Thursday 25 June 2009

Banianos in Pyjianos are coming down the stair...

Is there really not an English accented rhyming dictionary on the net? Stupid Yankee RhymeZone thinks that 'bananas' doesn't rhyme with 'Bahamas' and 'pyjamas'; but does rhyme with 'Atlanta's' and, bizarrely 'pianos'.

Not really worth a week's wait, that, was it? Sorry- blame it on the Cabin Pressure. Similarly, if you're one of the many people to whose emails I have failed to reply this week, I'm very sorry. Better, more efficient, times are coming.

Friday 12 June 2009

I'm so sorry, I just clicked on it, and...

The BBC website invites me to sign up to its Facebook or Twitter feed, because 'it's embarrassingly easy'. I am English enough that I embarrass easily, and often unnecessarily, but I think even I could manage to quell the hot flush of shame about how easily I have signed up to a Twitter feed. I'm not going to sign up, though. Just in case.

First recording of Cabin Pressure seemed to go pretty well, by the way. At one point I found myself performing a scene with Stephanie Cole, Roger Allam, Benedict Cumberbatch, Simon Greenall, Matt Green, and Alison Steadman. I mean, bloody hell! How did that happen?