Monday, 15 May 2006

If I keep this plug short enough, perhaps we can all pretend it never happened.

I have written a fifteen minute TV play, which will be broadcast today (Monday 15th) on BBC1, at 2:35. It's called Semi-Detached; and is part of a series called Brief Encounters. If you're an Imogen Stubbs fan, you will be interested to know it stars Imogen Stubbs. If you hate Imogen Stubbs, I advise you to keep well away. But also... what are you thinking? Imogen Stubbs is great.

Plus, the BBC7 monologues I wrote and performed are still happening, here:

And that's all the pluggery. For now.


James Lark said...

I LOVE Imogen Stubbs.

Unfortunately I was teaching at 2.35 today and in any case I don't have a TV license.

So what I want to know is, because I want very badly to witness this Stubbs/Finnemore brilliance:

1. Will there be a DVD release?
2. Or will it be included on a DVD of Imogen Stubbs' greatest moments free with the Daily Mail?
3. Or will there be a dodgy bootleg video to buy on ebay?

John Finnemore said...

There has been a dvd release. It was a slightly conservative print run of 1, and it was released to me. Next time you're in London, give me a ring, and I'll organise a showing.

Anonymous said...

Please give us some warning next time, I would have liked to see that. Put me down for an invite to the showing too please! I'll bring the popcorn.

vic said...

Hi John -

I did see this - I loved it. Actually I loved the whole series and am using it as a fictional brief for my year 12 media students next year - write a script for the next series of.... Any chance you'd be prepared to let us have sight of the actual script? (or even come talk to them..?)

John Finnemore said...

Hi Vic - glad you liked it! Yes, I can certainly send you the script - e-mail me at shout at myfirstnameandlastname dotcom and I'll bung it over. James and Lady Lyndhurst (And I hope that IS your official title, your Ladyship), obviously this goes for you too. I just didn't think of it before.