Friday, 1 January 2010

But I'm really behind on my Hallowe'en preparations.

Happy New Year!

And, like most of us, I celebrated January 1st in the traditional manner, by rushing out and buying...

...Easter eggs.


riffle said...

I wish a Happy New Year to you and to Forgot What Did.

Cadbury is obviously frightened by the recent takeover bid from Kraft (USA) and is fighting back with the strongest weapon it has: the Creme Egg.

Mr. Finnemore, I think you could perhaps ease your future burdens by licensing the computerized joke-writing skills of the Joking Computer at the University of Aberdeen. Here are some of its better jokes, and here is a short writeup about it.

For instance, I like the following riddle (tidied up a bit):

- What do you call a washing
machine crossed with September?
- An autumn-atic washer.

Why bother sweating over plot, characterization, narrative and dramaturgy and other difficult matters when you can get material like that (and better in years to come) by pushing a button?

Again, a sincere Happy New Year to all.

Amanda Prefect said...

It's this kind of thing that makes me weep for humanity and fart in the general direction of retail. Still... it's chocolate, therefore all is forgiven.

Happy New Year, sir. I am never punctual.

John Finnemore said...
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John Finnemore said...

And a Happy New Year to you both too.

The joking computer is surely not good news for those in my profession. Doubtless all sitcoms will be entirely constructed by joke-writing machines before the decade's out. Come to think of it, I can think of a couple which might be already.

However, I'm pleased and unsurprised to see that the home of this fount of terrible jokes is Aberdeen. Clearly the fourth Earl casts a long shadow.

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