Sunday, 24 July 2005

Or: 'Any time you like, he can't hear you.'

I woke myself up this morning by laughing. I was laughing at a joke I was telling someone in a dream, and once awake, I still found the joke so funny, I forced myself to wake up enough to write it down immediately before I forgot it. The joke, thus preserved for posterity, was as follows:

Q: When is it time to visit the Chinese Threeth-doctor?
A: Midnight.

And the really peculiar thing is that even typing it now, sixteen hours later, it still made me snigger.


Karyn said...

Now, you see, I've read that joke six times and I STILL don't get it. Shame on me. I shall hang my head low. Very low.

Anyway, the reason I'm writing is just to ask if I'm correct in my suspicions that you used to frequent the Jellicoe in your younger days? I seem to remember you from when you were about nine....though you probably don't want to be reminded of that at all. I certainly wouldn't.

See, you start a blog, and then all these weird people appear out of your personal woodwork. (I like to set trends and I doubt I'll be the last...)

John F said...

Crikey. Yes, that was me. My secret past as a terrible nine year old actor has come back to haunt me. Were you involved in that Moot re-enactment thing? That's my most vivid memory of those days; that and the fact that Mum would always come from the weekly shop to pick me up, and would often bring me an iced bun from Tesco. Nine year old heaven.

Anyway, nice to hear from you
again! How did you come across this blog? Much as I would like to imagine that everyone I've ever met has been obsessively entering my name into Google every day since in the hope that I've started blogging, I can't quite bring myself to believe it...

Incidentally, don't worry about the joke! I don't get it either. But somehow when unconcious, it was the most hilarious thing I'd ever heard. (Although I suppose it's a little funnier if you've ever heard the Chinese Dentist joke. But not much).

Karyn said...

Jings! The Moot! What was the point of that, I ask you? Although I might actually be able to answer my own question there, because I think lots of local primary school teachers came to watch. Though quite why they wanted to stand in the cold on a slightly wet Saturday morning to watch a bunch of 9 year olds being pretentious, I just don't know. Surely they must have had better things to do with their time. (I'm just bitter because I only had three lines - such a tragic waste of raw talent...)

I do also remember you from PGS as Prof Higgins. Which memory of you would you prefer me to keep?! Again, another question I can probably answer for myself. God, loads of the girlies went mad for you, for a while after that. I, of course, couldn't get the 9 year old you out of my head so I didn't do the whole fanatical thing.

Which brings me on nicely to how I found your blog. It's terribly boring, so it's better that I leave you to imagine something far more interesting. I can be your obsessive Internet stalker if you like. Depending on the circles you move in now, it might be a bit of extra kudos for you.

Kieron Quirke said...

You know, this is a strange thing. I played Professor Higgins once and unconsciously wandered into what must now be remembered as a Golden Age as regards popularity with girls. I of course failed to glean any advantage - I thought soft-headed delusion would last forever. I was wrong.

But I didn't even play him for laughs. He was an unabashed misogynist cunt. Further evidence of the allure of the nasty guy - not that any more was needed. Australian cricketers and Taliban militia all have beautiful wives.


Joe said...

I like iced buns.

James Casey said...

I agree with Joe.

Kieron Quirke said...

Good point. I think reading back, that that is what I meant to say.


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