Tuesday, 16 January 2007

I say Potato, you have no comment to make at this time.

So, what's going on then? Is it:

A) You've all sent me to Coventry as punishment for posting a cutesy picture of the dog?
B) Changing from Blogger to Google Blogger at the start of the year has somehow messed up the 'comment' funtion?
C) You're all hiding until February, when you're going to jump out and shout 'Boo!' at me?

I do realise, of course, that if it is any of these, you won't be able to tell me so. Therefore:

If A), leave a stern and disgusted silence.
If B), leave an apologetic but helpless silence.
If C), leave a hushed but giggly silence.



Emma said...

I'm leaving a "Just didn't want you to think some American weirdo was stalking you" silence.

Joe said...

Did my telegram not reach you?
Sorry. Early seventies Lahore appears to be unreliable in that respect. If only somebody had warned me.

James Lark said...

But John, you haven't left a comment on MY blog since 8th December. Not so much as a "sorry to hear you've been having trouble with sewage, James". This relationship's only going to work if we both make an effort.

John Finnemore said...

Oh. Are you saying it's wrong to find the sewage thing... quite funny?

James Lark said...

I can see how sewage pouring through a ceiling could be construed as funny. But it is my ceiling.

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