Friday 28 February 2014

Please remain seated until the series has come to a complete stop.

 You've probably never even stopped to wonder who provides the voices for  Cabin Fever. Well, here they are in a rare moment in front of the camera: Bennet Cumberland, who plays Marvin; Alan Rogers - Duncan; Stephen Coles - Arnold; and Daisy Tyler - Gertie. Pictured here with lucky competition winner Jon Phillimore.

Well, that's it - as of last Sunday I am officially that guy who used to write Cabin Pressure. It is a very strange feeling. I will write more about it when the show is broadcast. (We still don't know when that'll be. The Christmas Eve thing is plausible, but it's only a rumour - no-one from the BBC has confirmed that to us. Personally, I hope they can make it a bit sooner, but it's their decision.)  For now, I just want to say thank you again to our marvellous audience - both those who were in the Drill Hall last Sunday (No spoilers! I'm counting on you!) and those who would have liked to have been, but weren't. You guys are great. Hope you enjoy Zurich!

(Oh, yes: it IS called Zurich. For ages and ages it was going to be called Zanzibar, just to surprise people, and I'm still a bit sorry that it's not. But the bit which justified calling it that was one of the many victims of the cuts required to get my original 14,500 word draft down to 9,000 ish words, so Zurich it is...)

Monday 3 February 2014

Bing Bong

'Well, it's about time!'

Hello! I'm very happy to announce that we now have a recording date for the final episode of Cabin Pressure. It will be at 7pm on Sunday the 23rd February, at the RADA Studios in London.

How can I get tickets?

Tickets are free, and you will be able to enter the draw for them here when the BBC make them available - I don't know exactly when they'll do that. When they do, applications will be open for a couple of days, and then the draw for tickets will be made from all applications received; so although you do need to hit that two day or so window, you don't have to get in early within it.

Please note that although the BBC have very kindly agreed to over-book as little as they dare, they will still be over-booking a bit, so getting a ticket does not guarantee you a seat. So if you get a ticket, and you're thinking of travelling a long way in order to attend, it's probably worth getting to the venue an hour or two before the show.

Why aren't you doing it in a bigger venue, so more people can come? 

I know, I wish we could. It's partly budget (the tickets are free, remember), but it's mostly because it would change the way the audience sounds on the radio.

Will you be doing one of those secret try-outs in a pub you did for the last series?


When will the show be broadcast?

I don't know - it hasn't been scheduled yet. I'll tell you, here, as soon as I know.

What happens in the end?

Heaven knows. I'm still writing it.

Are you excited?

Oh Good Lord yes.