Saturday, 23 July 2005

People whose names sound as if they've been hastily made up by the drivers of hire cars stopped for speeding.

Jimmy... Carr.
Hugh... Laurie.
Minnie... Driver.
John... Constable.
John... Sergeant.
Gunther... Grass.
George... Bush.
Ford... Madox... er... um... ... Ford?


James Lark said...

Nick Park?

With his speeding related films "Chicken Run" and "A Close Shave"?

James Lark said...

Okay, so was I the only person who lay awake ALL NIGHT trying to think of people whose names sound as if they've been hastily made up by the drivers of hire cars stopped for speeding?

Lois Lane.
Winona Ryder.
Anne Fine.
Robert Red Ford.
Jean Claude... Van. Damn.
Francis Ford Cop 'Oller.

And the one that came to me just after 3am when I was injecting myself with horlicks...

Sir Arthur Cone and Oil.

John F said...

Yes, James. Yes you were. I don't know whether to congratulate you or to express my deepest sympathies and wish you a speedy recovery, but either way Robert and Jean Claude are inspired, and Sir Arthur is, well... remarkable. Over Francis we will draw, I think, a discreet veil. It's the kindest thing.

James Casey said...

I suspect Sir Peter 1974-Bentley-Corniche-Convertible just wasn't trying either.

The sitting Frog said...

I know it's a bit late to comment that post now but - as the doctor's recommendation was "walk/drive as less as possible for a week" because I hurt my leg - I can do anything else but sit on my chair and read each every post and comment of your irresistible blog I just found up very recently.

So here is my personnal and very useful comment : I like Robert Red Ford and I wished I could find something good with X Yellow Car but it sounds a bit too artificial and I had to give up.

My favourite one is still Sir Arthur Cone and Oil ; he'd have better stayed on his Chair at his Locked Home
(very bad, I know that, but I swear I'm much better in bad french puns)

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Anonymous said...

I can just imagine Martin and Douglas playing this...

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Anonymous said...

Yes, very Cabin Pressure-y. Right, someone needs to make up the surname 'Yellowcar'!

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