Friday, 15 February 2013


[EDIT: Ok, now I feel guilty. It's ok! I wasn't really offended! And I exaggerated the responses I was getting for comic effect. Everything's fine!  But thank you for all the lovely comments - I'm really glad you liked it, and I hope the resolution justifies your trust… ]

…What? Why are you looking at me like that? Has something happened to annoy you in some way? 

Tell you what, this week, let's do Notes and Queries first:

'Finnemore, you evil bastard, I hope you rot in hell.' 

...Ok. Well, I appreciate your plain-speaking.

'What kind of an ending do you call that?'

I call it a cliffhanger ending. Do you like it? I sense somehow that you do not.

'Did you forget this is supposed to be a comedy?'

Ouch. But, no. Hence the jokes. 

'Why would you break my heart like that? I have wept solidly for the past 48 hours, and now there is no water left in my body and my tear ducts look like peeled grapes. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?'

Ok, this is the reaction that's really taken me by surprise. I predicted a certain amount of frustration about ending on a cliff-hanger, but I'm completely taken aback by the amount of crying I've apparently caused. Look, I don't mean to be an insensitive bastard, but… what's so sad? I mean… Martin got the job! He got 100% in the tech exam, and everyone at MJN gave him a great reference, and he got Oskar to stay in the room, and he did a big ol' hero's speech, and he got the job! Yes, now he has a big decision to make, and that decision has potentially sad consequences… but he hasn't made it yet, so we don't even know which potentially sad consequences to be potentially sad about. God help me, I actually thought it was quite a warm fuzzy episode. But apparently I've accidentally written King Lear.

Now then, for what it's worth, here are my rules about cliffhanger endings.

1) They're very powerful, but very annoying, so they should be used very sparingly, and only when there's a good reason. This is the first cliffhanger I've done in CP, and it seemed to me that the question of how Martin could manage to get a job offer from a major airline, given his particular strengths and weaknesses; and the question of what he would do if he got such an offer were both too big to be dealt with in a single episode. Plus, the issue of Martin's need to be paid to do the job he loves versus Carolyn and Douglas needing him to go on being unpaid in order to make MJN viable has become the central dilemma of the whole show (It didn't use to be, but the show has changed). It seemed like the question of whether and how that is resolved was worthy of a cliffhanger. 

2) You can't use a cliff-hanger instead of an ending. Some shows do, but I think it's cheating. Any episode that ends with a cliffhanger must also have a satisfying conclusion in itself. Ideally, the main question of the episode should be answered - but the answer should then throw up an unexpected larger question, which provides the cliff-hanger. So, for me, the question of this episode is 'Will Martin get the job, and if so, how?', and it's only when that's resolved that we're reminded that the bigger question is whether he takes it or not. 

3) The cliffhanger has to be an emotional one, or at least a direct dilemma for a central character or characters, not a physical or external one. The question left unanswered must always be 'What will he or she do now?' not 'What will happen to him or her now?' To take an example completely at random, a bad cliff-hanger would be 'The hero's been forced to jump off a roof! Will he survive?', but a good cliff-hanger is 'He DID survive! But how? And why's he hiding from his friend?' (Oh, but by the way, Steven Moffat is a terrific writer, and it's an honour to be compared to him. But he did not invent the idea of a cliffhanger ending. Writers have been doing it for really quite some time.) So, in this case, it would have been totally unfair to make the cliff-hanger 'Will they offer Martin the job or not?' firstly because it would break rule 3 above, but also because by then it's out of Martin's control. But 'He gets it! Does he take it or not?' seems to me fair game. Your mileage, of course, may vary... 

And most importantly of all:

4) A cliff-hanger is a promise to the audience. It's implicitly saying 'I'm withholding the gratification of giving you the answer now, but trust me, when you get it, you'll think it was worth the wait.' And if you're going to make a promise like that, you'd better be able to back it up, or at least think you can.  So, although I'm afraid I can't comment on the future of the show at the moment, partly because it's not only up to me, I will say this much, because to be honest I thought it was totally obvious, and I'm amazed there's any ambiguity over it:

It is not and never was my intention that Yverdon should be the last ever episode of Cabin Pressure.

I mean, come on guys, give me some credit. A to Y?


Cut purely for reasons of time, from just before 'Can you think of a time you were in conflict with someone professionally?'

DEROCHE                 Alright. Let’s talk about your experiences as a pilot. Can you give me an example of a time when it was necessary to break the rules?

MARTIN                       Er… Er… [BEAT] Er… No. I don’t think I can.

DEROCHE                 Well, bend the rules, let’s say.

MARTIN                       …still no. I would if I could, I just literally, can’t think of one.

DEROCHE                 …Fine. Can you give me an example of a time when you successfully handled issues of cultural diversity in the work place?

MARTIN                       Right.  Um… I think Arthur, I think our steward, a member of our cabin crew is half Australian, but, not in a way that’s caused any major cultural… I mean, it’s not like he celebrates different holidays or anyth- well, I say that, actually he does: Birling Day, and Birthday Eve, and Gerti’s Birthday, and Summer Christmas, but I don’t think that’s to do with his… Australian heritage, as such. 


md_doodles said...

I think the emotional reaction has to do with the potential breaking up of a family which seems almost inevitable? Martin needs the money and as Carolyn says MJN is going to fold anyway.

We love this programme, perhaps a little more then is reasonably comprehensible from your perspective, and its hard to come to terms with it ending especially among the portions of the fandom who only came to it recently. (A fairly huge chunk of fans have only become fans in the last year.)
You inspire a lot of passion.

Also I love Theresa. Every little mention of her makes my heart do a little dance. I hope we see much more of her!

Anonymous said...

CP and its characters bring us all such joy, and I'm thrilled a master is at the show's helm. Thank you, John Finnemore. Series 4was wonderful. Looking forward to Z!


Amandha said...

I think you just got yourself a ticket to the Train to Special Hell, along with Stephen Moffat, Mark Gatiss and the guys from LOST.
Don't worry, is a great honor, only the best are allowed in ;) And it will be a fun ride.

Anonymous said...

How was your little trip around the world? I hope you managed to take some snapshots to show us and had a great time and managed to relax a little after the stress of writing/recording.
Loved the last episode but why change the ending?

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of the reaction came from us NOT knowing if there would be more. I mean, yes, why would you end on Y, of all things? But we know how hard it was to get the gang all together this time around, so given the way some of the actors' careers have changed since Abu Ddhabi, it's not unrealistic for us to be unsure. The woe is a sign of love. If you promise us more (although most of us are sure Z is going to be Zurich and the actual end), then we'll relax and look forward to it.

Consider yourself in good company. We have been used and abused by Joss Whedon and Steven for many years. Sometimes it's hard to trust that we won't be again. I think I would put you instead in the same category as John Rogers with the rules about cliffhangers. Which I'm more than okay with.

Thank you for a great season. I think the more arciness of this season has been a sign of the growth of the series. I personally was anxious the whole series, not because of Martin but because of Carolyn and the way she kept pushing people away. You are doing a great thing with characters we love beyond the fact that they are played by actors we admire (yourself included).

Thank you!

Lucky Trinity said...

While that ending did catch me off guard I must say it was the best cliffhanger I have seen (or rather heard) in awhile. Although when I first heard it I shouted "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" at my computer and had two people knock on my door to ask what was wrong.

Veej said...

Oh, we love you really, dear Mr F! I think all this angst demonstrates how much we love your characters and the actors who inhabit them.
Hope you had a great trip and have come home relaxed and refreshed.

Tardisblue42 said...

Sorry for the annoying part of the fandom. The episode was brilliant and I trust that you'll do your best to keep that post-cliffhanger promise.

Anonymous said...

we're crying because it's back to waiting for another year, year and a half... I'll miss this show!

Kialna said...

Somehow all I can think of: What if the Z is completely different and we start again with Amsterdam?

I think I'd laugh my ass off, so much puns could be made. And our horrible accent.

Nah, I was puzzled this episode. I felt happy for Martin, but sad for Arthur. It was the first episode that didn't make me laugh. I still think it's an amazing show and we lack this quality of sitcoms on Dutch radio.

Good job John, you made my last few weeks amazing!


Unknown said...

Forgive some overheated reactions and think about how much you made us happy, even with a cliffhanger. There's a creepy side in every fandom, and then there are people who support you in your decisions and know you want only the best for your characters, as we do.

Lots of love and regards


Jules said...

Oh dear, I hope you don't regret coming back from your well-deserved vacation after reading through all the comments...

And I hope you can take all the (over-)emotional responses as compliments - I'm sure they're meant that way, albeit a little hard to detect sometimes, hiding behind the rot-in-hell bit... ;) You obviously have created a show and a bunch of characters that are very near and dear to people's hearts. Otherwise they'd not care at all and everyone would be listening to the Archers or something ...

Anyway, I haven't commented before, but I just wanted to pop in, join in with the almost million voices and say thank you - I really loved the new series (the cliffhanger included) and it certainly brightened up the last weeks! You're a terrific writer (are you already sick of everyone telling you that?) and I'm really looking forward to the episode(s) to come and, by the way, to series 3 of JFSP.

Welcome back from Cuba, have a smooth start into everyday life!

Jules (from Hamburg)

PS. Oh, and I absolutely adore your blog posts on the episodes, so thanks for sharing those, too. If it's not too much to ask, will you consider doing another FAQ as well?

Anonymous said...

CP has been an amazing journey, it has brought so much laughter and pure enjoyment along the way. Ok the cliff hanger brought a little angst but only because we care so deeply about this family.

I have a great deal if faith in you as a writer so if you choose to end it at Z, I may shed a tear but I shall also take much delight in re-listening to 4 wonderful series. Nothing worse than flogging a dead horse, topical though that might be!

Thanks for the laughs!

The Real Emily said...

I'm sorry we all got so annoyed, we were just worried about the cliffhanger. It was just because we think of ourselves as part of MJN's family and we didn't want Martin (our step-brother) to leave!

The Real Emily said...

I'm sorry we all got so annoyed, we were just worried about the cliffhanger. It was just because we think of ourselves as part of MJN's family and we didn't want Martin (our step-brother) to leave!

Anonymous said...

Wow - I thought it was a fantastic and satisfying ending. Wrapped up the season nicely and left the conclusion of the series open for the last letter in the alphabet (of course love to have more seasons but there are only 26 letters in the modern English alphabet). I am thinking an hour long Xmas special.

Anonymous said...

I think the cliffhanger was wonderful in its artistic beauty. I love it, and I think it's the best way you could have ended this season. So you get all the credit from me. ;)
I'm just worried about Douglas ... I can see a happy ending for all the other characters, but not for him. Though I'm sure you will give him a brilliant one, too.

So yeah, to sum it up ... I love the episode and the cliffhanger. It just proved for me again that you're one of the best writers out there.

Love, Jordan

Anonymous said...

After giving the matter some thought, I believe I actually would rather see the series left as is, open ended.

Obviously Martin should and indeed must take this good (paying!) job he's been offered. Which leaves everyone else at MJN Air economically stranded. Carolyn marries Herc and lives happily ever after? I'd give that marriage about a month, tops. And what would Arthur do? Martin might get hired by Swiss Air, but Arthur? ARTHUR?? Then there's Douglas. Having been fired for cause by Air England is not going to recommend him to anybody this side of, well, MJN.

Alternate scenario, Martin decides against all wisdom to stay with MJN. Machines, such as vans and airplanes, have finite life spans, just as we do. Neither Martin's van nor GERTI are getting any younger, and neither one's owner can remotely afford a replacement. So then what?

If there is a final episode, I will of course listen, but at this point it appears to me as though you've written it to a standstill, to scramble a metaphor. So I'll say thanks for a wonderful ride and I will continue to enjoy Cabin Pressure indefinitely via the Collected Series CDs I've already purchased, and the series 4 ones if and when they become available.

Kelly said...

"Accidentally written King Lear."

Well, if it's any consolation, I loved the series (and the previous ones) and say do whatever the fluff you want to do because you're not supposed to write for anybody else but yourself.

And anyway...there's always fizzy yoghurt.

Coral said...

Personally I loved it and found it a very satisfying ending.

Biff said...

I was left on tenterhooks by the end and wanted to smash by computer to smithereens... but surely that's a good thing. The point of a cliffhanger is to keep the audience in suspense and you certainly did just that! I loved the whole episode but I do hope that Martin stays at MJN!

Ellie said...

Oh, goodness, I for one meant it as good-natured, affable 'Oh, you, leaving us on a cliffhanger like that'... I hope you don't think we didn't love it. WE - I, at least - LOVED IT. It was brilliant!

We're just going to miss it while it's off-air (hopefully not for too long)!

Anonymous said...

Fangirls crying is good.
It's a Tumblr thing.
It means they love you.

The more emotionally wrecked the fan is, the better your writing ability. Yay you.

Rachel said...

Mister Finnemore, you are absolutely my favorite writer! You're hysterical and wonderful and you did a perfect job! You’ve written characters that we are personally invested in, and that’s what makes a writer truly great. Of course, as a writer's characters are innately small bits of themself, we are all cheering you on ultimately! We’re looking forward to your resolution, and thank you for your hard work. We trust you in your brilliance!! <33

Anonymous said...

I loved the ending, it was very sweet! They had begun to accept each other as family and Martin's dilemma over a paid job and well, a mildly dysfunctional like family was written really well!
I really hope it wasn't an end to this BRILLIANT show, as it would be a problem. The Final Problem! ;)
Fizz, buzz, 'aavvee a bannaaaana!

Anonymous said...

I do think a lot of the 'say whuuuut?' is from people who were genuinely surprised with the ending (I personally thought he would tell them that he didn't get the job), but I also think that some folk do need to step back from the fangirling a bit (sorry just my opinion - you will not die from no more/limited episodes)

Mr Finnemore, I've found each of your series to bring something new to the relationships and character developments of MJN, and I'm especially interested in how Carolyn's relationship develops with Herc now!

dolly said...

I think people were under the impression that it would be the last-ever episode because the BBC announcer called it "the last in the present series" after it was over.

I was confused whether that meant "last one in this season" or "last one forever, goodbye" -- but my friends who were listening in with me seemed to all think it was the latter.

Anonymous said...

I thought the episode was marvellous (although I completely forgot it was the final episode of tihe series so now I'm suddenly quite sad!) and the cliffhanger was very well-done; it made me upset but in a very pleasantly bittersweet 'aww, they all care for each other so much and no matter what Martin chooses life goes on' way.
Looking forward to any continuation there might be of the show!

Anonymous said...

Oh I thought the ending was brilliant! I love a bit of uncertainty from time to time. Sure you'll find an incredible funny z without King Lear...

SJ Howitt said...


Honestly we've been worried.

I for one loved YLB (even if I can't spell it).

I thought it was a great ending to a great series.


Anonymous said...

my emotional breakdown and cursing your name has more to do with the not knowing when the cliffhanger will be resloved.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Mr F, I think you're forgetting that the weeping is cause BY the brilliance of the emotional cliffhanger. It's not sad weepy it's more of the "You have generated too many emotions for my highly excitable and very enthusiastic body to contain at once!" variety.

We hare happy for Martin, he got his hero speech and his job offer, but rather like Arthur right at the end there it's all... well it's Brilliant that Martin got what he really wanted but we can't quite squeeze out a brilliant for the situation as a whole because... well, it's like breaking up the band, isn't it? or the potential threat thereof anyway. Media conventions state someone can leave in the happiest of circumstances but there will always be the weeping for what was.
Or in this case the might-be of what was that might happen... probably.

Which is the very long and rambly way of saying it was an excellent and effective cliffhanger. Any cliffhanger that can generate weeping and/or death threats and the copious use of the term 'FEELS!' can automatically be classified as a good one.

And for the record it was 90% hilarious, and 10% an agony of listener emotions over the potential outcomes.

Which I think it actually a pretty good ratio.

Unknown said...

Fangirls tend to be overdramatic. Try to ignore them if you can.

Anonymous said...

Accidentally writing King Lear is quite a feat, Mr F.

I loved the series, very well done. :)

Eclectic Man said...

OK, it seems I am in a minority, but I rather liked the ending (no tears at all). Martin aced the written test, and is "adequate" as a pilot. Douglas, on the other hand learns what 'being Martin' is really like, Herc was, well, Herc, and Arthur was unaware that Dragon Fruit are a sort of relation of Strawberries. (Note to nut allergics - Mangoes are related to peanuts.)

You have the period between the CP 'now' and job start at Zurich for some wonderful episodes, excellent.

Oh, and Sheherezade famously used cliffhangers for 1001 nights to avoid execution at dawn, so precedent well and truly set. (A. C. Doyle did NOT use a cliffhanger - he really wanted to kill off Sherlock and concentrate on 'proper' literature).

All in all a job well done, sir!

(Phew, managed not to use "brilliant!")

And I am still infected with 'Involuntary Yellow Car Syndrome' - coming to an edition of the DSM near you any year now. :(

Anonymous said...

to me, it was also the first cabin pressure episode to make me cry and i think it's because when things come to an ending, everything that's happy and emotional becomes sentimental and sad. i can't wait to hear whatever you have in mind for Z! (also, there are some lovely german cities with Ä or Ü, for example...)

Katrina Hillis said...

You are an incredible writer. There are those who have gotten a bit carried away with their emotions or simply commented before they thought it through. I hope you won't take their dramatics too close to heart because I think the majority of your audience sees what an amazing thing you've done leaving us with this predicament. Once the initial shock wore off I came to appreciate the episode for all the greatness that you fit into it. Thank you so much for all four seasons and I cant wait (though I know I must) to hear more!

S Courtney said...

Absolutely brilliant! You are marvelous,and I loved every moment of it!

kayleetam said...

I've listened to Yverdon about ten times today, and it does make me want to cry - because of Douglas-becoming-Martin, because of Martin's fantastic speech at the end, and because the amount you've made me fall in love with these characters tears my heart in half when I think about the choice Martin has to make. I don't want to see MJN come apart, but I don't want to keep it together for its x-amount of years at the cost of Martin's mental and physical health.

And I absolutely have to mention Theresa. We all love her! I don't know if you know how hard it is to make everyone in a fandom love a character's new girlfriend, but you've absolutely nailed it here. We (or at least I) want to see them get together and have lots of little pilot babies.

Er, well enough of my fanning all over your blog. :) Thanks for writing this wonderful thing!

Weez said...

The Moffat comparisons are more to do with the unexpected depth of the emotions (or the FEELS as one could more accurately describe them) than anything to do with cliffhangers.

Erika said...

The reason some people reacted like this was because they didn't want the series to end. When it ended I shouted "no" because I wanted to know what Martin would say to the crew. But I also loved they way you put the cliffhanger. It was brilliant! I love the series and I would never want you to rot in hell :) No hard feelings here. <3

Susanne said...

I'm quite new at "Cabin Pressure" and I laughed a lot during Yverdon. It's improving my english listening to it again and again and everytime Arthur is trying to tell his mum what fruit he ate..I'm lying on the floor rolling with laughter. I bought the complete series and am looking forward to upcoming broadcasts...whenever that may what's all the fuzz about. You have done a wonderful job, John Finnemore, thanks a lot and all the best to you.

Susanne from Germany

Kate said...

Well, I thought it was splendid. Sorry to hear the interwebs are giving you a hard time.

Jamie said...

Please don't let the stupid people keep you from writing more (CP and otherwise), in the future. We love your work, period. People come to drama to have their hearts ripped out, and no one should be taking that out on you. You are a fantastic writer and though I'm quite new to the CP fandom, it will always be part of me and I look forward to seeing what else you come up with! Love & Lemons from California

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about those rude comments you've received by some people, I really think that's uncalled for.

I'm relieved to know there will be a Z, and at the same time I fear it. A real schroedinger's cat here....

Nevertheless did I lose my joy for the show as well with the threat of the crew being torn apart, but that's just me.


Anonymous said...

You know, I'm only feeling sad because I WANTED Martin to take the job. I wanted him to be an airline pilot and live his dream... And have a head office near to his princess. And it was lovely to know that, despite what Martin may believe, people do love him and want him to do well. It's just not knowing that everybody's hard work on his behalf and his stonking 100% was not on vain... Which, of course, is the nature of a cliffhanger ;)

You'd thought you'd written a warm fuzzy episode, and I think you did too. I just want to know what happens and I want to know now!

Opal said...

Wow, I'm really sorry that there were people that sent you such horrible comments.
Here's the thing: We're attached to the characters, we're attached to the story, we're concerned about the their futures. I think you got a lot of the knee-jerk reactions from people who don't know how to take the time to calm down and step away from the computer and think about it, and about what those heat-of-the-moment comments might be read as. This is not the pretty side of fandot, but it's also not the only side of fandot.
It was a brilliant episode, and a fantastic ending. I knew immediately that it was meant to be a promise for more, because there's still Z to go.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps as many of the Cabin Pressure fans are also Sherlock fans, they are having trouble coping with more than one Benedict Cumberbatch cliffhanger at a time. (This is especially true when taking into consideration his rising popularity makes his availability limited, and thus causes his fans more worry over his return to roles they already love.)
Personally, just promise there will be (happy) resolution and that it will come as soon as possible and I'll be happy.
You are, like the show you write, BRILLIANT!

Andy said...

Oh, but Mr. Finnemore, the only reason the Fandot compared you to Moffat is because you've managed to hurt us in the same way he's done multiple times within Sherlock and WHO. It's got nothing to do with the cliffhanger ending. Surely you must recognize the abuse and agony we fangirls/fanboys go through whilst watching his shows. And now you've caused the same agony. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I also shouted "nooooo" at the end of the episode, followed by a Mitchell and Web inspired "FINNEMOOOORE" but that's because I like to throw intertextuality around and it seemed to be a perfect moment for it.

But, Mr Finnemore, I think you are a clever bean. You know how to write a comedy, you know how to pluck our heart strings and you damn well know how to leave us wanting more. All good things in a writer, but the last thing is a right kick in the face as an audience member.

In other words, I really look forward to Z you funny yet devious man!

T. L. Lawrence said...

It is a trademark of the modern fangirl/boy to flail and cry and generally curse the writer who invests us so heavily in a brilliant piece of writing with memorable, breathable characters, then tosses them off a proverbial cliff and leaves us wondering WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? Believe me, if we didn't love you to bits and love CP to bits, you wouldn't get the cursing/hugs. It's a high compliment--please don't ever feel it's anything else. You are terrifyingly surrounded by Sherlock fans who have been at the mercy of Messrs. Moffat and Gatiss for three years--we are well-trained. ;-)

My daughters (8 and 11) and I love Cabin Pressure and have listened religiously to this season live (well, as close to live as we can get on the other side of The Pond). My 8-year-old does her math homework by Cabin Pressure! The other day, there was a very animated discussion during carpool (with 4 boys who'd never heard of CP until we plugged it to them) as to exactly how many otters we could comfortably fit in my SUV. They got very creative. ;-)

You, good sir, are most brilliant!

sweetestel said...

I think that if tears were shed, most of them weren't out of sadness! There was our usual amount of tears of laughter, that's for sure. The episode was funny (the word seems weak, I fail for a better one), but it was also beautiful! One of our characters got closer than ever to his dream, the other characters provided their support, how could we ask for more? (Well, sure, we will ask for more episodes, but I'm pretty sure that even if you were writing series 17, we would still be asking for more. I'm afraid most listeners have developed an addiction.)

What I'm trying to say is, and I know a lot of people share my opinion, this episode didn't sadden me. It made me feel excited, happy, curious, and craving for more. ...And it inevitably threw me back into a dark habit of mine called "let's listen to all the episodes in loop until the show comes back!" (Your Souvenir Programme is my therapeutic substitute. Just so you know.)

Everyone in the "fandot" knows we're in good hands! We trust our pilot. Can't wait to hear you soon, Mr Finnemore!

Saff said...

I'm actually feeling gutted that you've had any kind of grief over such a fantastic episode.

I can't help but want to apologise on behalf of those fans who are perhaps a little too emotionally invested. This clearly causes them to act in such a silly way.

I knew straight after the episode that it would get resolved. As you say, that's the point of cliff-hangers!

I loved the episode from start to finish! I adore the way the characters have grown over the years, from Douglas realisation of how Martin must feel (which was hilarious) to Arthur's quiet acceptance of MJN possibly folding (the lack of the word Brilliant was noticeable!) to Carolyn writing such a great reference for Martin. Perfect!

And most importantly, it was hugely funny!

Naturally, I would be sad if Cabin Pressure ended, but seeing as I have four series of perfect episodes that I can listen to time and again, I don't think I'll cry!

And of course, whatever happens, we can look forward to Z! ;-)

Huge thanks to you and ALL the Cabin Pressure team for such a consistently funny and awesome show!

consulting-first-officer-heffalump said...

I think what most people forget about the fandot is that we do love to be dramatic. Nobody is actually angry at you, John... We're just really, REALLY big crybabies.

emily said...

I thought it was absolutely brilliant! The tension between Herc and Douglas, and his eventual emotional revelation, with the classic Martin melt down finally come good!
Ignore them John!

Claire said...

I think for a show to engender such a reaction (whether positive, negative or emotional) is a real indication of how much we all love it so. We feel invested in every character, every feeling they have, everything they go through and what happens to them. You should feel very proud of that! I think the ending was one of those ones which are frustrating more than anything. Not in a bad way, but one which makes you even more eager to have that frustration relieved. And I can't wait to see now where 'Z' takes us, in more ways than one. Congratulations on such a wonderful show!

LilyIsMilesAway said...

This episode was awesome. It was very moving to see something good eventually happening to Martin. Well... It wasn't the first one. Vaduz and Workingham were also terrific ! It was a incredible gradation !

It was awful to wait since the 6th of january without saying anything.

And, naturally, it has to be in Switzerland. In a town with which I have some bonds. It really didn't help !

Skara Brae said...

The language of the internet, particularly the wide and somewhat shadowy reaches of fandom, is hyperbole. No fear, Mr. Finnemore, it was a positively heartwarming episode.

I listen to these episodes with my little brother, who has informed me solemnly that he likes Cabin Pressure "even more than Sherlock and probably more than any TV shows, and as much as Mystery Science Theater". He honestly can't understand why his fellow American teens don't know what a travelling lemon is, and he's made me play every Martin-Douglas game that can be reasonably squeezed into a commute.

As a long-time lover of radio, it's been such a pleasure to follow along with this story and these characters. However you bring the story to a conclusion, I'm sure it will be what the series has always been-- heartfelt and hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a brilliant episode, infact the whole series was brilliant. All the hate is ridiculous.

E. Rabbit said...

I've been finding myself slightly, sweetly sad with every episode this season, even though most of them also made me laugh aloud. I was so sure I could see the end and that it was going to be THE END...

... and so rather than the wailing and gnashing of teeth that everyone else seems to have immediately gone into, I experienced the final moments of Yverdon-Les-Bains as a pleasant surprise.

I gave a sharp gasp, and I froze for a moment, and then I smiled and thought "well done, you."

And that's where I stay.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Mr Finnemore, we all ADORED the last season and YLB, maybe some of us were scared it's ending, that's why all the crying. I, personally, cried a lot, too, but from laughter :)

Lookind forward to new episodes! Thank you for them!

- Kristina

Anonymous said...

I thought the ending was wonderful! I was immediately happy because a cliff-hanger could only mean more to follow. Plus, as you mentioned it was a satisfying ending. I loved that Martin channeled some Douglas mannerisms during his interview. Such wonderful character development.

I felt the need to leave a positive comment and I hate that people are reacting this way. I thought this was one of your best yet. Please ignore the ugly side of the internet.

Anonymous said...

Just to add to the above and say Cabin Pressure has been amazing from A to Y, and I really enjoyed the last episode. It's been a great show. Thank you!

Stef said...

Heh, I was quite pleased to be reading this particular entry while listening to Xinzhou. "Here I am, don't tread on me..."

Thanks for this. The past six Wednesdays have been much brighter. Looking forward to Z, whenever it arrives!

Erin Dougherty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Crying, hmm? Welcome to the fangirls Mr. Finnemore!

Rest assured most of us are keeping emotions in check, though it's true we've become so heavily invested in this little MJN family that you do hold our hearts in your hands. Thrilled to pieces to hear that we'll have our Z for some closure!

It's been a lovely ride, and I can't thank you enough for bringing the joy of radio drama into my life - filled a hole I didn't know I was carrying around!


Geny said...

After having witnessed (and lived through= A LOT of FEELS on tumblr and twitter, I have got to say: I have yet to see a single message of hate. "FINNEMORE IS MOFFAT" and "David-Tennant-Waving-Fist-FINNEMORE" are the biggest compliments out there! Trust me. That fist-swingin' is usually reserved for BARROWMAN. Having your name under this is an honour. It means you did us proud.
And for the real haters I'd like to quote a song that is the law, where I come from: "Cat pics are heaven-sent, “f*** you” is a compliment."

really though: What an amazing episode. Though cliffhanger is cruel, it is so in the most fantastic way.
You see, John... this is like Mean Girls: "One time John Finnemore crushed my heart and soul by ending the 4th series of Cabin Pressure with a cliffhanger- it was awesome." So, while it still feels like a slap in the face, it was br.. no it was not brilliant... let's go with wonderful!

And just like the pain of THE Fall and The Ponds: WE SIGNED UP FOR THIS VOLUNTARILY! We knew this was going to happen.

Okay, now I'm going to use it: BRILLIANT MOVE with the cliffhanger. Fantastic episode.
I had to listen to it twice, just to get the jokes- not because they were difficult to understand, I was just SO nervous regarding Martin, that I couldn't focus on comedy... only on the certainty of emotional pain.

I think you underestimate how much people are emotionally invested in this airdot.

Anyways, I am looking forward to ANY bits of Cabin Pressure you are providing us with in the future.

Love, G.

PS: you owe me three bucks for a new tissue box!

Ein Mädchen said...

Thank you so much, Mr Finnemore, for another wonderful season of Cabin Pressure. You're a terrific writer, that's for sure, and with all the feelings of sadness Y might have caused, it was still a rather funny episode, as always. Few things amuse me quite as much as this show.

Also, I really admire you for being so patient with us fans still. I know some of us are a bit over-enthusiastic, and, shall we say, aggressive with their love? It's good of you to take it in stride, mostly.

Whatever Martin's decision might be, I'm sure you'll bring it to a satisfying conclusion. :) Again, thanks so much, Cabin Pressure is great!

NickPheas said...

What silly people there must me to give you grief over such a great ending. I look forwards to Zurich. Unless there's another Z location I can't think of.

Geny said...

I forgot to say THANK YOU! how rude of me!


Thank you for an amazing series and all the insights you have shared with us.

Anonymous said...

John: I love you and your writing and your characters. I love Cabin Pressure and the cliffhanger. Forget the hysteria and welcome back to GB (so: Cuba and Mexico... when are you coming to South America?).

Anonymous said...

Whatever Martin decides to do and whatever you choose to do with this bunch of love bunnies, I'll always love this show and you (in that non-creepy way) for bringing it to us and for putting so much thought, care, humor and heart into it.

I'm saving my tear for "Z" because, I'm sure, whatever the choices, I will be tearful to say good-bye (IF it is good-bye).

I would, though, give my eye teeth if there were ever any way to release the actual tapings of the shows - I know it is unlikely as it rather defeats the purpose of a "radio" show - one hear, you not see; but there are moments that I would love to see how they were done.

Thanks for taking the time to update us as always. It is very much appreciated.

Hope your trip to Cuba was exotic as I always imagine it is - we (here in the U.S.) are not allowed to go - how silly is that.

Maybe MJN could stay in business finding a way around those pesky rules and ferrying over Americans to Cuba for a holiday. I'd go! And, I'd even share my seat with an otter if I had to.

NickPheas said...

What silly people there must me to give you grief over such a great ending. I look forwards to Zurich. Unless there's another Z location I can't think of.

Annie said...

I must admit, I tweeted while in an emotional state about needing to have a chat with you while you were still in Mexico. But in my defense, I really wanted to know what was going to happen and I listened to this prior to attending a work meeting in which my hands were shaking a little from the response I was having.

Glad to know that this wasn't the very very last episode, it would such a shame if it were! I guess the comments given are actually compliments in disguise! People really do care about what you've written and I think that's what matters in the end. I hope we get to see more adventures for Martin, Carolyn, Douglas, and Arthur.

I also thought you were brilliant in this episode! Everyone comments on your star writing skills but your acting is quite up there as well. Hope you had a relaxing holiday :)

Anonymous said...

Your writing is brilliant, the characters are thoroughly engaging and your use of a cliffhanger was spot-on. Please don't let the overdramatic fan reactions scare you - as others have said it's (a bit unfortunately) become the patois of Tumblr fangirls to hurl abuse at the things they love.

Even if Cabin Pressure comes to an end with "Z" I can't wait to see what you do next, because your writing is really incredible. Thank you for such a wonderful series.

alessia said...

I got upset at the end, because it was the last episode in the series. I hope Cabin Pressure does return, even if Martin ends up accepting the job, jumping off a roof to save Arthur, then becoming a Super Villain and the Beatles manager while he's away. Great, hilarious writing, as ever, John

Anonymous said...

I have to say when I saw people saying 'that was WORSE then the ending of Sherlock' I thought that was really bizarre. I understand the frustration at not knowing what's going to happen next, but not the tears, because- we don't know what's going to happen next.

Anyway, I for one thought this was really funny, one of the funniest of the series actually. 5.85 - and the upside-down duck - brilliant. Those job interview scenes were really strong. I love how Martin starts off so panicked and gets stronger and stronger - so it's both funny and sort of inspiring at the same time. Also the family atmostphere of MJN - with Herc apparently slowly being adopted into it? - was really touching. Great episode - maybe even better than Uskerty!

Unknown said...

Well I thought the episode was fantastic! The cliffhanger was done amazingly, as you said it should be 'what will he/she do next' so it's in their control. This series of Cabin pressure has been incredible and I cannot wait for the next episode, and to find out what Martin has chosen!

They say that laughing increases your life if only by a short amount. And you sir have just made me immortal.

Thank you Mr. Finnemore!

Livvy x

Anonymous said...

What an interesting post on cliffhangers. I think as readers/viewers/listeners we forget that cliffhangers are (in most cases) carefully thought of mechanisms to tell/develop a storyline, not just there to be evil for evil's sake.
I disagree in your random example of cliffhanger about the guy jumping off a building about the 'bad' and the 'good' example, but I do take your point and I think it's actually a pretty good one.
Yes, I do realize there is one more letter missing, that it was impossible to cram everything into a single episode, that you will not leave us hanging and will provide us with an appropriately Cabin Pressure-y ending.
BUT when I was listening to Yverdon and it ended I had to go "arghhhh!". Which is the purpose, I think. And you made it, sir. Brilliantly.

Corrie said...

I'm sorry you're getting such strong reactions to the cliffhanger.

FWIW, I thought the whole series was great and I love the cliffhanger itself.

Thanks for making my Wednesdays a bit brighter these past few weeks:-)

Anonymous said...

As for myself, I'd like to congratulate you not only on Yverdon but also on Cabin Pressure as a whole. After Yverdon I felt quite conflicted! I, like many of my peers, was very emotionally affected, but at the same time, I knew that it was incredibly unlikely that you would choose it as an END end. The end of Yverdon is an excellent cliffhanger not only because it follows all of your rules, but because it was so very emotionally charged for listeners due to previous dedication to the characters. It's the perfect ending for this episode, but in my opinion, and in contrast to another commenter, not the best ending to the show. I do share that commenter's feelings that it seems you have written yourself into a corner, but it's the mark of an incredible writer to be able to do that and then write a satisfying conclusion. That's something you do with most if not every episode of Cabin Pressure, so I thought it unlikely you would end the entire series with so many loose threads. Personally, it's a relief to know that you didn't intend it that way. I hope it's not to much pressure, but have every faith that if given the opportunity you'll write something that does the entire wonderful series justice! I'm looking forward to more if that is in the cards for Cabin Pressure, and either way thank you profusely for the chance to listen to something so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I thought this episode (and the entire season) was fabulous! I love these characters to pieces, especially Martin. Those of us that freaked out are still a little sensitive from the ridiculous cliffhanger we had to endure from that OTHER BBC production. ;-) Thanks again - you're a fantastic writer and I've enjoyed every minute of the series!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a pretty satisfying ending! Who else could made a cliffhanger finish so well-placed?
Er, I'd try to ignore the backlash of fangirls weeping. They are just very emotionally invested, and also seem to have quite strange views on what they consider 'tragic'. And...on the alphabet, too? I would honestly just lose faith in good writing if you ended on Y.

Liz said...

Emotional response is due to how much we/people/overemotional fangirls love the show. It's pointed at how strongly we attached ourselves to characters.
Also we worry about future of every staff member of MJN Air. For example Douglas suddenly become character that we have strong feelings for (not that we haven't earlier it just they were of different nature... ekm)- the other rat on a sinking boat (you may remember that bit).

As it's the show that I'm listening to while using public transport during which I suffer for anxiety attacks and since listening to it helps me not only distract myslef from this troubling feelings but also helps me puzzle co-passengers with grinning like a loon hence my attachment.

I feel comforted, not that I thought you would want to end on Y but isn't it a little bit tempting- causing chaos?

So not to bother you with reading long comments I'll quote John Green
"It hurts cause it matters" (though not the other way around, we've had enough of BDSM past year) So basically tears=appreciation.

Oh and we do noticed it's comedy. It has jokes. We laughed. Through tears.

P.S. The cliff-hanger of Reichenbach Fall was written by Stephen Thompson. Although it could have been planned by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.
P.P.S. I love this new series so so much and you did great job with palying Arthur. I mean "dwagon fwuit" allergy couldn't have been played better! <3

Anonymous said...

I have only ever cried tears of laughter with your show. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Just adding my voice to the numbers of us who don't intend to have hysterics, level insults at you or generally behave as if our teddy-bear's just fallen of the pram...

It was a wonderful episode, and a glorious ending. I was more concerned that Martin was going to fluff his interview - after the closing line I shouted 'YES!!'


I shall wait patiently for 'Z' and hopefully for 'Aa' through 'Ff' ...

J.R. Wagner said...

I'm really sorry for the upset comments you've received. I think those posters have forgotten all of the wonderful things that happened that episode!

Douglas accepting and respecting Martin as his only captain.
Carolyn saying "screw the money" and stopping to pick up Martin after his big day.
Martin finally being recognized for his hard work and the abilities he does have and... they paid off!
Martin finally gets an opportunity to make something better in his life but he also realizes the family he's come to have with MJN.

These are beautiful things and yeah, I got a little choked up. I love the characters and I'm a little emotionally invested. Woops!

Anyways, I'm looking forward to the promise of "Z" and thank you for such a great episode!

Reine said...

Thank you!! I hope CP will go on forever, even though I know that's probably not likely. I personally thought this episode was great. It's heart breaking to think that MJN could possibly be broken up.

I just want to thank you for bringing Cabin Pressure to us. You, sir, are Brilliant!

Hisietari said...

I liked it just the way it was. It was complete in itself, but interestingly different from what CP started as. There's an ongoing plot now, which sometimes happens when a series gets the time to grow and evolve. Our baby is going to kindergarten! *sniffs* Nah seriously, this was extremely interesting, and I'm very, very much hoping that there won't just be a Z. Because seriously, A to Y was never a question. A to Z and then though - very much.

Jeanette said...

To ease your concern about why people cried (including myself): it's really about becoming attached to the show and the atmosphere. I can't speak for anyone but myself when I say I don't want Cabin Pressure to end. Well, I don't want it to jump the shark, either. I suppose it has to end at some point and I'll be a mature adult about it (eventually) when it does end.

It's really a compliment that people reacted strongly...they love your show and want it to continue.

And yes, it was not understood that this wasn't the final episode. I'm glad to know that there would possibly be a Z, if not an AA, etc.

I actually did enjoy how you ended the Y episode and I'm so glad you didn't condescend or make everything sappy and predictable. You're very good at surprising us and thinking outside the box and I appreciate that.

I can see lots of reasons why Martin would stay with MJN and many reasons why he'd move on. I'm looking forward to what happens next.

Thanks, John. :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, and congrats on being nominated for best radio programme in this year's Broadcasting Press Guild Awards!

Anonymous said...

Being a crazy, rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth fangirl for a little over a year, I'll take it upon myself for a small translation lesson. The more screaming you get, the more they like it. So..hate is love and love is hate. All in all, really. What it comes down to is that you're a fantastic writer and you managed to make characters who we adore so much.

Thanks for the best series yet.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic series (well what else could it be)! Looking forward to the next episode already and can't wait to see how you resolve this cliffhanger.

rgeorge said...

Gosh it must be quite disconcerting when your creation seems to become other people's property but I suppose that's the danger if you're any good at what you do - and you are, lest we forget BRILLIANT! (Arthur voice) so that must be taken as a compliment I'm afraid, even if it is sometimes a bit harsh. I think we out here are getting anxious as the end of the alphabet looms, and all roads seem to lead to Zurich, and we fear for the worst. Goodness, you thought you were just writing a damn good sitcom! Anyway, I thought it was a great episode, and had as good a conclusion as we could all have wished for - you've not "killed" anyone off and we have a choice of possible futures for MJN. Obviously we'd all like everything to stay exactly as it is and another trip round the globe/alphabet with the full crew as is. (We are all Arthur here). But if that's not possible, well you have left the cabin door ajar for several other options. First class. Well done you. You are, can I reiterate, BRILLIANT! thanks so much. The lemon, methinks, is still in play.

Amanda W said...

I really loved this episode. I think why my heart is on the verge of breaking is the characters are like family. What will happen to them if Martin, whom I absolutely love, leaves? Oh the feels! Arthur will be beside himself! Poor Arthur! You've got me hooked even more, Mr. Finnemore! Can't wait for episode Z! Btw, welcome back! :^D

Anonymous said...

It always makes me "aahhh" when I think of Martin learning the entire 600 page manual - first, because he clearly doesn't much of a social life (or didn't until his princess) and second, because he just loves being a pilot so much.

It is the amazing evolution of the characters that has been so gorgeously written and developed that ignites this kind of passion. I think we all want to see them well on their way to a good life - I, for one, can then say "so long" - though I think it would be brilliant to have a once a year reunion of the MJN gang though I know that wouldn't happen.

We all know what happens in real life when we move on from long time jobs: some people stay close, some promise to stay in touch but life gets in the way and they don't, etc.

So - I would just like to have a certain stagnant picture in my head for all of them when the series ends. Martin happy doing what he loves with his princess, Arthur finding a job that he likes that appreciates his "specialness" (like he did with Martin's mum), Carolyn getting to keep MJN, maybe as a subsidiary of Herc's company with Douglas finally being able to once again be a captain.

That is all I want for Christmas. A happy ending for all of them - and, for all of us.

Lucy said...

Hello from a lurker.

Also, I'm amazed ! I mean, it was THE BEST sort of cliffhanger (one that pretty much promises "it's not over yet folks".) Maybe that's just me, though. The episode didn't make me cry, but it did make me jump up and down excitedly a few more times than usual. The mark of an excellent show, surely ?

Yeah, well, just wanted to say : "I love Cabin Pressure ! I love your blog ! And also "squeeeeeee !" So there."

kris said...

I absolutely loved the cliffhanger! My first thought definitely was something along "what is happening" because it was completely unexpected, but it is a perfect ending both for the episode and the series - which I tremendously enjoyed and which made me laugh a lot (I'll probably have a giggle fit everytime I see a dragon fruit for the next few weeks). And I liked the more serious bits of it as well, Martin's last speech in the inverview was really moving.

I'm a little bit surprised though that people seriously thought that you are capable of ending the entire series like this. After all you never seemed to be one of those writers who want to upset and tease their audience as much as possible. On the contrary, I think you made a lot of people really happy by introducing Theresa and giving Martin a potential girlfriend. I'm not sure every writer would have done that.

And sorry for people overreacting. I love the show a lot and can't wait until the next series, and yes, the cliffhanger is a bit frustrating because who knows how long we have to wait for its resolution, but that's no excuse to write such rude things. You did a brilliant job both with this ending and the entire series, and (as so many here) I completely trust you that it will be worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that your writing is truly brilliant and the heavy reaction comes from both people who like the fact that they are emotionally invested in the show and want more, and also people who are taking it too far and saying stupid things. The cliffhanger is fantastic and though "we" might be upset that the fandot will end, most understand that "it hurts so good" to have that outcome. If that even happens. I trust you, Mr Finnemore, to continue and/or conclude Cabin Pressure in the best way possible for your own writing. You shouldn't have to defend yourself as some of the listening base has made you do.

Gordiana17 said...

Firstly: THANK YOU!
Cabin Pressure is brilliant in every way.

I must admit I was touched emotionally by the episode, but I loved it.
I still hope that we will know how did Herc react on his gift from Carolyn...
I ADORE Arthur. I'm glad that Martin was a brave-little-soldier, I'm happy that even Douglas in his douglassy way tried to help him.
I really really hope for more episodes to come.
Maybe you'll write the Arthur-centered spin-off? About him having a ice-cream van, that he got from Martin?

AB said...

I don't think it was a sad episode, people just like to be dramatic. I think this was a very funny episode, especially the part of "1 to 10"

Don't pay attention to those people, they're just exagerating and they know it wasn't actually that sad.

So... you did a wonderful work, keep on that.

Anonymous said...

You had me on my feet, cheering Martin on!

The cliffhanger left me gaping in sheer admiration and shock.

Go, you!!! :)

Cheryl from Orange County, CA

P.S. Possibly the funniest-ever Arthur: FWOOOOOOT

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I'm a little exasperated by all the people wailing about their emotions on this episode. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THE EMOTIONAL RESONANCE OF A CLIFFHANGER. I'm -happy- about being sad that Martin may leave his family, or may forego an actual paycheck. It's, you might say, brilliant.

So I'm glad you wrote this post because now I feel a little better.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I'm a little exasperated by all the people wailing about their emotions on this episode. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THE EMOTIONAL RESONANCE OF A CLIFFHANGER. I'm -happy- about being sad that Martin may leave his family, or may forego an actual paycheck. It's, you might say, brilliant.

So I'm glad you wrote this post because now I feel a little better.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about nasty comments from some people, that's sad :'(
I loved this new season, it was as great as the previous ones! Just wanna say : Thank you for writing so much brilliant episodes and I hope you'll write another Cabin Pressure season :)

Atlin Merrick said...

I for one adore you and think you can/have/should write any damn ending/cliffhanger/shopping list that pleases your sense of absurdity/emotionalism/cupboards.

Folks who insist you "must" do a certain thing are not putting *their* bum in chair and consistently producing 30 minutes of sparkling comedy-with-heart, so really they have no right to insist on one damn thing.

I'll finish this by again saying I adore you and look forward to Z, as well as AA, AB, AC, AD, and so on through, I suppose, ZZ.

Thank you Mr. Finnemore, you are a gem.

Anonymous said...

John,the tears are due to Benedict's amazing delivery of your wonderful lines. That speech at the end is so powerfully delivered. Of course it would cause a few tears. Thats the power of having one of the best actors in the world delivery your awesome lines.

Anonymous said...

I hope we get another series which involves the Lichstentien family. They are too good not to develop and play of martin and Douglas.

Anonymous said...

I thought Yverdon-Les-Bains was a wonderful conclusion! I personally liked the ambiguity and uncertainty. And I'm thrilled to know that it won't be the last episode ever! I'm sorry some fans have said some unkind things. We all love you and eagerly await the letter "Z"!

Anonymous said...

I dont think a 30 minute finale is enough to give sufficient resolution to the story.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great 4th series, Mr. Finnemore! I really enjoyed all these eps & plan on buying them (already have the past 3 series:))

Awesome cliffhanger--it did what it was supposed to: make me want more and wonder what will happen. Frustrating, maybe, but in good way (does that make sense?) I like your list of cliffhanger rules. Seem reasonable to me.

A couple of my favorite parts from this ep were the "Dear Mr. Cruff," "--Good start" and the fact that Arthur added in a line of boxes to the evaluation labelled 'brilliant' and ticked them off. :D

A thousand thank you's for making CP great and hilarious. May there be many more episodes (or as many as you want).

--ks from Illinois

Anonymous said...

My emotional reaction was all to do wih Benedict's acting. Its awe inspiring. By the way as your message has been posted on tumblr expect a lot of messages

Anonymous said...

I want a series with Theresa and her brother interacting with the MJN air team. there is so much scope right there.

HedwigJune said...

John, it was a FANTAS- no, wait - BRILLIANT episode, and as everyone else has said, we are only freaking out because we care so deeply about the characters. And that love is all on you - your writing, your jokes, your storytelling - they have brought you into the ranks of only the most revered/reviled storytellers of our age. Well done.

Anonymous said...

What a great actor Benedict is. He had me int ears at the speech at the end of the episode. i want to see how he and the MJN family continue to develop.

Dont end it now. You are writing amazing episodes. It gets better and better

Pauline said...

It WAS a warm fuzzy episode and a superb ending. Some of us trust you enough to know that there will be an episode Z and you will not let us down. You are too fine a writer and a person for that. In years to come, Cabin Pressure will be seen as the high water mark for radio comedy in the way we now look back on Round the Horne and Hancock. Don't let the fangirls grind you down, you (+ a whole lot of discerning listeners) know you have produced a truly wonderful comedy.

Nali said...

Like some here have already pointed out, those over-emotional (even hostile-sounding) comments are NOT meant to be offensive. This is, unfortunately, the way many fans express their feelings on the internet (especially on websites such as Tumblr). I'm sure all these people love Cabin Pressure and probably also the new episode - there's just a tendency to emphasise and (massively) dramatise the feelings of hurt and sadness while forgetting the happier emotions. But what it all boils down to is that we fans love what you do and are quite emotionally invested in the story. We've come to love the characters and the chemistry between them - I for one would be sad if Martin decided to leave MJN, because those four characters form such a perfect little family. Together they make me so happy!

Those comments are actually a really big compliment even though they sound like something else entirely. I know it may not seem to make any sense and I'm sorry it's so confusing. The people who wrote them probably didn't realise that not everyone would understand what they actually mean. (And I'm rather sure nobody has really cried two days straight because of the episode.)

I just want to say thank you for an amazing new season. The last episode was, in my opinion, one of the best ever - if not the best. I laughed and I cried, but those were tears of joy. To see the way the characters and the relationships between them have developed over the series… that’s just beautiful. And the ending was lovely. I’m looking forward to hearing what happens next!

Crystallin said...

I'm pretty sure that Shakespeare accidently wrote King Lear too.

I love your blog. It is a fantastic insight into the writing process. I've loved the notebooks and being able to see how each show was built from those initial ideas. I finally get how mind mapping works. Thanks for that.

I bought all three seasons and Molokai, looking forward to buying season four. It's made the commute home a lot of fun and I love introducing more friends to it. I could use another hour though to make the drive from from Seattle to Salt Lake City. ;-)

By the way, we had "baby" chickens for Valentine's dinner because we wanted to feel like giants.


fabledquill said...

Haha, oh dear, it seems Mr. Finnemore isn't used to the intensity of fan-language that has evolved recently! Most of those phrases are colloquial, and really all just mean the same thing: "This tugged at my heartstrings just the right amount, left me mildly frustrated and wanting more, and overall made me extremely happy." There's a bit of a linguistic tendency toward hyperbole when it comes to fan discussion, and it's easy for fans to forget that not everyone knows the code!

Fabulous episode though, I never thought I'd have such mixed feelings about Douglas being dethroned. He doesn't "win," for once, and yet... I didn't feel even a bit of schadenfreude.

Anonymous said...

Why end it on Z. The series has the chance to be one of the BBC's masterpieces and known to generations.

You are just getting into your stride with deep meaningful character development. You are a brilliant writer.

Alison said...

As someone who cries at EVERYTHING (every Disney movie requires kleenex), I absolutely cried listening to YLB. Let me explain my tears:
1. As many have said, there has been much speculation & uncertainty about whether CP will continue. So even if you had written an episode about the four characters eating ice cream, I would have cried anyway, thinking it might be the last. And ice cream is not even remotely sad.
2. This season underlined the crew of MJN becoming a family of sorts. Carolyn, Douglas & Arthur rallying to help Martin with his mum and brother in Wokingham really drove that home, especially when you think about the team in season 1, vs. now. Hearing their glowing recommendations for Martin, knowing they might lose him? Cried. Douglas telling Herc, "You're not MY captain?" Again, cried. Perhaps you sense a theme.

Thanks for another brilliant season. It speaks only of your amazing writing that we've become so attached to these characters. Even if you do write King Lear, I'd be happy to tune in. (I can't promise I won't cry, though.) Much love.

Andrew Bossom said...

Yes, this is the internet, where overexcited youths react instantly and overemotionally.

It's an interesting phenomenon, and I don't quite know where it's come from: as many others have already stated, this is the modern fanboy/fangirl thing, where hyperbole and histrionics rule the day. It's perplexing to those of us who were brought up in the more traditional British stiff-upper-lip way, since we then automatically assume that if people say their hearts are breaking, they must be curled up on their beds sobbing uncontrollably.

But I don't know how typical this might be of your audience as a whole. Pretty much by definition, the ones who overreact are the ones who are immediately going to take to the internet to vent their spleens, while those who don't feel the need to express themselves in this way... don't.

That said, it did give you an opportunity to talk about cliffhangers and when to use them, and I'm sure there will be a few rising talents who are grateful for the free lesson.

Justine said...

I understand how stories work and how juicy this situation has become and I think you did a wonderful job with it. The interview was hilarious and the interaction on the plane amongst Douglas, Herc and Arthur was hilarious. I was keyed up the entire time wondering how it was going to play out, and when I heard Martin's final line, I was both satisfied as I recognized that this was the perfect moment to end and frustrated as I knew that I might never know what "really" happens next or at the very least, I will have to wait for months.

That's how it is when you get involved with a serial storyline. There is some agony, but it's delicious to be able to wonder and discuss and hypothesize. There are stories where each episode or volume is self-contained, and those can be great. But Cabin Pressure has developed a bit of a through-line.

Anyway, I love the show and I really appreciate your talent in crafting it and performing in it.

Dr Emily Garside said...

I think this was a wonderful episode with some brilliant (sorry!) moments of both comedy (come on Arthur and the Dragon fruit!!) as well as some lovely moving moments (Martin's speech to the interviewers) the ending was a perfect blend of resolution and cliff hanger that left me satisfied but also dying for more (surely the point).
Personally I think Mr John Finnemore is one of the best writers (radio or otherwise) out there and I am looking forward to everything else to come from him not just Cabin Pressure (though as much of that as you can/want to write is of course welcome!)
And just because I think you need to hear it as much as possible, the end of the series was brilliant and funny and well brilliant.

Trina Dubya said...

I screamed when I heard the cliffhanger, but I was almost certain we'd get at least a Z episode. (I was hoping for Zzyzx, California, but with the series four story, I see how unlikely this is.) Thank you for a lovely series of Cabin Pressure, and I look forward to a resolution, whenever it happens.

My favorite moment of the entire show (so far) was when Douglas called himself the Supreme Commander and realized he's turned into Martin. Comedy gold.

Anonymous said...

This ought to be off topic, yet it somehow it isn't - can we please remember Stephen Thompson when comparing great writers? That is, the man who wrote The Reichenbach Fall?

In any case comparing 'Cabin Pressure' to 'Sherlock' seems weird. These are two completely unrelated shows. Both ended on a cliff hanger - so do a thousand other programmes. The only real link is Benedict(and the BBC I suppose), and just because it's Benedict it doesn't mean CP is automatically tragic. I'm a massive, massive Sherlock fan, and it's pretty obvious to me that Martin Crieff isn't him. It's possible to enjoy Cabin Pressure without thinking of Sherlock every 30 seconds. Seeing the occasional similarity is fun, and I laughed a lot over the references to SH in Paris - but why go looking for them when they're not there? It distracts from the point of this programme.

TellyNerd said...

As someone who would LOVE to be a script writer for radio, I learn so much from your blog.

Now I know the rules of writing a GOOD cliffhanger. Why don't professors ever think about teaching this stuff?

Anonymous said...

At the beginning of the season, after a long hiatus, we found the characters getting along really well, it was totally warm and fuzzy. Then conflict came from the outside, oddly from neutral Switzerland, and a hundred hints were building up a climax for Martin while the other characters were kind of left behind (literally, jobless and stranded in Fitton).

Once set in motion, this perfect narrative engine did exactly what it was supposed to do: it made the characters bond even more, it made stakes higher, and created huge expectations around what could or could not be the end of the entire series (or presumably the prelude to a long wait for a Z episode - although the last, not least).

So basically because your storytelling is so powerful, a cliffhanger carries the risk of an emotional implosion.

Anyway, one thing I know for sure. We'll always have Xinzhou.


OKaysional said...

Everyone became so emotionally invested in this show, and as hard as it is for some people to believe, we love these characters so much, some parts make us want to just bundle them up and make them tea or something.
Your writing is so effective, we fall in love with this small airdot and the idea of it breaking up, or Martin giving up money (don't get me started on how much I yelled at my speakers when he was considering it, he needs the money, MARTIN TAKE THE MONEY) was heart wrenching

Let me just say, everyone loves you. Being called a bastard is a compliment in some weird way. And never stop writing because the world would miss out. Cabin Pressure is ground breaking, a radio show that can force out such strong emotional response is so rare and just, well done!

Basiek said...

Now that I know for sure that this won't be the last episode (I was fairly certain it won't be, but there was this little voice in my head saying "but what if...") I'm absolutely calm. You are brilliant and I trust you that no matter what will happen, no matter if Martin will take this job or not, it will be perfectly alright and the way it should be.

This season was wonderful, every episode was perfect and I hope there will be Collected Series CD release with season four too because I'd love to buy it.

Thank you for everything,

Anonymous said...

Everyone's talking about the ending and the sadness - bit of a shame, because there was a whole episode leading up to that ending that no-one seems to be talking about. I thought Benedict was actually funnier than he's ever been in this episode. I found the ending both frustrating (because it's a cliffhanger) and moving, potentially sad, but those job interview scenes were brilliant and I reckon Ben has really grown as a comedy actor. 'I'm like a duck' - I've relistened to that bit rather a lot. :D Funniest Martin scenes since Rotterdam.

Can't wait for 'Z'! Hope it's not too far away.

conchs82 said...

I see that I wasn't the only one in tears. I listened at work in the states and I was not planning on crying it really caught me off guard.
I started listening to CP for BC, but then I fell in love with the whole cast. So my tears are for everyone and how they came together for Martin. Also Martin's love flying and his commitment to something that he really has had to work at touched me. He works for the love of it. It reminds a lot of my love of nursing and my growth as a teacher. I still work at it each week. Even after a tough class I am left with such a high. He got the job and won at something! But now realizes that he may lose more than he is gaining. I just love CP and I am still in therapy over the reichenbach fall so two emotional cliffhangers were tough--although I know that SH lives! Good Job!

Unknown said...

Wow, those fan comments sound like they came directly out of the Cabin Pressure tag on Tumblr.

I had a feeling that all the tears that this episode caused most of us (including myself) would come as a shock to you. I know you wrote a comedy, and even though I can't read your mind (probably for the best), I had a feeling that making us cry would never be your intention.

Of course when I cried, it wasn't so much because I was sad. I agree, this was very happy for Martin! But I cried because more because of how beautiful the bond between them all are. I got watery eyed when it was revealed that Arthur made his own column of boxes ticked off with "Brilliant!", I was teary when Carolyn announced they were going to drop by to see how Martin did, and the cliffhanger itself. I cried not because you ended it like that, but because Martin is seriously considering turning down the job. He lied to them to buy himself time to make this decision. He cares about MJN so much that he might just turn down a paying job at a proper airline for them. That is why I cried. Because they are such a family. Not that it's sad, but that I feel...proud (?) for them.

Also, may I applaud you for your voice work as Arthur in this episode. It is not easy to sound like that. I was telling my sister about the episode, and when I tried to imitate him, I sounded more like I was talking underwater. I wish I know how you did it! Actually, if anything is sad about that episode, it's the fact that Arthur is allergic to not just dragonfruit, but strawberries. Really John? Strawberries? How can you live with yourself knowing you denied Arthur the ability to enjoy the best fruit ever? lol

Oh yeah, and the whole Arthur calling Herc "Skip" thing. That hurt too. I had a bizarre little theory in my head that Martin was the only one Arthur ever called that. I should've known better though!

I don't wanna wait for Z, but I will. Please take all the time you need to flesh out the best result that you can. Whatever the end, I'm sure that it'll be brilliant.

Alexandria said...

As someone who's never had a cliffhanger on this show before, suddenly having was in all actuality, kind of awesome. You managed to completely take this entire fandom off-guard, and the ability to do that is simply phenomenal. I'm excited, and a little sad, for the end, and I just wanted to say, that as someone from America who has never listened to a radio show before ( to be honest I didn't know that these were still a thing), you did/are doing a wonderful job, and I'm really glad I stumbled upon it.

Rachelb75 said...

I love this show, it's just fantastic and if it ends here or we have more CP to listen to, the fact remains that there are 4 wonderful series that will stand up to repeated listening. There's only 1 radio series of the 'League Of Gentlemen' and 'The Mighty Boosh'and like (most)of the best things in life, small but perfectly formed. Gilt free, non cynical laughter seems to me to be in short supply these days so thank you for brightening my days :)

Helen said...

I'm sure you've given up reading these comments by now but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Yverdon-Les-Bains. It was delightfully funny, skilfully woven and packed a huge emotional punch. Yes, I yelled at my computer screen when it ended on a cliffhanger (a pointless reaction I know, but you'd be surprised how often it happens) but not because I was anguished or upset. It was simply the appropriate reaction one has to a cliffhanger; a complex combination of frustration at having to wait and delight at the cheek of it. Call me presumptuous, but I imagine the vast majority of your listeners reacted in exactly the same way. I have immensely enjoyed being carried along as a passenger on the crew's respective journeys (do you see what I did there?) and look forward to Z with the excitement and anticipation of an Arthur on Christmas morning. Thank you again for dedicating such a massive portion of your year to keeping me laughing and awwing (I'm only human after all) and occasionally seal clapping with glee. It's been a pleasure.

MsC said...

This program is an example of quality writing and performance that promotes strong emotions in those who experience it and good job you for doing a magnificent job of inspiring such a passionate audience. I look forward with great anticipation to every new project you have burbling in that brain of yours...

Custard Socks said...

Really? People actually said those things? No, I don't see how they can in some way be a compliment. I can only see them as rude, ungrateful and selfish. Especially as they are aimed at you, John, the most talented, warm, fuzzy and lovely person in comedy (yes, more than Palin!).

Keep doing what you want to do, the way you want to do it. It's perfect.

Thank you.

enigel said...

From the perspective of the writer, yes, the cliffhanger was *very* clever, making use of the typical end-of-interview phrase that we've all heard at some point, just when I thought that Martin *had* to answer in a definite way.

In a meta, beyond-the-fourth-wall way, it seemed to say "The BBC will let me know if we get a fourth series, and then I'll decide what Martin does".

And I think therein lies my personal discontent with the open ending - it seems not to depend on the story (by which I mean The Story, the Platonic ideal of MJN's story that must exist in Mr F's mind), but on very mundane circumstances, such as "does the BBC commission another series" and "can the actors be gathered again for a series or at least one special episode".

It is, of course, how most business is conducted in the world of media producers, but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

I'm going to speak blasphemy here in the eyes of most fans, but I would prefer if CP ended, rather than become a rehash of itself.

And it feels like there's no good way out of it, regardless of "Martin"'s decision.

The series has changed, the characters have changed, and there's no way to go back to the dynamics of the first season without losing on all the development so far. Most of the source of the humour has been changed - so is Martin going to lose his relationship with Theresa to make him the "forever alone" inept-at-relationships man again? Do stupid things like in 'Abu Dhabi' again, or get them in trouble because of his insecurity again like in 'Douz'?

Douglas has received that unique (and hilarious) insight into what it means to be Martin - although for him I can easily imagine erasing it from his mind and going back to mocking Martin and being his own sarcastic sky god self.

So if Martin stays with MJN, goes back to being a broke man with a van, I would feel like a dead-end for the character. He'd lose the right to complain about his being skint, though, because it would be even more his choice, although this time not for the sake of flying, but for the sake of his friends.

If Martin leaves MJN, well, I suppose CP could go on with a slightly different cast, but it wouldn't be the CP we know.

I can't imagine a good way out of it - of course, it could be that I don't have a very vivid imagination... ;) So it's all about faith in the author, and I, for one, have lost faith in authors in general. Too much depends on outside circumstances. I'll believe it when I hear it. And it could be YEARS. See why some of us aren't happy? ;)

TR said...

Like some people have already explained, there seems to have been a slight misunderstanding... Obviously you're not familiar with internet fan culture, and many fans have forgotten that.

As you might have noticed, the audience demography of Cabin Pressure is increasingly younger and more female. The majority of these people are also fans of Sherlock, Doctor Who, etc. These people tend to get VERY passionate about the shows they love. And they have their own, special way of expressing their feelings.

Basically, in internet fan language "I hate you, go f*ck yourself!" means "I love you, you're so perfect that it's almost too much to handle!" And if you say to a writer, "You ruined my life, are you happy now!?", it means "Your fantastic writing has elicited an enormous emotional response in me, thank you so much!"

I assure that most of the feedback you got was not people being angry about the cliffhanger, but people getting very emotional because of the amazing episode. We have all grown to love the little family that is MJN Air, and the thought of it breaking up is heartbreaking. We were all so happy for Martin but at the same time we want CP to continue forever. There were lots of mixed feelings and the shed tears were both from laughter and sadness.

If anything, you should congratulate yourself for creating a show that people love so very much. Maybe you don't completely realise it but for us fans it's not just a silly sitcom. We're very attached to the characters and they have so much depth in them. Your little radio show has really got a place in our hearts.

All in all, please understand that the feedback you've got stems not from hate but love! We just have a bit of a backwards way of showing it. :)

Minuialeth75 said...

Wile E. Coyote!!
I loved "Yverdon". Herc and Douglas wonderfully warm interaction, and Arthur's dragon fruit incident (hilarious bit of acting on your part). But Martin's job interview really took the cake. I've had job interviews almost as catastrophic, but much less funny.
I didn't expect to feel this deeply for a radio comedy character, but I did. His speech about not being a very good pilot but needing to fly? I suddenly got all emotional and all I could think was how Martin had changed since Abu Dhabi. Some very popular TV shows can't boast of this kind of character's arc.
I actually cheered at the cliffhanger, it completely took me by surprise as I was bracing myself for Martin to inform Arthur as gently as possible that he had the job. I thought it was brilliant (do you know I always hear Arthur's voice in my head when I write this word?).

Thank you for the deleted bit :o)

Unknown said...

Oh, John xD I see you're not familiar with how "fandoms" react. Don't worry, we are giving you all the credits and you should be proud so many people get very emotional about Cabin Pressure. Also, I see you're not familiar with Tumblr :)
I was reading all those comments on Tumblr and I was thinking "Am I the only one who actually doesn't care what Martin will do because not just episode, all 4seasons in fact were HILARIOUS?". I know you'll do what's the best for the CP and that's what only matters. Putting aside how painful can be for us fans...
So, don't worry, those were emotions speaking after the episode aired... :)

BTW your allergic talk was (for me) THE BEST part of the episode. You sir are incredible!

Anonymous said...

It was a brilliant episode and a good cliffhanger, it wasn't that bad really. I'm glad Martin got the job in the end. :) and I loved the Arthur bits, it made my mum chuckle which was brilliant :D

Sarah said...

Ohh good lord, we should have warned you, huh?!?! I mean, the fandot (and all the other fandoms out there) KNOW the meaning of the 'gentle' cursing and the fist-shaking-gifs and the 'threats' - it's just showing the love and admiration. Well, it might be a weird way to show and say it like this but rest assured: you and your little radio show are very loved!!! And take the Moffat/Gattis comparison as it is: the HIGHEST PRAISE one can get!!! (That's a good thing, a really really good one, trust me!! Best one out there atm!)
I've been stalking your Twitter feed after it aired and *I* have never seen so much love, emotions and praise for a radio show (or any other show) as in your @ mentions on Twitter!!!
Seriously, Yverdon was probably THE best epi of all four series!!
The ending was perfect and I am very very relieved to read that you want/need a Z ep just as much as we do.
The thing is, I'd bet 90% of the Fandot come from one of the 'suffering and tortured' fandoms - as in Moffat and Gattis, Whedon, Kripke, you name it!
[Read in a sarcastically funny way, please!! Just another sign of LOVE!] We are poor tortured souls, so attached to our shows that we get VERY emotional when something 'bad' happens or we're getting left with a cliffhanger like yours.
You see, we've been through all this somehow yet, we get pretty attached to 'our' characters, we love them a lot, we want them to be happy and together and anything that may disturb this, is BAAAAD!!!
That's the only reasons we've reacted that strongly to this last epi. But you ought to know that your (cause you created it, whether or not you know it!) Fandot loves every single one of your characters and of course their creator!!
[At least that's my OWN take on this]

To stop my ramblings, I just want to say that I absolutely love, adore and admire your show; I made sure Im home every week to listen - nobody was allowed to disturb me in those 30 minutes I could fly with MJN Air.
You and Cabin Pressure brightened my Wednesdays, made me laugh, made me cry (yes, I did cry but it was a good cry, believe me - a very good one!) and generally appreciate radio a lot more.
I hope you know that you're loved (A LOT) and appreciated (EVEN MORE) and that I cant wait for more to come - be it CP or something else.

Thank you for everything - for new friends, a new addiction to radio shows, for your writing, for... just for everything! Giving us Cabin Pressure was the most amazing, most wonderful thing and I cant tell you how much I treasure all the memories i have now linked to that show and you!! THANK YOU!!!
You are amazing, wonderful and a very incredible and absolutely terrific man - stay exactly like you are!!
*stops rambling and stops typing now*
Thank you ♥

Charlie said...

Oh, John. I'm so sorry about some of the responses you've gotten wrt to the cliffhanger. I was at the Priory run through and I enjoyed myself immensely - and the final project was, in my opinion, just as good (if not better).

Please don't let the way some of these people have reacted get you down. There's always a side to the fandom that take things too far, and we can only hope that those that have overreacted will one day realise what it means to be able to communicate with the writer of a show they love. It's not very often that we can say hello, and thank you for being such an amazing writer.

You're my comedy hero, Mr Finnemore, and you've made my life a better one with your wit and your comedy alone.

I hope you relax well and that you have a good holiday (or that you've had one!).

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Please no more allergies for Arthur!
He sounds... not like Arthur usually sounds.

Susan Wilson said...

John, John, just like the rest of the series, YLB was BRILLIANT! Don't weep at people's over-reactions, rejoice at them! No-one is forced to listen to CP - we listen voluntarily and love it, so of course we care! Take the outpourings as a huge compliment, I'm sure that's what they're meant to be, even if they feel like the backhanded variety...

We don't know how we're going to cope in our house without Weds evenings to lift the week - it's not often the whole family sits round the radio (or the TV for that matter) in anticipation, but that's what we've done for the last 6 Wednesdays. Congratulations on a fantastic series that spans the generations and is wonderful FUN!

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode, it gave me all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings. I also liked the ending. The ending gave me hope for the future of the show, but also really drove home how much of a family they all are. Even if, for some reason beyond your control, we never get that Z episode, I think I could be happy knowing that whatever Martin decides, it will be his own choice. I loved seeing just how much everyone supported him. I loved seeing Martin stand up for himself, and I loved seeing Douglas turn into Martin! And yes, I laughed far more than I teared up.


Christina said...

I loved the cliffhanger! But then I love any good cliffhanger, and this one was definitely good. Really enjoyed the scenes with Douglas and Herc too, and when Douglas said he was the supreme commander I laughed so much. I really liked the circle of that, Martin says it in the very first episode and now Douglas is saying it in the last (for now hopefully!) episode. I was glad that my prediction for the end of the series was proved partly wrong for the moment.

The characters and writing are brilliant, and have inspired me as a writer to improve my comedy skills and to try writing for radio. I can't wait for series five when it comes. Until then there's always listening to the boxset constantly on repeat!

Anonymous said...

John, you said in your blog entry, "A cliff-hanger is a promise to the audience." And you are clearly puzzled as to why some of us didn't find this obvious.

Haven't watched much American television, have you? Speaking as an American, the last TV series I really liked this much (it was a cop show) had a "season finale" that ended with my favorite character in a coma, probable brain damage; another had taken a bullet to the spine and it was clear he would never walk again, and was not dealing with it at all well. And a few weeks later we learned the series was cancelled.

That's when I literally swore off series television; it was like I'd found a fascinating group of new friends (much like CP in that respect), spent some enjoyable time with them--and then watched them all die. I've never had a book end mid-crisis. THAT's why I, for one, was initially upset at the YLB ending, tho at least I was expecting it to be the last of the series, one way or another. At this point I guess I'm just feeling sad but resigned. All good things must come to an end, and I'm admittedly amazed that you've been able to keep coming up with new and ingenious story lines for as long as you have. I hope you will be able to keep your promise to give us at least one more episode.

Anonymous said...

First off, I just want to apologise for the fandom. Some people have gotten really out of hand, and that just is not okay. Still, we all just absolutely love you for giving us this wonderful show.

This had made Wednesdays (and many, many hours of relistening) wonderful.

Thank you so much,

The sane fans

Musical Lottie said...

*round of applause* I've just listened to the episode, and oh WOW! I almost cheered when Martin really stood up for himself, and Arthur's allergic reaction had me in tears of laughter! And while the cliffhanger really surprised me - I had no idea half an hour had passed! - upon reflection, anything else would have been thoroughly unsatisfactory and led to many questions, without any indication we would ever get to hear the answers. At least this way we know that you fully intend to resolve things!

I assume by your blog post that fandom has done its thing again. I've also skimmed the comments and seen that many other commenters have covered what I was going to say, but far more eloquently than I would be able to. I'll just leave it with a 'hear, hear!'

I think I am slightly in shock though; despite knowing that you are an absolute genius, the superb writing (particularly character) simply blew me away - and then the the unexpected cliffhanger. It truly was most, most good ;)

Tina Poulson said...

Dear Mr Finnemore,

I think there's something wrong with me. I *didn't* cry or wail at the end of the series! On the contrary, I just thought, "Woohoo! At least one more episode, if not more!"

I loved the writing throughout this series and especially in this episode; the character progressions were amazing. The Douglas Being Martin thread was beautiful and made so much sense. And Arthur's pronunciation of Beouff Bourginon was just spectacularly funny!

I think a lot of people may well remember 'where was I when the Cabin Pressure cliffhanger happened?' in much the same way as when JR got shot. Me? I was ducking out of a family party and listening on iPlayer like a naughty teenager.

Thank you so much for all the hard work in the writing, performing, blog entries and, well, everything really.

I have my fingers crossed that Cabin Pressure wins the 'Best Radio Show' category at the Broadcasting Press Guild Awards in March. I want to see you up on that podium! And if not, bloody well done for getting nominated.

I salute you, sir.

drinkingcocoa said...

I can't believe people didn't adore your cliffhanger! It gave me such a sense of depth and promise and blue blue skies. Now that Martin has earned some inner strength and substance, he can take a moment to consider things! What layers you've given him just with one line.

I laughed at your comment "A to Y?" but the real reason I could not believe the show will end with Y is that I have been following the enormously sad and subtle slide toward irrelevance you've been writing for Douglas this series and I am positively longing to see what the old sky dog, er, god has in him to counter this trend. I would say "no pressure," but I'd be lying.

I loved Episode Y so much. Martin's hero speech was every single thing I love about his character, but intensified almost unbearably. I love especially that he showed every single socially inadvisable trait in his personality during his interview and still got the job. I love how Martin speaks when he's got nothing left to lose.

I was especially impressed by the mastery of structure you showed in your use of the "greatest weakness is perfectionism" answer. We realized on first mention that it would be a good answer for Martin, actually, and then you brought it up a second and third time -- and the third time was such a massive payoff. I was blown away.

Thank you. Good writing. Great writing.

Gre said...

Dear Mr. Finnemore,
since I really love your works so much I may as well break the rules and tell you plainly what your fandot is going through.
There are some things you may want to remember when dealing with a "fandom":
-we spend far too much time than we should be allowed on watching/listening to shows. We just really don't like real life, that can get boring pretty easily, and too tough even more easily. We need distractions.

-we're emotional about our distractions. It's to relieve all the pain social anxiety, distress, stress, depression or simply life causes us.

-All of the above are converted into "feels". It's like currency change, really.

Here's the really important part:
-You can rate the quality of show on feels. Feels means all kind of emotions, mainly "ugly crying" and "openly sobbing": it's not about sadness, it's about a congestion of very different emotions at the same time. For example, it's not "sad" Martin has to choose whether to leave or not: it's happiness, because he's got the job; pride, because he made that epic speech so many of us (and me first) can relate to; a sort of warm fuzziness in your chest, because despite Carolyn not wanting to pass for simply "a little old lady" she encourages Martin to look for another job and gives him good reccomendations; something like a little fear for Douglas' future; that same warmy fuzzy feeling because of Martin & Douglas's friendship and that newly started "copying" system between the two of them, that makes us both happy and a little worried because (almost?) everyone had, at some point, had a friendship ruined or forgotten or discarded. All of this and even more. Just to give a very little example.

-So, yeah, if we say "WHY DID YOU GAVE US SO MANY FEELS" we're actually saying "Your work is so good we c've come to internalize the characters'situations and empathize with them. They feel very real and we find in them a good means to reflect on important matters (friendhips, choices, passions, dreams&dream works, family, trust, et cetera).

-Also very important then I'm done: When we say "I hate you, Finnemore", it really means "Mr. Finnemore I really love you, I appreciate your works and the efforts you put in them, I'd like to have a friend/lover like you, I wish you'd be awarded for your mere existence". And if that still sound like something a non-fandom person wouldn't say, let's just say it means "Thank you for making my hours a little more merrier in times when needed and not".

I hope you don't get too creeped out by your fandot.
I promise we're a little saner in person.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, fandot: "Code Red".

Jordan said...

Cabin Pressure has simply been amazing. I never thought I could fall so in love with a radio show. Your writing is so BRILLIANT that I am able to perfectly visualize everything taking place. More than that, CP has helped me get through some tough times by lifting my spirits, such as when my friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I was able to stop crying and fall asleep by listening to Cabin Pressure. And not for reasons like it being boring. Definitely not falling asleep out of boredom.

What I'm trying to say is thank you, John Finnemore. You're an amazing writer, voice actor, and all around human being. A lot of us might have come for Cumberbatch, but we stayed for Finnemore.

Anonymous said...

the cliffhanger was not the critical point, but that voice afterwards unexpectantly announcing that this was the last episode. i so wasn't prepared for Y being the last one for the time being.

i can live with cliffhangers.
i can live with last episodes (barely, though).
but having an unexpected last episode with a cliffhanger is just cruel.
i hope Z isn't too long ahead.

thanks however, for season 4. i'm already looking forward to all the times i will listen to all the episodes again and again.

Julie said...

Just wanted to say a big thank you and send you a grand ol' hug for yet another brilliant season. Can't wait for the next episode whenever that may be :)

Unknown said...

This, John, is the internet ;)

We love you, we love the show, we love the ending and even the cliffhanger (I really really do!)

And now we are waiting that a further season or a final episode or whatever will be announced.

Without any pressure, take your time - for such brilliant things like evry single Cabin Pressure episode is I´m more than happy to wait.

Unknown said...

This, John, is the internet ;)

We love you, we love the show, we love the ending and even the cliffhanger (I really really do!)

And now we are waiting that a further season or a final episode or whatever will be announced.

Without any pressure, take your time - for such brilliant things like evry single Cabin Pressure episode is I´m more than happy to wait.

Hannah said...

for as much as i'm not fond of cliffhangers (i like everything wrapped up neatly, every time; sorry, i know that's horribly boring of me), i thought it was exceptionally well written. as a fan i can definitely say that i've built up a lot of emotional attachment to the characters and their situation (which is, obviously, the goal. if people didn't care about what happened to the characters, why would we watch?).

honestly, i think the reasonable audience member's feelings can be best summed up by arthur's goodbye to martin: "i hope you get the job ... but i also hope you stay with us!" we all want martin to be paid and to be successful, but nobody wants to see the "airdot family," as it's been called, have to go their separate ways (and, except for martin, most likely to less fulfilling jobs, or no jobs at all) and lose g-erti.

psh, i can't believe people thought you'd end it all at "y," and i have faith that no matter what the next step is, it will be satisfying.

p.s. - the self honesty and confidence in martin's speech made me quite choked up, and i still get thrills when i think about it. well done.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Finnemore,

Thank you so much, I really enjoy CP. Season 4 shows, how much the characters (well, especially Martin and Carolyn) have developed. So, in a way, it would be logical that Martin starts his new job, having gained confidence and learned to stand up for himself. I share the concern of other commentors here regarding GERTI's life span or the need of Martin getting paid (never have and never will charter a plane - do pilots get enough tips to get by on?). And then there is Arthur and Douglas, what would become of them? But then I am confident that you will come up with a brilliant (sorry!!!) solution! So, thank you once again for all the fun I have listening to CP and improving my English!

corinne said...

With the understanding that you plan to write a Z... It was excellent, then! Clearly you've gotten a whole lot of people super invested in your show, myself included. Can't wait to hear what happens next!

Sam said...

I am so, so sorry for the reaction you received for that ending. Honestly, I thought it was a beautiful episode and though I reacted with shock and a thirst to know more at the end, there's no reason for anyone to say some of those things to you. You know this, but you're a wonderful writer and every episode makes my day brighter. I apologize for my fellow fans taking it too far, but know there are tons of us that appreciated the great writing and love you no matter what.

Laimelde said...

I loved Yverdon-Les-Bains, and once again you have taught me how to pronounce the names of places I'd never heard of before.

You're right that this topic warranted the cliffhanger. Looking forward to part 2, whenever it happens!

Random_Nexus said...

Honestly, I'm dittoing many of the 'sorry for the very vocal minority' comments and telling you that I, for one, have absolutely adored hearing your characters evolve with each new series.

This year's have been a joy, I love what you've done, and I may be flailing with dismay at the notion that 'our' little family might break up, that doesn't change how much I've enjoyed the 'flight' thus far and how much I appreciate all your hard work and generosity at creating these marvellous characters and sharing them with us.

I may cry and moan a bit at the sad bits, may do the merry fist-shake at the frustrating bits, but if you don't instigate some emotions with your work, then it's obviously not doing what you set out for it to do, right?

It's true that fans can be a bit over-emotional in their responses, but it's sort of like interpreting a slightly foreign language (Like American to English *wink*) and you have to trust us who are conversant in 'fannish' that these responses mean you're doing a danged awesome job.

Also, srsly, some of us are really just a bit nuts. ;D

Linette Moccia-LeBlanc said...

Well, I for one did not cry. And I do understand and LOVE the premise behind well-written cliffhangers (kudos to you for your very precise and detailed explanation, by the sentiments exactly). You've done an excellent job with the character development this series (I am especially impressed with Martin's good fortune and Douglas' slightly soft-hearted turn). I am eagerly awaiting the next installment. Thank you so much for this wonderful series :)

Anonymous said...

I loved all of series 4, and Y especially. Not saying I didn't cry buckets, or that I didn't literally scream at the BBC iPlayer site at the end of Y, but that's what the great thing is about being a fan. You can have this intensity of feelings about something that is safe to feel intensely about. With this, you have achieved a similar 'life-ruiner' status as Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, albeit among a smaller population. It's an achievement, and this is where you cackle evilly, rub your hands together and say "Wait for it!"

All that said, there will of course be an episode Z. There is no option about that. You have until June. I can mail you cookies if it helps. In the meantime, myself and several other fans will be attempting to out-guess you in fanfiction (not all of it is porn!)

Best of luck to you in weathering the full brunt of fannish "feels", you'll do brilliantly. You might want to lock down on spoilers for Z though, because the slightest hint will hit the internet like a bomb...

Julia said...

YLB is my new favorite episode, and the fourth season has to be my favorite season.
I just loved the episode, it was hilarious but also emotional! I have to say that before this episode Herc was just a fun character to me but now I love him! Somehow I loved the way he interacts with Arthur. And the fact that he's vegetarian. Nor that being vegetarian is "silly" or "funny", I just think that the fruit tray scene was awesome!

Hope Martin stays and I wish for many new episodes! Like quite many people have pointed out, there are still many letter left. For example on the Finnish alphabet there's still "Å", "Ä" and "Ö" after Z. : )

Anonymous said...

John Finnemore, you are a genius, sadistic, evil, BRILLIANT writer. And I love you. But right now I'm still crying and banging my head on the table. And I have been ever since I first listened to the episode being aired live.

It's taken me this long to get my act together to be able to type a coherent response on your blog. My friend and I at school were screaming together in the classroom with pain and agony. Screaming. Saying to each other "This is a SITCOM we listen to! How does a sitcom make us feel like this??" Please don't let us wait too long!!!

The emotion is primarily because of the break-up/staying together of MJN, but mainly, ARTHUR! How could you do that to him? Or, how could you do that to yourself I s'pose! But seriously, he's ALWAYS wanted to be a pilot, and now he gets to fly around, but being a HOTEL PORTER??? When he said that line, I think it was one of the saddest moments ever. Trying desperately to find something good in the ob with the bird-cage suitcase carriers. That BROKE MY HEART.

And when Arthur started having an allergic reaction my heart stopped - I thought you were going to do something seriously bad to him!!! I was SO SCARED!

But anyway. You're not brilliant. You're REALLY BRILLIANT!!!! Absolutely amazing! Never stop! This has been an incredible season, like every other before it, and I thank you profusely! Even though that last episode made me need to be fed about a million cups of tea by my aunt to remedy the fact that we won't know the ending to the cliffhanger for an awfully indefinite amount of time.

TUGI said...

I must admit that I put off listening to this episode for a few days because I was a little afraid. What if it wrapped up all the loose ends nicely, therefore practically wrapping up Cabin Pressure itself? You have mentioned how hard it has become to assemble your illustrous crew of actors, after all. And if it didn't wrap up things, wouldn't it be a rubbish ending for the absolutely brilliant series 4...

But you, Sir, have managed to avoid both and produced a perfect result. I shall aspire to become as good as you as a writer, you have my greatest respect. The episode wrapped up the most important things but left the almost certain promise of a continuation. If the price is a bit of frustration due to a cliffhanger, so be it. As a "Sherlock" fan, I'm used to much worse...
The episode moved the plot forward a lot while also being utterly hilarious. I couldn't help dissolving into almost continuous helpless giggles (why would anyone cry listening to Cabin Pressure??)

Thank you for that! I'm excited and looking forward to the next episode (and maybe another series? pretty please?)
Many greetings from a very content fan in Germany! :-D

Carla Santucci said...

Dear Finnemore, please take all those "I'm crying now" and "Damn you and your cliffhanger!" comments as "You are BRILLIANT and I'm looking forward to the next series because Cabin Pressure is one of the best radio series EVER"! You did perfectly, sir. CP couldn't get any better than this and, as a huge fan of your work, I'd like to thank you for your dedication, hard work and marvellous sense of humor that you put in every episode.

Julia said...

Oops sorry about the typos *letters *in

Also I'd still like to add that the cliffhanger was brilliant and it gave me hope (Regarding the Martin issue, maybe he stays!) : )

Isabel said...

I would like to apologize for the small number of over reactive fans. We are not all like this. Sorry.

( Loved Yverdon and all of Series 4)

Kris said...

I thought you were neutral good, not chaotic evil :D

I'm okay with the cliffhanger. I whimpered, but it's time for the central premise to be shook up. And you did it well; whatever happens, I don't feel like a reset button is the answer.

I really appreciate your wee essay about cliffhangers! *saves to writing file* I've never had it laid out like that, but you're so right.

I felt a bit short-changed re: Douglas and his reaction. Fandom reaction is that he's losing his job and, at his age and spotty (criminal?) history, he won't get another piloting job. He's completely screwed. Plus, we're not really sure HOW he feels about Martin. We haven't had a check-in on their friendship since (iirc) the middle of s3 at least, but they SEEM to be very friendly this season. So, he seemed to be overly blase about Martin leaving in Y.

Please stop making ep names I can't freaking SPELL. xoxo yrs in comedy,

H.E. said...

You gave us a perfect season, with lots of lovely characters' growth and interaction. And lots of laughs, of course. I couldnt' wish for more. And I loved the cliffhanger!

Brandie said...

I'm embarrassed on behalf of the whole fanbase for Cabin Pressure. I really, really don't understand why people have to react like they did.

I agree with sadbhyl down below - while it was really, REALLY likely that Y wouldn't be the last episode, we all know how hectic the actor's professional lives are. They're all very talented people in high demand, so there WAS a chance that the last episode simply wouldn't be able to happen. The fact that you've pretty much promised that yeah, there is a Z, it's just a matter of finding time and the approval of the Powers That Be to do it is the issue will probably calm everyone down.

On a more positive note, you've written (yet another) brilliant set of episodes for us and I've loved every one of them! Martin has grown up so much, and Carolyn has really become more comfortable with herself and with Herc - though Douglas is worrying me a bit. I will admit, if he doesn't get a happy ending I'll probably be a bit cross with you, Mr. Finnemore. And THERESA! We all LOVED Theresa, and we really, really want to hear more from her and about her!

Anyways - I'll stop rambling now. All in all I just want to say that you've done wonderfully, don't let the stupid, overzealous fans get you down, and keep being brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I know that this has been said before, but honestly, even if it sounds weird: These comments simply show how much people love the show and connect with the characters! so keep doing what you're doing =)

Mandy (Australia) said...


Right. Now that's out of my system, a hearty congrats for a terrific season 4 (the strongest yet in my mind).

And Mr F, have you considered teaching some workshops on Comedy 101?? Your dissertation on cliffhangers was really quite insightful and I think very fair.

The outpouring of emotion you've been experiencing is based on your talents entirely! I think I did a little outpouring myself after the Xinzhou ep at any rate...

Thanks and can't wait for Ep Z and possible future series reset from A (I live in hope!!)

Cloudy said...

I really enjoyed series 4, especially Yverdon-les-Bains. The whole episode, but especially the ending, was so cleverly written. And I am a bit ashamed of the people who freaked out like that and posted negative comments. It's one thing to joke about the severa emotional reactions, but come on, just enjoy the brilliance that is CP and be happy that it even exists. If you don't like it, that's your matter, but don't go and be an idiot about it.

Kali said...

Series 4 is wonderful, and I think the ending is very satisfying. You gave us a complete story and you left a question to explore in future episodes.

I wish more writers followed your rules for cliffhangers, especially #3.

I really enjoy these behind the scenes posts. Thank you for writing them!

Gwyn Paige said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ellie (from Australia) said...

I loved this episode, don't get me wrong I was worried about it ending (several of my favourite shows have been axed in the last year) but I can't ever hate it because even if this was the end, how can I be upset with such a display of the crew of MJN being one big family? I mean, they flew to Yverdon-les-Bains to pick Martin up and see how his interview went!!!

I even quite liked the cliff hanger ending, as soon as Martin started talking to Arthur I could see where it was going to go, with Martin realising how much he really did love flying with MJN and possibly not taking the job, but I don't begrudge that, it's a fairly common technique really, (see every show I have ever watched) and the only time it's not OK is when the series ends completely with the apparent death of a character and the promise of no more episodes ever (thanks, Merlin)
Sorry, rambling.

Anyhow, I thought this series was wonderful and, even if we don't get another series (please let us have another) I'll be listening to the 4 series on repeat for a long time to come.
Thanks for all the laughs, Mr Finnemore!
Don't ever change.

Anonymous said...

The episode was perfect in every way, very clever and very rewarding. Thank you so much!

QueenPaige said...

Okay, I may have been freaking out originally (Okay, I was curled up on the couch, whimpering from the still unknown fate of MJN) but reading this post has made me calm down a little. I am currently reorganizing my feelings on everything.

Have it noted I did not think this would be THE LAST episode, I can say pretty confidently you know your alphabet, but I did think this might be kinda be "The End" and 'Z' would be like a epilogue. A kind of "Here they are now" and such. Which I realize is still an option.
It was a very very good cliffhanger, you handled it amazingly but it still leaves us with the question we've had this whole season of "Is the MJN family finished?" Which is something none of us can bear. That's why we're all in an uproar, it's pretty much a seperate thing entirely from whether or not this was a happy episode.

Anyway, just remember: "With great cliffhanger comes great responsibility"

Thank you for a wonderful season, I'm so happy I learned about this show in time to be able to listen to the live airings of it every Wednesday (what am I supposed to do with Wednesday mornings now?)

~Lots of Love and Happy late Valentine's day from Arizona!

Anonymous said...

I love the series and I love episode Y. If I could I would send you a cheese tray.

Kayleigh said...


I know I'm about the 100th message to say this on here but the fangirls really weren't being nasty with the stuff they said, it's just the way they express strong feelings. I can assure you, the "rot in hell" comment, although I'm sure a little alarming at first, would have been made entirely tongue-in-cheek by someone who really adores your work.

I think they probably forgot in the heat of the moment that (unlike Moffet/Gatiss), you've never wrote a cliffhanger before and don't yet know that calling you an 'evil bastard' is meant in a joking manner and is actually a huge compliment in disguise. They're praising your ability to produce strong feelings by writing well rounded characters that people have become attached to.

In summary, like some other people said, it's a Tumblr thing, they honestly didn't mean to offend or upset you, I swear. Hope your holiday went well. :)

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you are going to do in Z to make it all work out, (because the bits are all there aren't they, they just need to come together) and I will say, you are some kind of brilliant sadistic genius mad plotter.

Any chance you'll go on from this to write screenplays for Doctor Who?

QueenPaige said...

Also, the people commenting here who explain that "WE HATE YOU" actually means "WE LOVE YOU AND WE WANT TO STRANGLE HUG YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE AMAZING" are very insightful and helpful in this situation. I hope you can kind of see where we're coming from? Just think back to any show or movie you've watched where it made you really emotional and you just don't even know how to react.

This is a little bit like sports. You know how everyone sits around the TV and they're shouting at the players to "DO IT, JUST KICK THE BALL" or "ARE YOU KIDDING, YOU WERE OPEN"? Well it's like that only we listen to the show then come on here and do all the shouting?

Actually, I'm pretty sure in sports the shouting really is angry shouting. But it's that same kind of "Why is everyone so angry, you can't change it now"

This is why I said listen to those other people. Because some of us don't know how to word advice. Sorry.

Ailish said...

John Finnemore, you magnificent, fantastic, awful bastard. That episode was just... wow. Suffice to say, you're my writing idol. You would not even believe how much I look up to you.

I was also surprised at how much crying seemed to be going on, and how many people seemed to be muttering the words 'is this the end' under their breath and rocking back and forth. But, each to their own.

Anonymous said...

Mr Finnemore, I just want to say thank you for this amazing show. It has brought so many smiles and laughs on what would otherwise have been very dark days for me. I will admit that I only came to hear of the show after becoming a fan of Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch, but from the first episode of Cabin Pressure I was completely hooked. I fell in love with each of the characters and was amazed that a radio show could be so engaging. The cliffhanger at the end of Yverdon-les-Bains did exactly what it should have done: it left me conflicted, frustrated, and wanting more. I've been discussing the show with anyone who'll listen and anxiously awaiting the official announcement that this was NOT in fact the last episode. Now that I've read it, I can relax and wait patiently for the happy ending I'm sure is coming for my favorite airdot. Thanks again for creating this show; it will always have a special place in my heart.

Hope from Alabama, USA

Pipit said...

I read some of the responses to the last episode before listening to the episode. I kept waiting for the moment when tears would come flowing, but, was delighted that none came, except from laughter. I thought you did an EXCELLENT job ending this series. It was obvious that there will be more, and it was touching to see the growth of Martin and the softening of Douglas. Arthur was his usual Pollyanna self. You just know that he will be happy no matter what he does.
I was thinking that perhaps you can do the Z show and then work backwards to A again. When you do another W you should go to Weeki Wachee, FL, the home of the world famous mermaids. Arthur would love it! How could you not have fun in a place named Weeki Wachee and it has real live mermaids to boot!

In the meantime, you have earned a well deserved rest, Mr. Finnemore. Put your feet up, have some pineapple juice and juggle an apple.

ErinLindsey said...

I may be one of the fans that only discovered Cabin Pressure because I followed Benedict Cumberbatch into it when I saw Sherlock for the first time last year, but I became a CP fan and stayed because Douglas and Arthur are probably two of the best written comedic characters in the world. (at least in my opinion. I'm American, we dont get funny stuff like this on our radios. Our radio shows are usually boring and politics related)

I found CP because I was fangirling over BC, but I fell in love with and stayed because of Arthur and Douglas...and now at least in the CP fandom, I fangirl more over Douglas and Arthur than I do for Martin. (Douglas and Arthur get the funnier lines)

The reason I got frustrated with the ending is because it's the end until you can hopefully arrange to give us more.

I want Cabin Pressure to live forever, or at least for as long as Martin and Douglas can keep Gerti in the air.

Also, since you're getting compared to Moffat, that really really is an indication of how much we love you and the crew of Cabin Pressure.

Unknown said...

Hello, Mr. Finnemore!
I wouldn't say I loved the cliffhanger, but I am very happy to know you are going to keep this show going.
I was so afraid you were wrapping up on things ,like herc moving to Swiss air, Martin going to get a real job and a wonderful girl friend. It suggested Martin leaves MJN and the end of this brilliant show, at least I thought so.
But this cliffhanger, I know we are not sure what will happen in the future, you are thinking to make another episode.
That is a good news for me!
I am not certain how long it will take, but I am waiting for it!
Thank you, Mr. Finnemore for a good laugh and brilliant show!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Bing Bong...Hello :-)

I am definitely looking forward to "Z" and to you going through the entire alphabet 2 and 10 more times as well.

I have deleted an entire essay about how much I love this program and the characters, and how old I am, until finally I had to simple delete it all once again, and say, "John, I hope you enjoyed your vacation and I can't wait until Series 5 begins! "

Also, Congratulations on Cabin Pressure being nominated Best Radio Program with the Broadcasting Press Guild Awards. I hope you win!!!

Finally, my pretend money is on Pavlov's Dog, I'm now conditioned to believe wholeheartedly that he will, in the end, or with seconds to spare, sort it all out.

The lemon is indeed in play!!

<3 Amcgrude <3

Mimi said...

Hi John.
Your show is, to borrow Arthur's phraseology, brilliant, I've been a huge fan since Abu Dabu, which seems like a life time ago. It was about Cremona when I realised it had a built in obsolescence and I approached Season Four with mixed emotions.
For 'Yverdon-les-Bains' I broke out the Talisker and prepared myself for whatever emotional roller coaster was coming. I've put the rest of it away till episode 26 airs. I know it will be brilliant too.

Thank You for 25 half hours of the best entertainment in any medium that I know of. I look forward to more 'Cabin Pressure' even if its only one episode, more 'Souvenir Programme' and whatever else you decide to do in the future.

MPL said...

I have to admit that I was one of the people calling you a terrible person on twitter. Which, for one, is really a compliment in disguise, because people only pull out the expletives when they are really emotionally invested.

For me, it was primarily the fear of the end of the show being nigh. As we have not heard anything about there being a 5th series on the horizon, I think everybody just naturally assumes that the Z episode will be the end, and I personally think such a big cliffhanger is a bit much to have it pay off in only one single episode, that everybody will undoubtedly enjoy but still inevitably suffer through because they can't forget that there won't be any more after. You might say some of us are still traumatised from certain other shows that recently came to an end (and seriously ruined Christmas Eve).

Another thing is that (and I realise I might be in the minority feeling so) I personally would have preferred the "does he get the job or not?" cliffhanger over the "which decision will he make?" cliffhanger. Because, as you said, MJN's entire existence is depending on Martin's decision, and I can't decide which direction I want him to take myself. On one hand, I would very much like him to stay with MJN, on the other, I don't want him to sacrifice his new job out of a sence of obligation to the others. But then again, I'm also worried about what will happen to Martin if he joins SwissAir. With him more often than not having a hard time with small talk and connecting to people (Kuala Lumpur makes me shudder just thinking about it), I'm a bit afraid of the reactions his future colleagues may have to him. I don't want him to finally get paid only for him to have a hard time with his co-workers. Not to mention that against my will I have to wonder if he will even be able to hold the job without getting fired.

Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Finnemore!
I really appreciate your explanation and agree with everything you said about cliff-hangers. I was too caught up in how much I had been laughing at Arthur trying to mime 'dragon fruit', and how absolutely hilarious Martin was at being completely awkward, to be at all sad about the ending--which was brilliant. Glad you cleared it up for the more crazed fans, though, very reasonably done.

By the way, why does Stephen Moffat get blamed for everything, anyway? Not only did he not invent the cliff-hanger, but he did not write TRBF; why is no-one screaming at Steve Thompson and Mark Gatiss? They all must have had a hand in that ending--which I also loved.

Wait, I know why; it's more fun to scream MOFFAT! than it is GATISS! or THOMPSON!

Bad luck though, John; it is REALLY fun to scream FINNEMORE!

So, if Cabin Pressure must end after Z, you've made a really amazing go at it and I will be re-listening to all episodes for years to come!