Monday, 25 July 2005

Did you know...?

Glass is made by freezing air, and then varnishing it to stop it melting.

There are around 40,000 bacteria living on every human’s skin, some of them up to four inches long.

All cocaine sold in America is now legally obliged to carry the warning: ‘Caution: This drug is illegal’.

A good way to purify water is to run it through a sieve.

The notes represented by the lines in the treble clef can be remembered by this simple mnemonic: Every Bad Girl Forfeits Dinner.

Chess is so fiendishly complex to play that no-one has ever completed an entire game.

The oldest man in the world is Signor Julio Raol Herreras of Peru, who, astonishing as it seems, is just coming up to his 77th birthday.

Every time a child says he or she doesn’t believe in fairies, Father Christmas kills an elf.

Most dogs have the same name as their owners.