Thursday, 23 June 2011

With soundtrack by zombie Whitney Houston.

At the moment, the BBC news website is grouping these two stories together:

Nothing especially noteworthy about that, though it's fun to imagine the first story will not be about a type of wasp which has been discovered to do this; but is news of a particular wasp, and a particular ladybird.

But then, with both headlines rattling round in your brain, you click the second story, and see this:

Now, I've never seen a zombie bodyguard, but my God, that is surely pretty much exactly what one would look like in action (click photo to see the full effect.) Which, I suppose, raises a challenging and important question.

Is the Queen a wasp?


Lunacy said...

Well, you don't get much more White Anglo-Saxon Protestant...

Karen said...

That's just plain scary! =)

kodama said...

Is prince Philip a ladybird?

Jessica said...

I want to be in that old people's home when my time comes!

I reckon they are both ladybirds and Princess Anne is the wasp. Or maybe Camilla.

Miss Pear said...

Zombie Prince Philip approves.

(As a humorous caricature, that's actually scarily realistic... just missing the laser beams shooting from his eyes at foreigners and poor people.)

website said...

The couple would get pissed of seeing this. LOL

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is how she got the walking dead to stop gnashing at her brains and sit still for the picture. If she's a wasp, she's definitely carrying around some horse tranquilizer.

meggywebb said...

So after scrolling through this blog today (16/02/12), I have now decided that you are obviously either a time traveller, or psychic.

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