Saturday, 5 February 2011

Or possibly 'Linnaeus'?

It probably means I've been doing too many cryptic crosswords lately that when I saw this sign on an aeroplane...

...I automatically tried to solve it.

(I think it's 'Bandwidth'; but why 'class'...?)


Mags said...

I think it might be 'Forbidden' as in for those who are bidden to others.

What's the clue going down the way see if we can find the letters from that.

kodama said...

Oh, and how many letters?

Piques said...

Could it be Utopia?

Things that divide the classes such as social standing, money and little blue curtains would be prohibited in a Utopian society.

Shit, I'm pretty sure I have put too much thought into this.

Holly :-) said...

you are genius...!

Ginge said...

Bwahaha, "class divider". That sounds so bold to my annoyingly PC-by-default American ears.

The Class Detective said...

that is awesome...
where did you found that?

Horace said...

Hmm, how about class = THIRD, which is divided by HIR + area SK (ISO code for Slovakia) = SHIRK (idolatry in islam = forbidden)

Alternatively, area = Ha (hectare), + LTED (= Long Term Economic Deterioration or Long-Term Educational Development according to acronym attic, both of which could be considered 'class dividers') = HALTED (prohibited).

Horace said...

In fact, here is another one I find more convincing:
The area is the old Scottish province of MAR. It is prohibited by being followed with an X. The solution, then, is MARX, who centred his whole philosophy on dividing people by class.

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