Saturday, 16 July 2005

Moments from the life of King William

A story from a girl in year seven, telling of King William's quest to release a beautiful princess.

Here is the noble King in peaceful mood:

'He took his royal coat off, and calmly stepped off his horse, giving it a nice pat.'

But don't run away with the idea that William is some pampered royal milksop, incapable of dynamic action. Nothing could be further from the truth:

'King William jumped on his horse, and sped out like a bee.'


Kieron Quirke said...

Surely it's against the rules of decency to make public someone's juvenilia.

I would hate the world to know what I was up to at seven. There are string passages in the second movement of my 'Symphonie pour mon jeune genie' that still make me cringe today.


John F said...

Oh, absolutely. It's deeply unfair, and very cheap.

Here's another one.

It's the denoument of a story in which Marie befriends a lonely new girl, Louise, and takes her to the shopping mall ('They all had £250 to spend each because they were rich.')But Louise, the ratbag, repays this kindness by making loads of new friends at school so she's the most popular girl in the school, and everyone forgot about Marie. Now read on...

'When Marie got home she was in her bedroom tidying it and she was crying. When Marie was tidying her room she found a book, and it said on it Princess Marie, and Marie went and asked her parents whos is this and they said "
Its yours" and Marie said in a shocked voice "
yeah, but I'm not a princess" and they said "
Yes you are" and her Mum said I'm the Queen and her Dad said I'm the King.
On Tuesday, Marie went to school and told everyone the news, and when they heard she became the most popular again, and Louise became a loser!!!'

Bet you didn't see that twist coming. I particularly like the evidence Marie's parents provide to back up their claim...

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