Thursday, 31 December 2015

24 Doodles - 16 to 24

What, did you think just because I started a series called '24 Doodles' on December 1st, it was some kind of advent thing? Well, I don't know where you got that idea. I'm sure I never said so. No, the idea was always to post one every one or two days for about a fortnight, and then the rest all in one splurge on New Year's Eve. So here, as part of the plan that was definitely the plan all along, are the other nine. Happy New Year!

16. First try at a young Ezra Pound, July, British Library, working on 'English For Pony-Lovers'.

17. Second shot. July, BL, E for P-L.

18. Tiny little doodle that I'm rather fond of, London, November, working on Souvenir Programme

19. Little girl looking for fish in a pond. With, as you see, some success. (It was a very low fence, by the way. She's not a giant little girl.) St Albans, September, working on Souvenir Cabin. 

20. Victorian gent in a photograph on a pub wall. Durham, February, working on the thing that later became Wysinnwyg.

21. Statue. Leros, Greece, April,  working on another element that later became Wysinnwyg. (Wysinnwyg gave me the most trouble of all the Double Acts.)

22. Man off the telly. London, February, working on an idea for a Double Act later abandoned.

23. Weather house people. London, November, during the recording of Hot Desk.

24. Your guess is as good as mine. But I wouldn't want to meet it on a dark night.  Dorset, December, working on Souvenir Programme. 


Victoria Harris said...

Very nice, although I think the second Ezra is my favourite.

I like to imagine the brief delay is because you had such a great Christmas you couldn't drag yourself away from it long enough to attend to t'internet, and not something dull like lack of wifi.

Have a great New Year.

Kathryn said...

Happy New Year, John!

Toni P. said...

Thanks for sharing your doodles with us John. Happy New Year!

Lothiriel said...

That's one big treat for New Year's Eve! Thank you, and a Happy-as-Arthur New Year to you too, John!

Teessider from Malawi said...

I just had to Google "weather house people" - your doodles are not only fun but also educational. I would be sad to think it may be a wee while before we see more doodles, but I've got tickets to see 'John Finnermore' and so I can't be sad, we've been counting down the days with more enthusiasm than Arthur would for Christmas.

Happy New Year, and thank you for being the reason for so much laughter in my life in 2015.

Anonymous said...

Ezra looks like a dashing sort of chap. Maybe he's a monster hunter, hot on the trail of whatever that creature in the last doodle is? Thank you for sharing these notes and sketches. Happy New Year!

Jo Sadler said...

Hmm number 24 appears to have come to life on the 27th. Which is also my birthday. Tad unsettling.....

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

"working on Souvenir Cabin"? Was that a slip of the pencil or a hint of a new strange mash-up?

Anonymous said...

Ah, there you are, Mr Finnemore - I thought I had spotted you kite surfing off Poole Bay on Boxing day, thus taking you away from the blog, maybe I was right...
I love the way you see the world and reinterpret this of us in your sketches, sketches and longer works. Thank you.
Today I heard Henning Wehn on Radio 4 talking about how the British use English and how difficult it is for foreigners to understand what on earth we are going on about. I particularly liked that he was mistaken by another German as being English because he got some grammar wrong. I wondered if this had been the inspiration for 'English for pony lovers'?
Finally, which were you most chuffed about in 2015 - CP being a question on Brain of Britain, a topic on Mastermind, the inspiration for a lesson activity or answers in a Guardian crossword puzzle?
Happy to new year - can't wait to see what you come up with this year.

Kirsty said...

It's always nice when a plan works out exactly as you intended :-)

Tealin said...

What a generous gift basket from a departing 2015! Thank you so much for sharing, plans or no.

I'd never have guessed the young Ezra Pound resembled Keanu Reeves so much but I looked him up just now and he does! How ironic. Let's not have that biopic.

Here's to a happy year of Doodles Yet To Come!

Somerset Wedding Gal said...

Amazing portraits, and that last one is particularly vivid and wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Beware the Jabberwock, my son.

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