Thursday, 9 May 2013

I used to put drawings up here

Click to embiggen

Sometimes I still do.


Cringing Wretch said...

Nice. Who is it?

I seem to be seeing things today as I see quite a few curly braces in the drawing.

Anonymous said...

Lovely drawing, a relative perhaps?

(@CringingWretch - Now that you say it, I see them too...)

Unknown said...

The hairs at the back of the neck are particularly lovely and fine. I hope you'll resume the 'putting up drawings' practise, sir.

Anonymous said...

Still amazed at your many many skills. Hope to see more of these!

kodama said...

It's really amazing, I envy you Mr. Finnemore!

Christine said...

Wonderful. Is there no end to your talents?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the picture embiggens the smallet man. - Jebediah

Caroline said...

Mr Finnemore - Renaissance Man.
To quote a certain First Officer..."You remember that time, when there was that thing,that you didn't know whether or not I could do.....?"

Carla said...

That's how my blog works, and it's supposed to be more of a sketch blog. >_> Hmm. . .

Anyhoo, a very lovely sketch, and you should very much post more, as it's lovely to see. :D

Also, I highly enjoy your use of embiggen there. Made me giggle. :D

The Professor said...

I really like that. There's a whole story in the angle of her head and in her expression/posture. Thanks for sharing!

Helena said...

Wow. I'd say you should have been an art teacher, but I fear you would take it badly...
I am intruiged by the 'Lemons and Landmarks' project, which I had not previously been aware of- I'm on Helsinki, and counting- and I was wondering whether it had been considered to expand into different fruits. Regenerate the brand, that sort of thing. Kiwis in New Zealand come to mind, of course,, but there are other possibilities, too- has anyone yet done an orange and a lemon by the clock tower of St. Clements Church?
(By the way, whenever any teacher or sixth former in my school brings up the subject of radio within any context, I now take the opportunity to ask them whether they listen to Cabin Pressure. My response is always, without exception, an incredulous look and something along the lines of 'Oh, yeah. That's the best.' Similarly, Arthur is always their favourite crew member. I would be much indebted to you if you could let him know.)

Linette Moccia-LeBlanc said...

Loving Helena's oranges and lemons reference :)

Jane Russ said...

On the minus side you are far too talented and I'm so jealous.
On the plus side, at least you share it so we all get to enjoy your talent.

Anonymous said...

Well,about time.

Emma said...

I missed your drawings! I do hope you'll start up with that again.

Unknown said...

Lovely. You know how to really capture your subject well.

Tg said...

Your list of talents is endless. Lovely drawing.

Helena said...

Following previous comment, have found out via the omniscient fountain of wisdom that is Google that there actually is a St. Clements Church, Oxford, which even has bells. However, I looked up the lyrics of the nursery rhyme in Google's younger, more geeky brother, Wikipedia, and unfortunately there are no other fruit references, presumably because the lyrics couldn't think of anything else that rhymed with Clements.
However, if I may be so bold, a plot suggestion does present itself- did Martin at any point lend Douglas five farthings, which the First Officer has refused to pay back?

Helena said...

Lyricist, sorry.

Sooz said...

congratulations of the win! (Octopodes and 'nosocks'!)

Sarah said...

This is just so lovely. The charcoal softens the whole thing beautifully. I'm just continually impressed!

Anonymous said...

I think life if too unfair. How could it possible that one man can do drawing and writing brilliantly?

You're soooo special :)

Alice said...

Embiggen is now quite possibly my favourite word. That, or strikhedonia, the word for the pleasure of saying to hell with it. Whoever came up with that was just brilliant. They must have woken up one day and thought "you know what? To hell with it! Wow, that was fun. An enjoyable, fulfilling experience. Such a pity there isn't a word to express this wonderful sensation. Well, we'll have to see about that, won't we?" So the word strikhedonia was born. Brilliant. No, I still think embiggen wins though.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I know this is probably the wrong forum for this, but have one ticket for the Priory Engagement of the 3rd of June. Sadly I'm not able to make it, so if anyone would like it, just follow me on twitter @triptothefloor and we can DM arrangements. Or something. Thank you.
Ps. Love Drawing, very fabulous.

Helena said...

My apologies for the abundance of comments this week. In an attempt at recompense, I will try to keep this one short.

'Points heartthrob'?

bob said...

@Helena, Richard Osman is in the show Pointless, and has been classed as an 'unlikely heartthrob'. so Osman is the 'Pointless heartthrob', and therefore Mr Finnemore is the 'Points heartthrob', naturally, because he keeps winning. woo hoo

also, the drawing is really good, as usual! i was always rubbish at creating the light reflection, which you do really well. it's a beautifully drawing, despite her looking like my old scary primary school teacher D: please keep posting them, i love your artwork!

sally said...

according to wiki, ensmallen is an antonym to enbiggen. paahahaha...

Mr Sir, i think you should embiggen you art collection by resurrecting your advent calender of drawings.

jyoti said...

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Tara said...

Dear John F...,

so it was you, playing the piano as well in that lovely video?...Very nice drawing.
But as images go, did you (or Arthur) ever notice what was hidden in the Toblerone logo?
(Clue: It is not bigger that the logo it's in)
Of course Arthur likes Toblerone! Did you know that? Brilliant.
A colleague just showed me this.

Alice said...

Bears! That's why Arthur likes toblerone! Now all we need is a Timbuktu themed logo, because he read the whole page of that book :)

Unknown said...

I'm working my way through your Souvenir Programme, which I am enjoying very much, thank you! I was very pleased to find my ten year old listening to it of his own accord today. Thank you for writing such great material.
My son wants to know if you drive your agent mad by disappearing when you have a deadline. And if you know the author Joseph Delaney? I said maybe not but you never know. Cheers and happy writing.

Christine said...

If you would like to draw some live Danish Vikings, and who wouldn't, there are some roaming Liverpool Street station today.

Anonymous said...

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Jordan said...

Beautiful! You're a man of many talents.

Also, just wanted to say thank you for Cabin Pressure. Not only do I love it, but my boyfriend (who's blind) especially enjoys it.

Dyzigi said...

I'd love to collaborate with you some day, also as a token of appreciation for all the times you've cheered me up I made this
A send up of Magritte's The Son of Man.
Hope it reaches you : )

Helena said...

Hello John. My apologies for non-post-related comments, but this reminded me so much of Cabin Pressure I felt it was worthy of being brought to your attention.
I was listening to Fitton again with my sister recently. The confusion of melodies between Arthur and Douglas prompted her to show me the YouTube clip of a particularly Arthuresque song that they have been teaching the Receptions to sing at her primary school. Here are the lyrics.

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Looked in the mirror and I got myself dressed,
With a stretch and a yawn and a scratch of my head,
‘Life is a wonderful thing’, I said,
‘Life is a wonderful thing.’
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Similarly, are the rumours of a 2013 Christmas Special of Cabin Pressure true? And if so, when will the tickets be made available?

Anonymous said...

More drawings please!

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Anonymous said...

John - Great night last night at the Priory Tavern. Wanted to know which was the sketch you wrote at the last minute. Love what you do and keep us all posted on the next one. Thanks for a fun evening keeping us going on a Monday night. Jill Cochrane

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Unknown said...

Mr. Finnemore, Why ,oh, why do you not include artist in your profile ?

Harta said...

Gah I am so jealous of your shading skills...Pretty much your art skills overall that I'm jealous of though haha :D


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