Tuesday 27 February 2007

Must try harder.

Well, this hasn't been a vintage month for my blog, has it? Sorry about that. I've had a big old project to complete, which meant long days spent doing lots of writing, which meant not very many interesting things to write about here, and a disinclination to write any more away. A pretty fatal combination, as it turned out. Anyway, I'm off away for a week now, back next Tuesday, when normal service will, I hope, be resumed.

Tuesday 20 February 2007

Yeah, it's somewhere in the back there... underneath all those old props from the fake moon landing.

Hoo, it's been a while, hasn't it? Sorry.

Anyway, according to the BBC:

A previously unreleased film of President John F Kennedy's motorcade has revealed new details of the final moments before his assassination. The silent film shows the president and his wife Jackie shortly before the fatal shot was fired. Amateur photographer George Jefferies held onto the film for more than 40 years believing it was unimportant.

Yeah, it's amazing the junk you hold on to, isn't it? Junior's milk teeth; the licence for that old Buick you had, what, thirty years ago; video footage of the moments leading up to the most hotly contested events of the twentieth century... You know it's all rubbish, but somehow you can't bring yourself to let go.

The article goes on to say:
The new film only came to light when Mr Jefferies mentioned it in conversation to his son-in-law, Wayne Graham.

That must have been quite a conversation.

So, Pop, do you remember where you were when JFK was shot?

Well, let me see... yup, I was in Dallas. Dallas, Texas.

What? You were in Dallas! How come you didn't go see the motorcade?

Oh, I did. Wouldn't have wanted to miss that.

My God! I bet you must've wished you took your video camera along, like that Zapruder guy...

Yeah, I took it along alright.

You took it!? So... what happened? Didn't the film come out? Did the feds take it off of you?

No, no. I still got it someplace. Why... you want to see it?

YES! Why have you never shown us this before!?

Oh... you know... no-one wants to be the boring guy who's always making you watch his holiday films...