Saturday 31 December 2016

Happy New Year!

Here to see it in: a Christmas cracker I made for a friend who is Welsh, but now lives in China...

Sunday 11 December 2016


Just when you thought number five couldn't be more off-putting... lo, it has been made flesh. Well, plastic, anyway.

Friday 9 December 2016



Thursday 8 December 2016


This is a different sort of place-holder, in that it's a work in progress, a first layer, and when (if) I finish it, I'll replace the image and delete this text. But for now, and who knows, maybe for ever, here's the undercoat.....

Tuesday 6 December 2016


You know when you see the clock-tower of the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, and you can't stop thinking about how it looks like some mad early twentieth century monarch of a minor Balkan state?

...Oh, don't you? I mean... No. Me neither. 

In other news, the English For Pony-Lovers episode of Double Acts has been nominated for the Writers' Guild Award for Radio Comedy.  Hooray! So, concentrate on that. Forget that nonsense about kings and clock-towers. 

Monday 5 December 2016


I'm sorry to do this to you, so early on...

Sunday 4 December 2016


Saturday 3 December 2016


Friday 2 December 2016


Thursday 1 December 2016