Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Next on the agenda: my autumn wardrobe.

Awful advert I saw yesterday but couldn't take a picture of:

Picture of the drink in question. Slogan: 

Your summer refreshment. Nailed.

Well, thank the ruddy God for that. I don't mind telling you, this whole issue of my summer refreshment was shaping up to be a major balls ache, which is basically the last thing I bloody need right now, and I'm frankly deeply chuffed to hear the issue's been well and truly nailed before it could become a major trauma.

Sandra, get that useless bugger Mike on the blower, tell him to call in the summer refreshment task force and fire their sorry arses. The thing's been nailed.  


Andrew Bossom said...

Nailed to what?

Snow said...

There might be something wrong on my end, but I can't see the photo. :(

Mike said...

I suppose it's better than:

"Your summer refreshment. Hammered."

R. Valentine said...

Slogan...never heard of it...have heard of BIG RED...sometimes wonder if it's a drink or a ride...

Now how much fun would that be?

Anonymous said...

I think I preferred 'hammered'. I think its what you'd hope to expect from a summer refreshment. Or at least a lot of it.

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