Friday, 4 November 2011

I had a coffee in the end. 100% coffee.

This was at the top of a dessert menu the other day:

I did, just about, manage to resist the temptation to ask the waiter if they had anything chocolatey.


Anonymous said...

Yes, 100% chocolate. No milk, no cream, no sugar, no fat. Just 100% pure chocolate.


Daedalus said...

Interesting: "sobre mesa" would mean literally "on/above the table" but has come to mean "after dinner" in some contexts, hence "sobremesas" means "dessert".

Pauline Laing said...

Ask if it comes in strawberry...

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with 100% heaven? I would have ordered it!

Anonymous said...

Sobre meant after and mesa meant the meal, that's why it was called sobremesa.
The 'on/above'and 'table' are meanings that also fit both words.

Anonymous said...

For that price you might as well go out and just buy...well, a huge bar of chocolate. Four of them, in fact :P

Wendy C. Fries said...

I have something to say that is completely not relevant to this post!

Congratulations! On your magnificently-deserved award! You magnificent creature, you!

Seriously: It is the exact opposite of a miscarriage of justice, this award. You deserve two of them. Four. Eight. Ten. (Me: Not getting the whole geometric progression thing.)

Anyway, honestly, congratulations Mr. Finnemore!

Paul said...

I actually just dropped in after a few weeks without checking this site, as I thought you'd appreciate a quote from a CV I've just cruelly binned. Given that this was an application for a very numerate, 'stats' sort of role, I was surprised to see it contained the quote 'I always give 110%'...

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