Saturday 30 March 2013

Who has sharp brows, anyway?

Character description from 'Candida', a play by George Bernard Shaw:

"He has a healthy complexion, a good forehead, with the brows somewhat blunt, and the eyes bright and eager, a mouth resolute, but not particularly well cut, and a substantial nose, with the mobile, spreading nostrils of the dramatic orator, but, like all his features, void of subtlety."

I can't help thinking the auditions for the first production must have dragged on a bit.

'Yes, thank you, we'll let you know. Well… what did you think, Mr Shaw?'

'Hmm. Not bad. His brows were blunt enough, and his mouth was just the right amount not particularly well cut. But... I'm not sure about his nostrils…'

'Really? I thought he had the most mobile, spreading nostrils we've seen.'

'Oh, I agree. But I'm just not sure they were void of subtlety.'

'Yes, they definitely were…'

'I'm afraid not. I think his nostrils were a tiny bit subtle. And I believe I've made it clear how important it is to me that all his features be void of subtlety.'

'Yes. Yes, you have. Next!'

Wednesday 27 March 2013

He chortled in his joy.

Thank you for everyone who voted for John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme in the Chortle Awards, I really appreciate it. And, hey, look… it worked! 

I am delighted. In fact, I would go so as to say I am as pleased as a metal hedgehog on a French cathedral. Which, as you can see, is very pleased indeed. 

Monday 4 March 2013

Three things

People who like Cabin Pressure - I've finally put up a post about the Wokingham episode. You can find it here. 

People who like Cabin Pressure's little brother 'John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme' - I'm happy to say we've been nominated for a Chortle award. Whether or not we win, of course, depends on whether people vote for it in the next couple of days, which they can do here, if they want to. I'm not saying they should. I'm just saying they definitely can.

People who like popcorn, but who have been impatiently waiting to discover what the new shape of it is going to be -  the suspense is over.

…it's triangles. Popcorn is triangular now. Spread the word.