Friday, 30 March 2018

John Finnemore's Flying Visit.

17th May - Brighton - Brighton Dome
18th May - High Wycombe - Wycombe Swan
20th May - Hastings - White Rock Theatre
21st May - Preston - Guild Hall 
22nd May - York - Grand Opera House
26th May - Cheltenham - Cheltenham Town Hall
30th May - Birmingham - New Alexandra Theatre
3rd June - Richmond - Richmond Theatre
6th June - Swindon - Wyvern Theatre
7th June - Leamington Spa - Royal Spa Centre
8th June - Tunbridge Wells - Assembly Hall Theatre
10th June - Dorking - Dorking Halls
13th June - Basingstoke - Basingstoke Anvil
15th June - Edinburgh - The Queen's Hall

(This post is just to keep the list of tour dates and ticket links at the top of this site. There's probably a more elegant way to do this then keep on reposting it, but do I know what it is? No, I do not. Could I find out? Probably very easily. Am I going to? Doesn't look like it.)

(PS Oh, and if any kind soul fancies buying the single remaining seat left in the stalls at Richmond, please do feel free. It's driving me crazy...)


boddiesdrinker said...

oh John, please bring the travelling lemon to Belfast? Why no Belfast?

John Finnemore said...

Would you like the dull-but-true answer? Because the travel costs for cast and crew (we have to drive; we've got too much stuff to bring to fly) make the break-even point too high to risk. There. Bet you wish you hadn't asked now.

But... if this tour sells well enough that we can be confident next time that we can fill a big enough theatre in Belfast that we probably won't lose money, we'd love to come! So... your best plan for ensuring we come to Belfast (Or Wales, or East Anglia, or the South West, or most of Scotland) one day is quite obviously to buy half a dozen or so tickets for this tour, even if you can't use them. Think of it as an investment. Oh, and buy them for Hastings. We're not really feeling the love yet in Hastings... :)

boddiesdrinker said...

dull, but honest! cheers. You say Hastings, i think Poirot.

Molly said...

I'm excited for Cheltenham! Also I keep seeing adverts for a pre-show dinner thing before the cheltenham show but I can't seem to identify what it is - is it something you know about? Am I hallucinating?

Karen Varga said...

I was on a train yesterday and the announcement came over the tannoy "Would the Train Manager please contact the Train Driver" - I think the other passengers may have thought I was going to expire from the ensuing coughing fit!!

Johannes Munzinger said...

Will you be at the fringe in any capacity? I consider you to be the greatest living comedy writer (and I know at least 7) and would love to get a chance to see and hear you live.

Regards from Austria

Unknown said...

John, I'm really shocked and disappointed to see that you are coming nowhere in the East Midlands! Why are Nottingham/Derby being ignored? I could travel to Sheffield, or even Buxton (a super venue) - but you are coming nowhere near us .
Please give those of us in this cultural desert some hope!
Angela Spencer

Anonymous said...

Comedy club interview, 9th April. John F is the new shakespeare, who knew? He's writing all the material for an established company of players, writing with specific actors in mind. All that's missing is a boy dressed as a girl dressed as a boy dressed as a girl dressed as a boy...

Anonymous said...

Please come to Hull! City of Culture and all that - how can you resist? No need to fly (not even in Gertie).

Jumpeyspyder said...

Wish you were coming to Huddersfield.

I'd come to York if it didn't clash with my interview at the BBC for the Radiophonic Workshop

James treadwell

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Stu Mcalister said...

Dorking. Brilliant.

Beth said...

"I say!"
"No, no, no, hastings."