Monday, 12 March 2012

Mostly Admin

Just to say, the tickets for the first three John Finnemore's Priory Engagement have now sold out. I have downloaded the names and emails on the Doodle list as it stands at the moment - if your name is on the list, your ticket will be reserved at the door until 7:45 on the day or days you ticked; and can be paid for on the door.  

If between now and then you find you can't come, that's fine; but could you take your name off the Doodle list, so that someone else can come in your place. However, to guard against someone simply removing a name to free up a space (though I know perfectly well that no-one reading this would dream of doing a mean thing like that) could you also please drop a line - no explanation needed, it can just be as simple as 'not coming on the 18th' - to the following email address: the last two words of the show, the ones with the initials P.E., all one word,; using the email address you gave when you put your name down. Thanks.

There will be more shows in the run - if this experiment works, I'll put them up on Doodle in the same way in a week or two. If it doesn't, we'll just have to go back to rotten old booking fees. But I bet it will. 

And now, as a poor reward for wading through that dull wodge of information that statistically is very unlikely to be relevant to you, an advert on the tube which made me laugh.

Not even this one! And this one's in a pond! 


Anonymous said...

Happy enough but nowhere near fit enough to do the George Takei happy dance

anon Hull

Sparrow said...

Gosh I wish Pipit and I could just hop on a plane and come over to watch something live.

Please think about coming to the Tampa-Orlando area one day. You've got LOTS of fans in Florida!

Cringing Wretch said...

Quote from another R4 show: "Evil doesn't just happen, you know. It takes a lot of admin."

Not that I'm implying your show is evil. Or, bad in any way. OTOH, I'm sure it'll be devilishly good. Not that you're the devil. Though since I don't know you personally, you could be living in a lair made out of a hollowed out volcano and, at the moment, stroking a cat. But, you're probably a fine, upstanding man. BTW, why is someone good called upstanding? Are bad people simply those who haven't yet mastered bipedalism?

Anyhow, good luck with the show.

Anonymous said...

old harrys game????
anon hull

Unknown said...

I hope Inspector Lynley has worked out that the otter did it.

Anonymous said...

Sad history anorak looks up Kilburn, learns how Abbey Road got its name, and resolves to be at the Kilburn end of it not the EMI end at the right time. April 1st, a fools errand :-P
anon Hull

Anonymous said...

theres a place free on the 18th, does no one want it???

Eclectic Man said...


Sredni Vashtar, if my memory serves me correctly.

(by Saki)

Yes, the Otter did it.

Anonymous said...

Will you be doing more shows in April? I'm out of money this month & can't travel up to London :/
- dee

P.S. Mr Finnemore, I very much like your, er, sense of humour (is that how you compliment comedians?) and find you very awesome. kthnxbai.

Anonymous said...

a friend of mine is watching planes at Manchester waiting for hers, I wonder where the boys are :-P
anon hull

Anonymous said...

I think Sredni Vashtar was a large polecat or ferret - shudders at the thought of Polecat St Mary....