Friday, 12 March 2010

Me on The Now Show

This week, I have mainly been being a guest.

Today, I am the guest on this week's Now Show, on BBC Radio 4, talking about what happened when I woofed in a scottie dog's face; the role of the turquoise bowler hat in the sport of kitten-stamping; and somehow getting from there to a genuine attempt to persuade you to go on holiday to Barcelona rather than Madrid. For this, plus great stuff from all the regulars, including a show-stopping Chuckle Brothers gag - and how often can you say that? - listen at 6:30 today; 12:30 on Saturday, or for the next week on the iPlayer.

And earlier in the week, I was the guest of the fine people (and staunch Now Show fans) at Rum Doings who were kind enough to supply me with orange-flavoured rhum, and allow me to bang on about sitcoms for the best part of an hour. For that, go here.


riffle said...

I have to commend you on that Now Show spot. Nice to have a nominally topical bit of that quality. If you're on that show more, I'll listen more.

I think you should let your readers know that the Now Show is also available as a podcast at They can download and listen to it while, say, walking the dog.

Interesting to hear you on the Rum Doing podcast, too. Guess I'll have to track down Ever Decreasing Circles.

Anonymous said...

Finally: something decent on the Now Show!!

Cool interview on Rum Doings. It was great to have the time to ramble so that some really interesting stuff came out. I love your point about the goons.

Lou said...

Love you on The Now Show. Hilarious. You have the most fantastic voice and quality timing. More please.

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