Monday 23 June 2014

Souvenir Hunting II

Thank you to all who came to the first Library Edition on Thursday! We had a special guest appearance from His Serene Highness the King of Lichtenstein; some unforgivable things were said about Belgium; and a valiant audience bore up man-and-womanfully under the longest Since You Ask Me the world has ever seen. I think I may end up having to cut more of it than I leave in...

It went so well, we thought we'd do some more. Tickets are available at these links for the following dates:

Thursday, 17th July
Friday, 1st August
Thursday, 7th August

(Incidentally, I have a mailing list that I occasionally (as in, two or three times a year) use to tell people about stuff like this. If you'd like to be on it,  then do, by all means, click here. )

Friday 13 June 2014

Souvenir hunting

Summer Christmas is coming, the fruit salad's getting fat… and with it come the recordings of series four of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme! There will be three recordings in July and August, and you can enter into the draw for tickets to the first one here. The others will pop up on the same site in due course.

But what if you can't wait till then? Or if you don't want to enter into a draw; you want a ticket? Or if you're only really comfortable watching sketch comedy if you know you are within easy reach of date stamps and microfiche terminals?

Ah, then what you need are the semi-secret (as in, only mentioned here) try-out nights of new material for the show that we do, normally in a pub, but this time... in the lecture theatre of Kensington Central Library! (I know! I may wear a monocle.) Come along and see me, some of the cast, and special guests performing brand new sketches for the first time, and therefore often having to work out on the spot which silly voice to do. No age restrictions. (Not on you, anyway. I still have to be 36.)

For details, and to book tickets, follow these links...

John Finnemore's Library Edition, Thursday 19th June

John Finnemore's Library Edition, Friday 4th July

Thursday 5 June 2014

Captain Hook, Darth Vadar and Blofeld send their apologies.

My old college is not evil, ok? There's nothing remotely evil about it. Look, here's a picture of the canteen. 

Well, ok, bad example. But even if it does on occasion, quite by accident, give off an ever so slightly Slytherin-y air, let's be clear that it is in fact a blameless and upstanding academic institution, and it's definitely not plotting anything. 

No matter whom it may choose to invite to its alumni meet-ups.

(Click on it to read it)

In other news, Kevin and I have been at the Sunday Papers again.