to it.

Joe said...

From Perth to anywhere else on Earth.

Joe said...

From Cuba to Aruba.

Mags said...

Scone to Troon.

Now, I'm off to rhyme more Scottish places. I want a companion for Hawick because Hawick is the best name ever.

Mags said...

I've got it!

If you say New York in an exaggerated NYC accent you can rhyme it with Hawick.

Mission Accomplished. Now for a gin and bitter lemon.

Funny Business said...

There's Savannah and Havana, or Rome and Nome. Although Nome is admittedly a bit obscure.

riffle said...

I'll toss out some irregular ones that I thought of:

North Pole to Woods Hole (Massachusetts)
Hawaii to P.E.I. (Prince Edward Island)
Kuala Lumpur to Ulan Bator
Moscow to Lucknow

And, perhaps Arthur is thinking:

Paris (France) to Paris (Texas ... or Tennessee ... or Indiana)

Some of these are askew even in US pronunciation.

Piques said...

I don't know how to pronounce these, but they look like they rhyme-
Metlili, Algeria and Jijili, Algeria

Robert Hudson said...

Little Hallingbury and Great Hallingbury? Durham and Mapledurham? Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Norman, Oklahoma?

Robert Hudson said...

(I too have done one of the journeys I mention.)

anatomyofasmile said...

From Mettingham to Bedingham to Ditchingham. It's only a small rhyming journey, and you have to go back on yourself, nonetheless it features one of the oldest most heartbreaking plotlines...
and is (unsurprisingly) from Norfolk...
and I spotted it on a Broads holiday years ago.

Jenna said...

There's Hull to Mull, Chudleigh to Dudley, Hertford to Dartford, Mere to Beer, Bangkok to Woodstock.

Unknown said...

I really like Lisbon to Brisbane.

Obviously things like Chester to Leicester, Guildford to Ilford, slightly further afield, York to Cork.

Cheddar to Jeddah might be a bit obscure.

Euston to Houston is likely pushing things a bit, likewise Dachau to Krakow and, though I've long amused myself by singing "I was only twenty-four hours from Tulse Hill," 'Tulse Hill to Tulsa' doesn't quite work (the reverse is a bit better).

Finally, there's a joke waiting to be made somewhere by someone about a predominantly Muslim area of the Midlands being nicknamed Abu Derby. But not by me right now.

Daedalus said...

Douglas would have Tblisi to Brindisi and Palermo to Salerno. Martin might say Victoria to Pretoria. I think Caroline could pull off Delhi to Pwllheli. And Arthur would have Birmingham to Nottingham, (Immingham, Gillingham), Orpington to Darlington, and all those -chesters and -casters. And York to New York.

Caroline: Delhi to Pwllheli
Arthur: Where's that?
Caroline: It's in Wales, dear boy.
Arthur: Delhi's in Wales?

Anonymous said...

Glasgow to Costco? (Admittedly that may not be a very long journey...)

Unknown said...

Haddington to Paddington

Barmouth to Falmouth

Peel to Keel

Deery to Bury

Bremen to Yemen

Istambul to Hull

will think of more Mr Finnemore! xx

Unknown said...

Derry not Deery!

Milwaukee and Torquay

Unknown said...

Wollongong to hong kong

Caerphilly to Chile

Neston to Preston

Chillingham to Gillingham

Timbuktoo and Peru

Rachel said...

Copenhagen to Milford Haven
Porthcawl to Montreal
Salt Lake City to the Mississippi

John Finnemore said...

These are fantastic! I'm very impressed, and almost embarrassed about how many of them I'm planning to nick. Almost.

Daedalus said...

Oh, and Kinshasa to Mombasa. Preferably by air.

Daedalus said...

Saigon to London. In a cargo container full of shirts.

Unknown said...

torrington and warrington

melbourne and selbourne

Sydney and lydney

Madua and padua

Cremona and verona

denbigh and tenbigh

Leek and speake

Sudan and milan

Sudan and yukatan (ian durys reason to be cheerful).

Karoo and peru

Trent and kent

Douz and toulose

Piques said...

Mali to Bali
Romania to Lithuania to Albania
Birmingham to Bethlehem
Pussi to Titisee , Estonia and Germany respectively
Cuntis to Baltis, Spain and Lithuania Respectively
Dikili to Tripoli, Turkey and Lybia respectively

Can you tell at what point I just started having fun with Google Map?

I know it is a very immature sense of humor. Next I am going to spell bad words on my calculator ...

Claire said...

from Ballyporeen to Cahersiveen

Anonymous said...

Thessaloniki to Waikiki

I can't wait for the Christmas special! Very excited

Unknown said...

Maine to Spain

Pisa to Lisa

Nambia and Zambia

Queensland and Cleveland??

muerps said...

@Pique: Titisee is pronounced Teeteeseh, so that won't work.

Unknown said...

crewe to peru

Bombay to santa fe

New york to cork

San fransisco to monte cristo...kinda works...

Alice said...

haha, all these are awesome!!
Can't think of any more but just to comment on Piques calculator thing?
My EX-boyfriend once wrote an entire apology letter on a scientific calculator in Maths. I wasn't impressed at the time, but looking back, it was quite a feat!

Unknown said...

I was going to say Skelmersdale and Helmsdale, but theres an annoying extra syllable in the first. I am currently sitting in one, wishing I was in the other.

Anonymous said...

Kyoto to Toronto.
Tampa to Nappa.

Dianne said...

So which one have you done? I live in one of them. Can YOU guess which one???

Anonymous said...

Pembury to Membury. (I have done this one).

Rhyl to Pill. (I have not done this one).

Piques said...

These don't rhyme, but I still thought it was fun -

From Dili to Daly (East Timor and Manitoba, Canada respectively)

Piques said...

There is Hodge, Iowa, USA to Mount Podge Australia

This has really captured my attention, this has.

There maybe something missing in my life ...

Tim said...

Episodes in order:

1. Abu Dahbi to Derby (obvious) or Harare (iffy)
2. Boston (US) to uhm.. Boston (UK) (arthuresque)
3. Cremona to Larmorna (village in cornwall. When I've heard it in a song it is pronounced La-mona)
4. Douz to Loos (France)
5. Edinburgh to Middlesbrough, Peterbrough and Sedbergh.
6. Fitton to Witton and Lisbon
7. Helsinki to Newquay or Connah's Quay
8. Gdansk to anywhere Danske (danish in danish with very ropey pronunciation. Sorry)
9. Ipswich to West Bromwich
10. Johannesberg to St Petersberg via Hamburg and Strasbourg
11. Kuala Lumpur to St Lucia
12. Limerick to Gatwick diverted via Prestwick.

And a few airports to finish
Heathrow to Oslo
JFK to Bombay
Paris to (the isle of) Harris.

Now they can rhyme everywhere they've been. Still the most important one of all

Rome to Home.

Philwebservices said...

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Easy Breezey Kiwi Kelly said...

There's Anaheim, California to Mannheim, Germany. And Bitburg to Pittsburgh!

Matt said...

Late to the party as ever, but surely:

(Great) Yarmouth to Barmouth?

Close to the longest coast-to-coast route you can do in Britain, I think...

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Chris Emerson said...

The Republic of Gambia to The Republic of Zambia?

Anonymous said...

Brounton to Taunton, first stopping off at Saunton.

(we used to sing this to the tune of 'We're on the Ball' whilst driving to Devon)

hakan altan said...

Blaze movie watch.

Anonymous said...

Don't try rhyming in Milton Keynes. We have three estates called "Loughton" (LOUW tun), "Woughton" (WOOF tun) and "Broughton" (BRAW ton). Eek!

Vicki said...

Vik (Iceland) to Limerick
Ramsey (Isle of man) to Samsey (Denmark)
Milan to Japan
Port St. Mary (Isle of Man) to Ottery St. Mary [although that is a bit Arthur-ish]
Santana (Brazil) to Montana ...
The list is endless.

Colin Hynson said...

Here's Arizona to Barcelona,+United+States&daddr=Barcelona,+Spain&hl=en&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=7.07523,19.753418&oq=Barce&t=h&mra=ls&z=3

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The Travelling Lemons said...

Rostock to Vladivostok
Penge to Stonehenge
Japan to the Isle of Man
Ross on Wye to the Isle of Skye
Herne Bay to the USA
Pease Pottage to Swiss Cottage
Turkey to Albuquerque
Timbuktu to Waterloo via Kathmandu
Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan
Hernehill to Martin Mill
Deal to Lille
Rye to Dubai
Spain to Bahrain
Pretoria to Victoria
Covent Garden to Baden Baden
Milford Haven to Stratford on Avon
Jutland to Rutland
Shanghai to Hay on Wye
Harlow to St Malo
Greece to Nice
Rwanda to Uganda
Berne to Lucerne
Oman to Pakistan
Toulouse to Vaduz
Marrakesh to Bangladesh
Ukraine to Bloemfontein
Libya to Namibia
Montevideo to Bulawayo
Tanzania to South Korea
German Bight to the Isle of Wight
Ealing to Darjeeling
Harrow to Jarrow
Kew to Looe
Haverfordwest to Budapest
Aberdeen to Golders Green
Hampton Wick to Reykjavik
The British Museum to the Coliseum
Wembley Stadium to the London Palladium

Whiling away a cold weekend!

These don't really work, but I wish they did:
Manhattan to Prestatyn
Stoke Poges to Limoges

Anonymous said...

Austin to Boston

LadyHGG said...

Ovingham to Bellingham in Northumberland both pronounced Ovingjam and Bellingjam,. So Sandringham to Buckingham and pronounce them how you like.

Unknown said...

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H Lemon-Oven said...

Well done,

Liverpool to Hartlepool

Anonymous said...

Instead of Poole to Goole you could have had Poole to, er, Pool…

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