Sunday 3 August 2014

Three Things

John Finnemore's Library Edition

There are two of these left. The one on Thursday 7th August is now sold out (although on past experience a few tickets seem to reappear in the final week for some reason, so if you're keen it might be worth keeping an eye out here ) but there are still tickets available for the last one, on Thursday 21st, and you can get 'em here. 

John and Kevin's Sunday Papers

As of last month, Kevin and I have made a slight policy change, in the noble cause of making our lives easier. Sunday Papers will still happen monthly, but not necessarily the first Sunday of the month. It could now be any Sunday. For August's edition, for instance, we have our eye on the 17th.

Something that's not just advertising.

I was in France a couple of weeks ago, and I visited a place where the ceiling was decorated with twelve little scenes depicting a traditional activity for each month of the year. So, in November, grape pressing. In December, hunting. In January, spinning. And in February… well, in February, apparently, what the people of rural France like to do is this:

February looks like fun.