Wednesday, 1 June 2011


It has been pointed out by people less stupid than me that I didn't include any instructions about how to actually buy a ticket to see my sketch show. Well, you can buy them on the door, or better yet you can buy them online. I hope you do. Today I wrote a sketch about why, during world war two, the RAF kept a top secret room below Whitehall filled with cats. Coming along on Saturday is literally the only way to find out.


Miss Pear said...

M'colleague and I can't make the first one, boo and hiss (lack of financials, plus I'm going cat-sitting - not literally sitting on cats, that's just hideous) but will try and make at least some of the others. I'm sure you are fully aware of how ridiculously sad we are when it comes to such things.

Good luck for Part The First!

Piques said...

I can't fly to London to learn the kitty secret. Shame.

But now I have a fun guessing game to play. Will you tell me if I get it right?

Were they breeding the cats to create a Hitler look-a-like cat with which they would replace the ACT-ual Hitler? I believe they were successful - .

Lucy H said...

room full of cats? By any chance... a seminar room?
but that was portfolios ><

Robert Hudson said...

Reason obvious. Not coming.

Lucy H said...

oh and hate to bug you with yet more questions but
is there an age limit? (my little brother wants to come, he's 10)
and how long will it be?
thanks :)

Me said...

I can't come this week, but I have got a ticket for the 18th and the 2nd. I'm already getting excited!

Piques said...

Were the cats being shipped out to German strong holds in hopes to demoralise the troops by subjecting them to the cats heightened sense of aloofness?

ClosetDiva (aka Kate K) said...

Wish I could go! And wish I had something more original to say about the cats in that sketch - all I can think of is they were probably related to the "crazed psycho cat" from you Abu Dhabi episode...

Anonymous said...

Will you be bringing the room full of cats to Edinburgh in August?

John Finnemore said...

Hello - Thanks to those who are coming, now or in the future!

Lucy - Yes, show is suitable for all ages, though it is in a downstairs room from a pub, which I think is why there's an age restriction alert on the ticket website. There will be no swears.

It will be about an hour long, maybe a bit more.

No-one has guessed the cats yet, apart from Robbie, apparently.

I will not be taking either a show or a room full of cats to Edinburgh in August.

Piques said...

Did they make a special brew some how out of the cats that was the real reason RAF pilots were so good at night time air battles? Due to the disgusting nature of it they credited it to carrots.

Piques said...

Oh - I know - were the cats being trained to stand in formation to imitate Luftwaffe targets in London? When attack was eminent, they cats would be herded into a field, training would kick in and they would form the shape of Parliament, for example, and their reflective eyes would catch the eye of the Luftwaffe pilots. The Nazi were fooled into believing that they were in the right place would bomb the field of cats instead of their targets.

Simple really - when you think about it.

Piques said...

Were they being trained as attack cats? We would have gone with Alsatians, but that seemed too "Nazi-ish".

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