Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Shameless self-publicity. (Warning- may contain traces of shame.)

Two quick bits of news: firstly, I was on The Unbelievable Truth earlier this week, mostly lying about crocodiles. I am very proud of my triumphant final score of No Points. What a magnificent achievement! Mind you, it wasn't easy to concentrate with all the wounded, terrified quail flapping about the theatre.

Anyway, that should still be on the iPlayer for a bit; and then I did another one which will go out in three weeks' time. And in between, I'm on the News Quiz next week. So, good news for people who enjoy my half-baked opinions, or my fully baked lies about pasta. Mmmmm. Pasta bake.

The other piece of news is that Cabin Pressure has been nominated for an audio drama award for best comedy. So, that's nice.


simon kane said...

Congratulations on all those ace things! Particularly "crockery"! And also on the panto! Particularly the identity of the Grand Inquisitor which could have gone terribly but turned out bliss like what you'd planned. And the "Not so fast!" joke. You're terribly good.

Lesley-Anne said...

Agreed - panto was terrific! Good news about Cabin Pressure as well. The family is desperate for a new series...

emily michelle said...

Loved the Unbelievable Truth; well done.

Annie said...

Congratulations Mr. Finnemore! I have no doubt that your pasta bake of opinions will be anything less than BRILLIANT. Listening to episodes of Cabin Pressure and the Unbelievable Truth again today.

Sparrow said...

Cabin Pressure deserves all the awards it can rake in. It's the best show on the radio anywhere on the planet. Period.

Enjoyed the Unbelievable Truth very much, and we here in Florida (With all manner of croco-things in our swamps) listen to any program we can find with you in it!

Ross Bennett said...

Hooray! The Unbelievable Truth was magnificent, though I did wonder how you changed up the arrangement so you wouldn't know what the true facts were.

News Quiz! Wow, we're teetering very closely to the Dream Team of comedy. You and Jeremy Hardy on the same program? Just a couple of weeks ago Jeremy was on the same program as Alexei Sayle. If we could get all three of you in a room at the same time, I don't think my internal organs would survive.

Linda said...

Now I´m really excited for these two shows. And you were brilliant on the Unbelievable Truth, enjoyed listening very much.
Good luck with the nomination, too.
No, wait. What am I talking about? As if you needed any luck for that. :)

D said...

Just listened to the Unbelievable Truth, you were so funny :) and no points is the best score - very zen, unmaterialistic, you know?

And here's the part where I have to say the thing that everybody else has already said, just because it's true: Cabin Pressure totally deserves ALL THE AWARDS.

So yeah, keep being awesome. You're one of my favourite people who lives in the internet!

Anonymous said...

You have absolutely no reason to apologise for informing your adoring public of forthcoming projects you're involved with! I'd hate to miss hearing anything you do on radio.

Your Unbelievable Truth section on crocodiles... well, it was the best part of the show, apart from your gorgeous chuckling, of course.

Huge congratulations on the award nominee... the Cabin Pressure series is my most-listened-to audiobooks, and they still never fail to make me laugh out loud, for which I will be forever grateful.

Bring on the next episode of Unbelievable Truth and the eternally fantastic News Quiz!

And thank you once again for sharing your comedic brilliance.


prwelly said...

You're the gift that just keeps on giving, aren't you? First the brilliant panto (Kirsty Young's "that was I Will Survive played by a monkey, on an accordion, in a boat" had me in fits.) Now I have The Unbelievable Truth to listen to too; and then you hit us with "I'll be on News Quiz" as well. Bumping off the wonderful Susan Kalman, better not be?! But I'll still listen whoever you're paired with/opposite

And then, and go and get nominated for something else for Cabin Pressure. Is there no end to this round of congratulations we have to dish out? I am getting tired of having to composing tweets starting "Well done on the award nom for #CabinPressure. Hope you win". May just as well save it for (inevitable) future use. (Sarcasm may have been employed in that paragraph).

All up, in seriousness, you're having a great start to 2012. Long may it continue.

Anonymous said...

"Pasta Bake" and "Cabin Pressure" in the same post. Oooh I love it :P haha! Two of my fave things on the planet!

Fingers crossed for the award!

Emma said...

Congratulations on the well-deserved nomination!

Also, "Not an alligator" had me chuckling for a good long time! Thanks for that!

Anwyn en fa said...

Wow! You're all over Radio 4, aren't you? I love it.

You deserve ALL the awards (and points), Mr. Finnemore!

Anonymous said...

I'd have been more surprised if Cabin Pressure hadn't been nominated for the award. Nearly as surprised as I'll be if it doesn't win it.

Musical Lottie said...

1) Oh darn, I didn't listen to the panto in time before it disappeared from iPlayer :( Please please do tell us if you hear that it will be repeated.

2) You were brilliant on The Unbelievable Truth! The scores put me very much in mind of QI, actually; I'm sure you'd be great on that too. Also, was that your laugh/chuckle we kept hearing? It was infectious :D

3) Congratulations on the nomination - like the other commenters (-ors?), I too am unsurprised but very pleased and looking forward to hearing you've won :)

4) Also, I kind of miss your [almost-]daily drawings. I know you are a busy person so this isn't any sort of request for more, but they were really interesting/lovely/generally very cool, and very much appreciated :) Any more you post on the blog in future will be received with greatest enthusiasm!

kodama said...

Congrats! :)

Dani said...

Congratulations!'s a drama award for best comedy? That seems...slightly oxymoronic. Or perhaps just moronic. (I kid - it sounds lovely and prestigious; well done!)

Ross Bennett said...

Dang. Sort of a mixed blessing on a week like this.

"Welcome to the News Quiz! Now say something funny about shipwrecks."

Lydia Warmington said...

I'm coming to see you in the News Quiz on Thursday so I'm looking forward to that :) Congrats on the Cabin Pressure nomination. I hope it wins! It is by far my favourite comedy show.

P.S. That panto was incredibly funny, well done :)

Anonymous said...

Am I slow on the uptake, quick on the uptake or completely missing the uptake and being forced to get the later uptake missing my appointments and wasting my time...

Carolyn Knapp-Shappy... sounds a bit like KLM Maatschappij?

I will fetch my coat...


Anonymous said...

Cabin Pressure is THE best comedy show.

Pipit said...

Audio DRAMA award for best COMEDY? HMMMM.

Cabin Pressure is, hands down, THE BEST COMEDY on radio or television, so congrats.

Loved you on The Unbelievable Truth, by the way. Of course, I kept thinking of your croco-pie(Polly wants a bison!)

Rosie said...

c p deserves to win every award going...not a wasted word in really is up there with the greats..I must do a blog post about it.

Suzanne in California said...

I liked you a lot on The News Quiz - v much hope they ask you back!

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