Friday, 20 May 2011

Aslan was probably the same.

Sorry for the unannounced break, I've been on holiday.

While I was there, I took this picture of a feral cat which snuck up to drink from the swimming pool just before sunset; because I felt it looked so much like - and was acting so much like - a lion coming to the water-hole in the evening. Obviously, I took care not to get too close, because after all this was a wild animal, and I had no doubt that if I disturbed him, or even encroached on his territory, he would attack with all the murderous ferocity of the lion he so closely resembled.

Conceive of my terror, therefore, when having finished his drink, he did not slink back to his lair, but turned and made straight for me!  

Just look into those cruel tawny eyes! Clearly, his thirst slaked, this fearsome descendant of the King of the Beasts had but one thing on his mind...


Does the mighty pussy cat want his tummy tickled, then? 


Still looking like a lion, I think you'll agree; only now a lion after it's been shot and turned into a hearthrug.


Aslan said...

I was, but I'm not now.

theficklepickle said...

Glorious pictures - Schrodinger's Cat, no doubt?

But very glad you're having/have had a holiday, John - if ever anybody deserved a break it's you.

I hope you flew scheduled ... ?

kodama said...

All almighty felines love their tummies to be scratched. It builts self-respect, dignity and shows how they can manipulate the human beings.
Absolutely adorable cat.
And I'm so glad that you had some holidays! I don't mind the break, although I missed new entries ;)

Miss Pear said...

Damn right you've had a bloody holiday! I should think so too!

Having spoken to you a few times now, you may have worked out I'm slightly the crazy cat lady type (sad but true), therefore I loved this. The cat looks a little like a Maine Coon (my parents are about to get one); they are the soppiest, friendliest cats imaginable, so I'm not surprised even a feral one would want a tummy-tickle! Cats don't get their bellies out that often, though, so he must have trusted you...

L said...

Clearly asserting his dominance over the puny human, cat-style.

SebiMeyer said...

Congratulations. Arthur finally tried to calm the cat and succeeded.

Kaitebon said...

Perhaps the chlorinated water killed it!

Piques said...

I overheard someone who sounded very confident when saying that cats are the only animal who's bodies are so perfectly balance that no matter how large or small their bodies are scaled, their physical structure will still function.

I tend to believe it by the how similar house cats are to big cats. They move the same way. It is said that a house cat has the same facial expressions as a big cat and would be able to communicate with it.

I love my cats and I don't want to make assumptions, but they seem fond of me too. But I have no doubt that if I was six inches tall they would eat me without regret.

Bob said...

Fortunately for you John, one side effect of chlorine is to supress the carnivorous gene and switch on the 'now I really need a hot cup of plastic tasting drinking chocolate from the vending machine' gene.


Spazaroth said...

"But, you know, it's just a sweet, little pussy cat..."
"It's not! It's a crazed psycho cat! Look at yourself, Arthur! You have open wounds!"

Was he playing at being a leopard?

VanityofVanities said...

Wow! I love his (or maybe her) furs. So thick and shiny, like a lion. Love the photos, eh.

Cathy@custom digitizing

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