Tuesday 26 January 2010

Hidden Treasures of London

Now, as everyone knows, London Town is full to the brim of the prettiest little shops, but perhaps the dearest of them all is an enchanting little green millinery tucked away like a jewel on the Gray's Inn road...

That's right. Not just HATS.  HATS slash Plus. Or possibly HATS divided by Plus. Either way, I dread to think exactly what it is the 'Plus' implies you can buy once you've bought your HAT...

Tuesday 19 January 2010

Keep the British Lion Roaring! Knock Up a Batch of Wispas Today!

Robert Peston wrote today, re Kraft and Cadbury:

'Few would argue that Britain's economic future depends on whether we make our own chocolates.'

Which is fine if you read it as: 'Few would make the ridiculous argument that...'; but which is a rather startling statement if you originally read it, as I did, as: 'Few would argue with the self-evident truth that...' And even more alarming once you notice the ambiguous nature of 'we'. 

After all... he is the BBC's Economics Editor. Presumably he knows what he's talking about. I'd better nip out and buy some cocoa solids.

Monday 11 January 2010

Cabin Pressure News

Alright chaps, listen up, here's the briefing.

Series One is (I have only just discovered) being repeated on BBC7 at the moment, which means each episode will be available on iPlayer for the following week. At the moment, for instance, you can hear Boston.

Series Two is now available to buy from iTunes here (as indeed is Series One). Series Two is also nominated for a comedy.co.uk award, though don't get too excited, because so is every British comedy broadcast in 2009. However, if you did want to vote for it, then who am I to stop you?

Finally, Series Three is still not available anywhere, due to a persistent 'not existing' problem. However, I'm pleased to say that this week the BBC have asked me to fix this, and I've said I'll see what I can do. I don't know yet when it will be broadcast, but probably not for a while. For one thing, I have to write it first.

Speaking of which, as I gear up again for the fun 'research' stage, before the pesky but apparently non-negotiable 'actually writing it' stage, it seems like a good time to ask: if anyone reading this is in any way associated with the aviation industry, whether as flight crew, cabin crew, ground staff or management, and would be willing to talk to me about it, I'd love to hear from you. I have some excellent sources already (and if any of them are reading this, they should take it as a warning I shall be nagging them for more help very soon), but I can always do with more.  If you can help, or you know someone who might, please email me at cabinpressure@johnfinnemore.com, and we can arrange to talk on the phone, or in person, as convenient.

Ok, briefing over. The cheese tray will be up shortly.

Monday 4 January 2010

Six films from Halliwell's Film Guide which, for various reasons, I am fairly sure I will never see.

Woman Doctor
Her career prospers, her marriage suffers.

It Lives Again 
Three mutant killer babies are protected by a scientist from a cop determined to kill them. 

La Femme du Boulanger
Villagers put a stop to the infidelity of the baker’s wife because her husband no longer has the heart to make good bread.

The Deadly Bees
A pop singer goes on holiday to a remote farm and is menaced by killer bees.

Confessions of a Sex Maniac
An architect searches for the perfect breast so that he can use it as the design for a new building.

Everything’s Ducky
Two naval ratings adopt a talking duck.

Friday 1 January 2010

But I'm really behind on my Hallowe'en preparations.

Happy New Year!

And, like most of us, I celebrated January 1st in the traditional manner, by rushing out and buying...

...Easter eggs.