Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Keep the British Lion Roaring! Knock Up a Batch of Wispas Today!

Robert Peston wrote today, re Kraft and Cadbury:

'Few would argue that Britain's economic future depends on whether we make our own chocolates.'

Which is fine if you read it as: 'Few would make the ridiculous argument that...'; but which is a rather startling statement if you originally read it, as I did, as: 'Few would argue with the self-evident truth that...' And even more alarming once you notice the ambiguous nature of 'we'. 

After all... he is the BBC's Economics Editor. Presumably he knows what he's talking about. I'd better nip out and buy some cocoa solids.


Jessica said...

Perhaps Robert knows the sectret to making ones own chocolate, from scratch, at home. If so he has too much time on his hands! Mine usually consist of melting someone elses in a bain marie, mixing it with rice krispies (or, when they are in season, dipping British strawberries in it) and then re-solidifying it.

Chocolate is the past, present and future, tho whether it has anything to do with the economy... who knows. Sorry, I mean cares. It's fine as long as Kraft don't process it any further (lets face it it is already so far removed from chocolate that it may be debated in some circles if a Wispa can be called chocolate at all), thinly slice it an wrap it in plastic sheets. Or expect us to eat it from a plastic tray in front of the TV.

Incidentally I have had 2 Wispas already this week and it's only Tuesday. At the price they are in the shops, I wish I could knock a batch up myself.

Alan Connor said...

Hi. Long-time listener, first-time caller; love the show. I'm in the no-man's land between Comedy and News. It's the first meaning that Robert's using, ie "I'm not saying we're doomed without chocolate, but...", and he goes on: "Which is why the ownership by foreign interests of so many British industries - from motor cars to steel to nuclear power and telecoms, among others - may in time reduce the productive capacity of the UK, and make us all a bit poorer."

I also like chocolate.

Stu said...

Warren Buffet (one of the world's richest men and also a 7% shareholder in Kraft) is against the purchase of our beloved Cadbury. He was actually quoted as saying "I feel poorer" ... bless his little gold-lined socks.

Then, for those who enjoy the cynical asides by J Paxman of London, when the bid had been announced, Paxman intro'd a report on Newsnight saying "the sale of Midland's chocolate maker, Cadbury, to an American firm who make spreadable cheese ..." The facial expression said it all (but I guess you had to be there).

The government flatly refuse to step in in order to help British firms (Land Rover, Aston Martin, Mini etc) and look at the way 'Terry's of York' went ... eastwards, to Poland. If a major British concern is up for grabs, the government will simply go for the highest bidder as foreign money appears cleaner, in their eyes.

Oh dear, I'm getting on my soap box.

Talking of which, how much am I bid for this useful everyday wooden construction ... one careful owner, now c'mon ladies and gentlemen, let's start the biding at £1,5M ... America, you in? How about you, China ... step step, make your voices, er, chequebooks heard ...!

Rupert Goodwins said...

Chocolate, being a potent combination of pyschoactives, should be regulated as any other drug. For too long these pushers have been allowed - nay! Encouraged! - to peddle their fatal filth to the nation AND EVEN TO CHILDREN!


From dental caries to heart attacks, strokes, virginity and other diseases of the blubbery, chocolate - or "choccy" as its dismal addicts call it - has brought this once proud nation to its adipose-overburdened knees.

Bar chocolate, we say. Only wholesome food to be fed to the young, the old and the gullible.

Reginald Chunk, chairman, CoCoNOT! (Citizen Organisation Concerned Over Nutritional Outrages Today!)

(Contact CoCoNOT! at RegChunk @ RegsFruitStall dot com)