Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Pushing back the frontiers of human knowledge, and lady's blouses.

I am aware that I can hardly post what I'm about to post without inviting questions about how I found it. Well, my explanation, which you can choose to believe or not as you wish, is that I used the word 'decolletage' in something I'm writing, then realised I only vaguely knew what it meant; and so looked it up on Wikipedia, which redirected me here:

That's my story, at any rate, and I'm sticking to it. The page is a lot of fun on its own account, because Wikipedia is at its funniest when attempting to be po-faced about something it finds really, really exciting; but even better is the discussion page, in which various learned academics debate on how to improve the page. My favourite contribution is from this concerned scholar:

I am unable to find the terms used in this article to distinguish the various ways of exposing parts of the breasts ("cleavage décolleté," "cleavage centros," "cleavage côté," "cleavage underside," "cleavage cleavy") anywhere else on the Web except Wikipedia mirrors and bikini science. [...] I hope someone can cite authentic sources for these terms, or at least provide numerous photographs illustrating them from all angles.

I've no doubt you do, sir. No doubt at all. 


Amy K. said...

I have numerous photographs on my own blog here:

And here:

Sorry for the self-promo, but I figured I would contribute. :D

Unknown said...

Yes, right, we'll believe you though I'm sure countless others would be less inclined.

(by the way, seriously good recording on Sunday. There's likely to be a fight in our house Christmas Morning: presents v Cabin Pressure)

Snowball said...

Purely for my own amusement (and not insubstantial sexual excitement), I am choosing to believe that you came across said page whilst looking for tips on how to make your bust look more alluring in low-cut blouses.

Try dusting a dark shade of eyeshadow between your breasts. It makes your cleavage appear deeper (so I'm told).

Shelly said...

Gotta love Wikipedia for trying to be diplomatic when discussing cleavage. I can just picture the person(s) who wrote that little piece...backspacing and deleting like nobody's business!

....if they hadn't put those pics on there, I might have had to google-image the word. :/

Richard O. Smith said...

I’m assuming that Shelly, the above correspondent, has charmingly deployed a coded euphemism when suggesting internet users reading about décolletage would be “backspacing & deleting like nobody’s business”. I’m sure they were.

As for John’s rational explanation, I assume he used a similar excuse whenever his mother found several “art pamphlets” lazily stored under his bed.

Crewe and Peru. Oh, too late.

LynneM said...

A rare grammatical error (punctuation)from you Mr Finnemore, unless you really are thinking of just one particular lady with a number of blouses you wish to push back...
(Sorry- once a teacher, always a teacher.) Rewrite corrections three times and hand in.

Julio-Debate Popular said...

Nice topic to discuss, I think I could quietly be one of the contributors of good taste for this page. Why not?

Stu said...

The French (along with most of the references you have listed) also have a cracking line for a woman with an ample chest area:

"il y a du monde sur le balcon"

I'll leave you to figure that one out for yourselves ...

John Finnemore said...

Lynne - Damn. Your quite right.

LynneM said...

Well, nobodies' perfect. I'll just eat, shoot and leave now.

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