Friday, 28 February 2014

Please remain seated until the series has come to a complete stop.

 You've probably never even stopped to wonder who provides the voices for  Cabin Fever. Well, here they are in a rare moment in front of the camera: Bennet Cumberland, who plays Marvin; Alan Rogers - Duncan; Stephen Coles - Arnold; and Daisy Tyler - Gertie. Pictured here with lucky competition winner Jon Phillimore.

Well, that's it - as of last Sunday I am officially that guy who used to write Cabin Pressure. It is a very strange feeling. I will write more about it when the show is broadcast. (We still don't know when that'll be. The Christmas Eve thing is plausible, but it's only a rumour - no-one from the BBC has confirmed that to us. Personally, I hope they can make it a bit sooner, but it's their decision.)  For now, I just want to say thank you again to our marvellous audience - both those who were in the Drill Hall last Sunday (No spoilers! I'm counting on you!) and those who would have liked to have been, but weren't. You guys are great. Hope you enjoy Zurich!

(Oh, yes: it IS called Zurich. For ages and ages it was going to be called Zanzibar, just to surprise people, and I'm still a bit sorry that it's not. But the bit which justified calling it that was one of the many victims of the cuts required to get my original 14,500 word draft down to 9,000 ish words, so Zurich it is...)


B. J. Tucker said...

Mr Finnemore, I am an enormous fan of yours (meaning my fanship is enormous not me physically) from Texas and while I'm am in a bittersweet mood that CP has come to an end I'm completely furious that I'll never get to be an audience member! That was to be the crowning achievement of my life. It would have been brilliant. But, my crushed dreams aside, THANK YOU forever for giving us so many pleasurable half hours not to mention all the little skits and shorts you've done besides CP. Every time I listen to one of your shows it just brightens my whole week. :)

Secondly, I'm a drama minor in university and have an assignment in which I am to direct a short play. I don't even if you actually read these comments by your adoring public , but if so I was wondering if you've written any short scripts that could be performed on stage? Like a quick ten minute or so? And if you have if you'd be willing to allow me to direct it? It would be purely a student production with no profit whatsoever involved. I would just really love to bring your wonderful humor to my fellow students. Once again, thank you for all your work! God bless!

Anonymous said...

Cabin Pressure will never be "over". It's like yellow car; you're ALWAYS listening Cabin Pressure!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful years of joy!

Caroline said...

So glad to read in all the (Spoiler free - fear not!) reports of last Sunday's recording that everything seemed to go off splendidly.
Thank you once again for providing us with all those event filled flights over the last six years. It's with mixed feelings we wait, still strapped into our seats, as Gerti taxis to the Gate for the final time.
We wish all the crew of MJN Air a safe onward journey - wherever life takes them next.

Anonymous said...

NO, thank you, John. It's been a wonderful show - hilarious, and kind, and absolutely perfect. I will miss it enormously, but I'm sure we're going to hear more from you because you and your writing are brilliant.

And if you ever give up comedy, could you run the country, please? Or the world?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for whatever project comes next! I just know it'll be BRILLIANT!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the laughs.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the memories. It's going to be bittersweet finally getting to hear Zurich, but I know it's going to be heartfelt and brilliant.

RMb said...

Thank you so much for such a wonderful show. It was a great trip & every time I revisit, it'll be like meeting up with old friends. Well done. Good luck with your next adventures!!

The Grave of a Coward said...

Thank you so much for creating this show. It has become such a wonderful part of my life and I've never gotten attached to a radio program in quite the same way that I've become attached to Cabin Pressure. Thank you so much.

Unknown said...

I hate to fly. Hate it. Every second of it. But, for the past few years, while I sit on the plane flying long (long) distances over enormous bodies of water from which no one could swim to shore, I listen to your delightful and goofy air dot crew and laugh myself silly - to the annoyance of others around (equal probably to a 4 year old kicking the back of your seat but much more fun) - So, thank you.

I will miss you and them and look so forward to your future projects and wish you the same wonderful love and success for those projects - how could that not happen? It will.

Surprise us! And, soon, please. I don't think they make that many yellow cars anymore and we don't have lemons in NYC. Not much funny either. We need you!

Fun, silly, touching, romantic, lovable - every bit of it, a pure joy.

I don't know what happens in the final episode but I'm just hoping they are still flying - in one way, or the other.

Mara said...

I’m going to throw up and cry. I listen to cabin pressure everyday i don’t care how many times i’ve heard an episode it still makes me laugh. Specially when i draw, i like to hear something that makes sense when i do my art and since i cant watch movies while i do that i listen to cp instead and it does the job well. CP is more than just a comedy radio show for me and other thousands of fans. It’s like something you never knew you needed in your life. Thank you so much for all the laughs and countless hours you’ve spent writing. I will miss all the clever word games, douglas' sassiness, everything. It has been a very joyful ride and I'm ever so happy I've flown with MJN Air. When I have kids in the future I'm going make them listen to cabin pressure. It's one of the things in this world that would never get or sound old. Now I'm crying.

Please don't stop writing.

julia said...

Thank you, John. I was lucky enough to be there on Sunday and seeing/hearing the final episode was bittersweet. (I think we all - like you- had some 'cabin pressure' in our eyes....because, it's 'only' a radio show. Who cries because of the ending of a radio show or an emotional speech by its creator?! Pffff.seriously.)

As someone else said already,YOU ALWAYS LISTEN TO CABIN PRESSURE. This fandoms sails on (because the writing is so brilliant.) Look forward to whatever you come up with next.

Cheers from Germany!
Julie, xxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks John.
I wondered if you'd try to outwit us with the title of Z but there is something satisfying about it being Zurich.
Thanks for the lovely comments about your audience. We think you're great for all the work you've done and what we hope for from you in the future.
I wondered if you'd had a chance to look at the Thank You Cabin Pressure DVD a nice lady gave you after the recording. I had a very tiny role in that project and really hope you enjoyed it.
Ta from Bristol

Anonymous said...

I tried to get tickets in so many ways, but no joy. So I sat at home on Sunday night literally in tears thinking of you all recording it.

All I can say is thankyou so much for being you, for writing a show that has helped me through four years of some tough times in my life, and whilst you may be known as the guy who used to write 'Cabin Pressure,' you will be known as the guy who wrote something else even more wonderful for years to come.

Wish I had been there, but CP will never ever EVER be forgotten. The cast, the crew and you....thankyou and ottery kisses.

Yellow Car.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this wonderful series. I am a bit saddened that this series has now come to an end, for it has brought me joy whenever I listen to it during the dreary hours of work. However, congratulations are in order, for having completed the series.

Thank you and lookiing forward to seeing your next project.

Cheers and Mabuhay as they say in my country from halfway across the world :3

Meg Gilbert said...

Like everyone, I am sad to see Cabin Pressure come to an end. It has brought me tremendous pleasure, and I am one of those people who might as well be standing around on street corners, pressing it on unsuspecting passers by. "Excuse me? Have you tried Cabin Pressure?"
Still, I believe you made absolutely the right decision in ending it when you did. I don't know what the final episode will bring--I wasn't lucky enough to get tickets to the recording--but I have utter faith that it will be the right ending, and that you will have left us not just laughing, but satisfied. That's the best way to walk away, and I wouldn't expect anything less from someone of your grace and talent.

Toefunny said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Cabin Pressure was love at first listen for me, as it was for so many others. I will never be able to look at a yellow car, lemon or otter without thinking of (and giggling at) you guys! Looking forward to seeing what joyful offerings you come up with next!
Cheers from Rochester, NY

Becky Black said...

Thanks to you and the rest of the cast for such a great series. Great writing and wonderful performances I know I'll still be enjoying for years to come. And nagging other people to listen and buy it too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the laughs and also weird looks I get when in transit, listening to CP with a smile on my face doing my best not to laugh out loud! It really made my days brighter or makes me wind down from a hard days work and escape the hectic that is called real life at times.
That credit also goes out to the ENTIRE rest of the cast. I will forever have the inside joke on "Yellow Car". Will never look the same at a "lemon" without thinking of finding a hiding spot and Christmas is now forever linked to the adorable "Arthur" Am therefore happy that I will have the entire series on cd's for years and years to enjoy.

Thank You Thank You x
Jacky Netherlands

Karen M said...

Thank you for a quite simply a brilliant comedy series which I will never grow tired of listening to. Can't wait to hear the last episode although it will be bittersweet.

Anonymous said...

The thought of the last show makes me very sad and I was gutted not to get tickets for the recording. My sadness was eased somewhat by my neighbour buying a yellow car on Tuesday so now I have to shout 'yellow car!' each time I look out the window. I bought him a lemon to place in the car which he didn't understand so I lent him series one of CP. He is hooked and has ordered the rest from Amazon.

Unknown said...

So long and thanks for all the Toblerones...

Karen Krenek said...

I write this as I am actually on a plane--Southwest Airlines flight 791 from Austin, Texas to Oakland, California. I'd much prefer to be flying MJN!

Thank you so much for sharing your brilliant work with us--I adore Cabin Pressure and listen to it daily. It never fails to make me laugh!

Unknown said...

Cabin pressure is brilliant definitely going to be listening to it for many more years to come
I love it

Anonymous said...

Thank you for everything, John. Cabin Pressure was and always will be amazing. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much in such a short amount of time, the dialogue was brilliant and I'm really looking forward to hearing the final episode.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing such a brilliantly funny show. I love Cabin Pressure sooooo much! It was...brilliant!!! haha

Cabin Pressure fan said...

I'm sure you've heard it and read it thousands of times by now, but, you truly are *brilliant.*
Thanks for Cabin Pressure. Can't wait to listen to Zurich!

Anonymous said...

I've known Cabin Pressure only for a few months but I'm sure I'll listen to it long after the final episode, and I already know them all by heart. "Zurich" must be sooner than Christmas, I can't wait! Hope to hear a lot more from you, Sunday Papers, JFSP or some entirely new projects, everything you do is brilliant! Thank you for so many reasons. x

Nancy said...

I discovered Cabin Pressure just this summer, and got all kinds of weird looks as I walked around listening on my phone. I learned to take routes with fewer people so that I would a) not scare as many students, and 2) not accidentally walk out into traffic because I wasn't paying attention.

We used to play a version of Lemon at an old job, except for a piece of citrus fruit we had an ugly ceramic turtle from the dollar store. That damned thing showed up everywhere around the office, although we never tried attaching it to a hat. Will have to revive that one again soon.

Many thanks for sharing your talents! Looking forward to whatever your next projects are -

Unknown said...

It has, truly, been emotional Mr Finnemore, I don't think I'll ever recover from the loss... good luck to all involved, each and every one of you will be missed.

Unknown said...

I'll be so sad when Zurich finally airs! I have listened to cabin pressure since since I was 10 (I am now 16) and have loved every moment! It always makes me laugh and being an aspiring pilot myself it keeps me going in my dream!

Thanks so much for all of the wonderful moments!

Calipepla Californica said...
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Calipepla Californica said...

Cabin Pressure has been enormously enjoyed by my family. Thank you so much for your perfectly written and perfectly cast production. Here's hoping we don't have to wait until December for Zurich!

A failed attempt said...
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A.W. said...

Thank you for Cabin Pressure, Mr. Finnemore. Cabin Pressure made me laugh during some very sad moments - during some extreme homesickness while overseas, university-related stress and soul-deadening unemployment - but no matter how bad it got, your show made me laugh until my lungs hurt. And it still does. It'll never get old and it will never fail to make me smile.

So thank you, Mr. Finnemore - I'm looking forward to what you do next. I'm sure it'll be brilliant.

Alice said...

Dear Mr. Phillimore,

I never knew Daisy Tyler played GERTIE! That explains so much, or perhaps nothing at all.

--A Fan

P.S. Like everyone else, I'd like to say thank you for this show. It's helped me out a lot whenever I have panic-y insomnia, health problems, gloomy-ness, etc.

sarken20 said...

CP is one of the joys of my life that keeps me sane and functioning. Along with chocolate and wine, but is kinder to my waist line. At the end of a crappy day, the company of you and your fellow thesps is most welcome. I doff my cap to you, Sir John Finnemore, Knight of the near-pee belly laugh. Parting is such sweet sorrow.......

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful series - I have all the cds in the car and listen as I drive. I am very much looking forward to this last episode and hope its before Christmas.

Clau said...

It's been an honour, captain.

Shirley said...

Another fan from Texas! I will be extremely sad when this show ends, but I hope you'll make another sitcom! I love your sketch shows, but Cabin Pressure, with its hilarity and genuinely interesting characters, is a true gem.

Mel said...

The tremendous love that we all have for these characters is a huge tribute to your gifts as a writer. So many of us are ferociously hoping for Martin to get his happily-ever-after--don't know when I've been so invested in the future of a fictional character!

One of the things that makes my road warrior job tolerable is the pleasure I get from settling back in my airplane seat, putting in my earbuds, and listening to the adventures of my favorite airdot.

Welll done, you.

grace said...

It has been an absolute pleasure to listen to Cabin Pressure, and I have used the show to cheer me up on many occasions. You are a brilliant comedian and I look forward to continuing to listen to all projects that involve yourself. I'll just sit crying in the corner with my lemon, my yellow car toy and my pogo stick mourning the end of a brilliant show. Thanks to the cast and the crew for bringing smiles and laughter to so many.

Thank YOU, Mr. Finnemore.

Lynne said...

MJN is just simply the best Mr Finnemore - no bad language, no offensive humour, just a well crafted script beautifully acted.
Good luck with your future projects but then real talent doesn't need luck. Many thanks to you and the cast.

Jennifer said...

Cabin Pressure was my favorite thing, ever. It makes me happy every time I listen to it! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wonderful memories of the show John. You've made me laugh so many times just by listening to your show. I know when the episode does air, I'll miss everything about it. But it will never stop me from listening to the show from the start again. From all the classic moments like Yellow Car, Fizz Buzz and the Polar Bears, I know I've found a radio show that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Thank you once again and see you again.

MJ said...

You made our days a little brighter with each and every episode. While sitting at my small desk here in cloudy Lima, I would listen to CP over and over again and suddenly life doesn't seem that dull.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,
A huge Peruvian Fan.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, John. I blame you totally for my obsession of spotting yellow cars while out driving, my love of Talisker, and for my desperate desire to actually go to Qikqitarjuaq to try and see some Polar bears. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you.

wilko said...

Fancy writing a series where the audience can remember the title of every episode - brilliant!

Angela said...

Words can't express how bereft I'm feeling at the thought of no more adventures with Cabin
Pressure. Absolutely the funniest, cleverest scripts and most brilliant timing of any series on the radio. Thank you all so very much for a great 6 years.

Carrieann said...

It was brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god Jon Phillimore, what a lucky bastard!

(What a photobomb though. I'd have liked a picture with just the cast and crew of Cabin Fever.)

Looks like Bennet, Daisy, Stephen and Alan are real good sports about this Jon character hanging out with them, (touching Alan on the shoulder! Never wash that hand, JON!) and drinking milk with them.

Just so you know, I have probably occasionally even stopped to wonder who provides the voices for Cabin Fever. I'm that much of a fan. Also I am so glad the providers have managed to conquer their terrible fright of cameras enough to get this rare shot. I know they even avoid London for all the CCTV. Not even laptops with webcam gets near their joined home, a secluded cabin.

Best Wishes, um, Mister Who Are You

Anonymous said...

Just to let you all know - Cabin Pressure has a enormous fangroup here in Germany. The british humour is just THE best in the world.
IT-Crowd, Father Ted, Black Adder ....and, of course CABIN PRESSURE is so absolutley hilarious!
Please dont stop it :-)
Me, my Family, alle friends and colleagues would love to here more from you!
Best regards from Northern Germany (near Hmaburg),
(Sorry for my english :-( )

Erin said...

John, thank you so much for Cabin Pressure. I discovered it during my junior year of high school when I was going through a pretty rough time, and just laying down, listening, and laughing helped me get through it. Afterwards, I couldn't help but introduce it to my whole family, who are now all fans of yours. I still listen to it on bad days, when i'm traveling, and generally whenever I need the lightness of mood it provides. I will always have an immense fondness for the series, and look forward to whatever you plan on doing in the future.

londoncameos said...

I sometimes listen to Cabin Pressure when I'm at work, having a not so nice day. It always puts a smile on my face and that's when I'm not in stitches, which I try to avoid, since I'm supposed to be working. I'm rarely successful. It's one of the most enjoyable, funny and witty pieces of writing I've ever had the pleasure to experience. Thank you very much for everything and hope the next one is even more successful!

Mike said...

Thanks for Cabin Pressure. (And John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme, etc.)
I stumbled on Cabin Pressure on Radio 4 at the beginning of series 3. I recognised your name from the Soap Box shorts you did with David Mitchell, and gave it a listen. Eventually, I was able to listen to the rest, and love them all. What an exceptional cast, and what terrific writing. Thank you again.
(I'm from Canada, by the way.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for making Cabin Pressure. I discovered it through a friend from the UK (I'm from Michigan in the USA, yeah the land mass that looks like a mitten on the map). Your show never failed to bring a smile to my face even on the gloomiest of days, which is always a mark of good comedy. I'm constantly depressed so a good pick me up is always welcome. Such wonderful writing and a superb cast, so sad to see it end but in true entertainment form you're leaving us with wanting more. Thank you again Mr. Finnemore, I look forward to seeing more projects from you.

Crazy owl lady said...

Thanks awfully. Loved every moment and always will. Marvellous stuff. X

Cyndi said...

Thank you, just, Thank you!

HL said...

Thank you. Just thank you. I've been going through some rough times lately, and my nightly listen to Cabin Pressure is one of the few things I look forward to. :) I am so grateful for all the laughs. You were all brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Somehow I knew it was going to be Zurich. I will always smile when I see the little "Cabin Pressure" sign in an airplane window while waiting for the loo. You can't imagine how tempted I am to ask the crew if they know the series. I was fortunate enough to attend the preflight check for Wokingham. Lemons make me think of the Traveling Lemon Game, and every time I see a banana, I think "Fizz Buzz Have a Banana". Darn you!

oriolekoh said...

This is a fan from the mysterious Orient,and she wants to go to the obvious Fitton urgently.
(Please forgive my poor English)I just want to say that thank you so much for all the laughs.You are so brilliant.Can't wait to listen to the Zurich,and I'll always remember CP!

Chitarra said...

As excited as I am to hear Zurich, it breaks my heart that it's ending. It's been brilliant to be able to hear THE BEST radio show EVER from all the way on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean in Ohio... it's utterly hilarious in the most brilliant and clever of ways, and it was all clean humor. You did it all without foul language, innuendos, or anything otherwise inappropriate/not funny, and that deserves all the awards. :-)

I'm gonna miss following the lives of these characters. Especially Martin... and no, not because of who plays him :-)... but because crazily enough, he and I have almost exactly the same life story. :-) We're the same age, we both have Asperger's, we both have exactly the same family situation, the same flat/living conditions, the same job situation (except rather than an unpaid pilot/man with a van, I'm an unpaid missionary/girl with a sewing machine X-)), we've been in our situations for the same exact amount of time, and... well, I'm only half ginger. X-) But I haven't met my prince yet, but if Martin found his princess, then I know my prince is out there somewhere. :-) You have no idea how much it means to me that there's a character that's just SO me and so much more relatable than anything I've ever seen before, so I wanna say thank you for creating Martin. :-) It's been an honor to share a life story with him. :-)

Thank you again for the all the joy and laughter for this amazing series, I'll always be grateful... and I'll always be playing Yellow Car. :-)

The Professor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Professor said...

"Zurich" may be the last episode, but the lemon will ALWAYS be in play. Thank you, David and the amazing cast & technical folks for an engaging, imaginative, fun, and really loving experience with MJN Air. I raise my glass of Talisker to you and to all involved. Thank you so, so, so, so, much. You've all been, to coin an original phrase, "brilliant."
Hey, somebody should write a show where a character says "brilliant" all the time...never mind.

Unknown said...

Mr. Finnemore, you have made my family and I laugh so hard we couldn't breathe, touched our hearts with your stories and will be something that we will always listen to and enjoy. Just wanted to say thank you for all the joy you caused us. I have since passed on CP to many friends and family, and they are grateful!

We haven't been able to stop playing yellow car :D

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I have just five words:

Cabin Pressure - The TV Series.

You know you want to...

maguro said...

Thank you so much for the funniest show ever!! I have to admit that I have started to listen because of "Bennet Cumberland" ;-) But as I listening more, I just love the entire cast because of amazing performance from every one and I am just addicted to your hilarious writing. Special thanks for fitting Canada in your story!!

You are just brilliant =)

Anja said...

Cabin Pressure helped me survive the worst time of my professional life: working in Avionics in a big office filled with men.
Noisy, obnoxious men. Lots of them!
I put on my headphones and listened to the episodes, over and over and over again.
I can still do that! Forever!
...although I am sad, that there will only be one more episode.

I hope that Martin and the princess will live happily ever after. I hope, that Douglas will stay as he is and that Arthur will remain brilliant. I love to see Carolyn and Herc married.

I hope that one day, that you John, will wake up from a night filled with weird dreams and you will know that these were just the perfect ideas for a new series of Cabin Pressure.
One can always dream...

Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And no worries, I forgive you about that phone call mishap!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for writing such a fantastic comedy show! I love listening to Cabin Pressure as it always lifts me up and makes my day "Brilliant".

Anonymous said...

I hope you liked the DVD's. We love the show and wanted everyone involved to know it. Both videos made me cry, but the 'Thank you' one in particular. Really hope you've had a chance to watch them both.

Anonymous said...

John, Thanks for what will, i think, be a classic radio series which will never age. Special thanks for 'yellow car'

Swathy Ajay said...

Thank you, John!! The crew has made me forget my worries and stress! We'll the show's uh.... show's uh... (finding it difficult to use an adjective other than 'brilliant') oh what the heck... YOU GUYS ARE BRILLIANT! :D

Yellow Car.

Rachel N said...


I know you've undoubtedly seen the lovely replies above mine praising Cabin Pressure and all that it means to us, but I want you to know you made me want to write. You showed me that comedy doesn't have to be offensive to be funny. In fact, I'd say it's significantly better the way you do it. I want to spread that to other people and inspire them the same way you inspire me. You were clever but never condescending, witty but never biting, sweet but never cloyingly so. I have thoroughly enjoyed every second you have given us. Thank you so, so much.

Sleepy, Dopey, Happy, Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful, Doc. Thank you!


minoes said...

Many loves and thanks! Although I don't know what will happen in episode Z, and I get a little sad thinking that's the last one, I try to image that the cabin crew and their friends will always enjoy their lives and friendships somewhere in the world...I just stop hearing from them... :)

Happy said...

I am so very sorry that CP has finally come to an end but it's been a marvellous run! I can't wait to listen to Zurich and I'm sure it will match u to all of the other wonderful episodes which I have so enjoyed. Thank you!

*Agnese* said...

Cabin Pressure will be missed. But then again, it's now consigned to History. Being at the same time a shining example for future attempts. Pure genius and entertainment.
Much Love from here in Italy xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr F,

thank you. Just thank you.

mrs trellis said...

We are bereft, but as the poet said "Tis better to have loved and lost...". Clot.

T. L. Lawrence said...

So sad to see it end, but what a gift you've given us! My daughters (9 and 12) listen to CP almost constantly (both use it as their "bedtime music") and still giggle over every joke. Just a stellar, wonderful show. Thank you so much for bringing us to MJN Air, and please pass along thanks to the entire cast for breathing real life into the characters. Most sincerly---BRAVO.

Ariane said...

Thank YOU, John, for all the laughs, for the happiness that these wonderful episodes brought to us. They still never fail to make me laugh no matter how many times I've listened to each of them by now. And you gave a whole new entertainment value to air travel, I'm now grinning at the sight of Toblerone and Talisker in duty free shops, or at the airport announcements.

I'm very much looking forward listening to Zurich, whenever that might be, actually the further away the broadcast is, the further away the actual end is in a way.

Many thanks to you and the whole MJN air crew!

Mayumi said...

Dear Master Finnemore,

Thank YOU very much for creating this big piece of jewel that will shine my life. I will keep listening CP rest of my life. Truly!

Now, I'd like to ask you and David the Gerti something serious.

When the production makes a CD of Zurich episode, would you please include some cut scenes from the other episodes and YOUR SPEECH at the end of Zurich recording? I read the transcript but would like listen to the actual one. Please, please please, for the sake of the fans from all over the world who couldn't be there on that evening.

Thank you very much again, John.

Mayumi from New York City

Anonymous said...

I'm joining the crowd who when going through tough times listen to an episode of CP and end up with a big grin on their face. Thank you Mr Finnemore.

Fizz buzz x

Anonymous said...

Thank you all of you. The brilliant writing brought brilliantly to life.

I came across CP only late last year and have demolished it avidly since and pressed it on friends and family like a somewhat demented Ancient Mariner. It's been such fun and like many others I will listen to it for years to come.

May the lemon remain forever in play

Anonymous said...

As we sit in baggage reclaim, watching the BBC carousel going round, waiting for it to deliver our last suitcase of audio delight that is Cabin Pressure, what else is there to do but say a massive thank-you to you for crafting a gem of a sitcom. Proper, good, consistently funny, character-driven comedy with a lemon on its hat. Wonderful stuff. A thing of beauty which will be a joy forever. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not all that brilliant at writing fancy or clever posts like those above. So I'll keep it simple - I'm still gutted I wasn't able to be there but I am really looking forward to the last episode. I'm sad that it's over, but at least I can re-play all of the episodes any time I want to, those will never go away :) Cabin Pressure is a rare gem. It picked me up off my sorry arse whenever I needed a good laugh and I'm really thankful for that.

David said...

It was brilliant John, as one of the lucky few that were in the audience for Zurich I thank you for tying up such loose ends as there were in a wonderfully funny episode. Zanzibar can wait for the final episode of Cabin Pressure 2.0.

womble42 said...

Thank you SO much for Cabin Pressure John - I love listening to the episodes over and over again and have enjoyed sharing the laughs with my family too.

I find it hard to imagine there will ever be a radio show as wonderful as Cabin Pressure, but if there ever is I am sure you will be the one writing it!

Of course, I love the brilliant Souvenir Programme too, but that doesn't show off your character-writing genius quite as well as Cabin Pressure. I will miss Martin, Douglas, Carolyn and Arthur so much!

I eagerly await my flight to Zurich, even if it will be seriously delayed!

Best wishes for your current and future projects.

Trina Dubya said...

It's difficult for me to express everything Cabin Pressure has made me feel over the last few years and what it means to me without turning into a teary-eyed mess, so I'll just say thanks for everything, and I'm looking forward to hearing "Zurich."

Seven14 said...

Thank you very much John for this wonderful show. I've enjoyed every episode of Cabin Pressure and can't wait to listen to Zurich!

Audrey said...

Another fan from Austin, TX! I found CP two years ago after my son made me watch a YouTube video of the cup of coffee skit. He thought it was hilarious but didn't know what show it was from. Needless to say, we found CP and were hooked immediately. We tried to get tickets to the last show but, alas, no luck. Sad to see the show end but it has been wonderful to share something so clever and funny (and clean) with my son. You have a unique talent and I am glad you have shared it with us.

Nicole said...

What can I say except thank you. Cabin Pressure has been an absolute delight to me and my family. I have loved introducing other people to it and shall continue doing so as long as I know people who have yet to experience the wonder of MJN Air.

You, sir, are brilliant. My hats (all of them - silly and otherwise) are off to you, Captain.

MK said...

I listen to Cabin Pressure almost every day as I drive to work (in Seattle, where the cattle are). I arrive laughing-not a bad way to start. CP also stops my brain from spinning at night so I can sleep-a real gift! Even though I've listened to all 4 sessions many times they still make me laugh-a true sign of great writing. Thank you John for your fantastic story telling and your dream cast. CP will always be with me as I keep my eyes peeled for yellow cars, dead sheep, and otters in the fridge. You are a genius genius.

Viktorija said...

Thank you so much for the joy that is Cabin Pressure. Like everyone I am sad to see it go. But at the same time I cannot wait to see what you come up with next :)

Alice said...

Thank you for an increadible series,for the laughs I've had with friends, for fizz buzz have a banana (to be played when the register is taken), for being the writer behind the quotes which hang on the wall and for making the girl with no tv decide that, to be honest, radio's just better.
Cabin pressure is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

It can't be the last one of CP. This is one of my first English radio program I've ever listened to. . So sad. I'm sure you'll coming with the other fantastic work pretty soon but let me tell you CP is the most wonderful piece of work for me. Best greeting from S. Korea. You must know that you have tons of fans in S.korea as well. Miss Arthur already!

Imogen Saltair said...

Thanks for all of it :)


Anonymous said...

Please don't make us wait till Christmas

Val said...

Conan Doyle had to bring back Sherlock Holmes you know ...
So don't think you're safe yet :0)

Unknown said...

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Amber said...

Thank you so much, Mr Finnemore. You've changed many lives with Cabin Pressure. If anything, you've given us all a heart-warming program with lots of laughs. Congrats on your success. It's well deserved.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the joy and laughter you've given us.
Cabin Pressure has a very special place in my heart, and forever will.

Cheers and love from Vancouver, Canada/Tehran, Iran xx

Lillian Bellamy said...

Probably a bit late but I cannot think of any radio sit com that has ever been as funny and polished as Cabin Pressure. The characters are so well drawn I would bet they almost write themselves. This is truly great writing and it will remain timeless. A joy forever (if you bought every series like I did, that is)

docdave said...

One of my wife's students brought her recordings of Cabin Pressure a few months ago; she laughed herself sick in front of a library full of students, then brought them home for our daughter to enjoy. Said eleven-year-old will barely tolerate anything else on the car audio when we're on a trip, and this is about the first thing we've found to agree on since she struck tween attitude prematurely.

Thanks to you and your collaborators for producing something that has been consistently funny and warming and smart. Nice work, all.

Miss Pear said...

John, you're an absolute darling and I hope you know it. We loved every minute of the show and can't wait to hear the broadcast. I love the amount of sheer joy you've brought to peoples' lives.

I shall hopefully see you at TT later this month where you are free to claim a pint from Us Freaks for a job well done and for being so lovely.

- Pear

Anonymous said...

You suck, the pic is blurry.
It's such a gem and it's blurry =P

Tracy Strandness said...

Thank you, John Finnemore for creating the wonderful, endearing, dysfunctional Cabin Pressure family, and for the many blissful moments of escape from the daily grind! I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next! Cheers! :D

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Finnemore,

I agree with another commenter who said that you found the right point for ending this series. I suppose we'll just listen to it all from the start again and again. (I'll certainly be doing that on my flight next week!)
I am also enjoying your Souvenir's Programme immensely and am looking forward to any other projects you are going to share with the world.

Lots of love, xx

Anonymous said...

Just a thought about the missing Boeing 777: I can't stop wondering if this is about the pilots playing "Yellow ... Submarine".

Unknown said...

If you can ask Benedict to play a role in your next show. That would be great!Come on, tell us you can!

prasanth said...

Thank you for the brilliant show.

I have listened at least 5 times to the whole series already. Only found the show 3 months back. Still finding new stuff every time.

Just like other fans i want to say a big thank you.

"Yellow car"

When ever a writer puts himself in the show, its usually as a hero. But you went the other way brilliantly. I don't think anyone else could have played Arthur so brilliantly.

Sad that this series is ending,

We need a Tv show remake of this series, with Benedict's in the show it would makers easily.

Thank you once again from India

Anonymous said...

awww, I just got a little teary at this, thank you for an amazing series, I listened to it many times:) I'm sure whatever you have planned next will be amazing!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Finnemore
Hello, your show has really had an impact on my life, as odd as that might sound. I want to be a pilot, but people tell me I cant. But your show has taught me not to give up and to keep tying. This brilliant show was always there waiting to help me when I was just about done with everything. I know I am probably just some other fan, but there is no was to express how much I love Cabin pressure. You are a pure genius. The way you write is amazing! I can understand the airplane terminology. You turned the life of a flight crew into one of the most amazing pieces of comedy I have ever seen. Now when ever I see a polar bear or a yellow car I will be reminded of Cabin Pressure. Thank you to you and your cast for making this show as amazing as it is. Thank you so much.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I discovered Cabin Pressure only recently during a terrible period at work and it has managed to drag me out of the black cloud that was descending! It is just a shame it is coming to an end..... So farewell and as you take one last flight remember 'Jelly Babies to manual'! Karen xx :)

Anonymous said...

Out of professional as well as fannish interest (I'm a wholesale import book buyer in Germany) - who publishes the Cabin Pressure audio books these days? Ever since AudioGo went bust, I can't figure out where to get them (and Neverwhere, and Copenhagen, and all the other BBC audio stuff) from!!! :(

Anonymous said...

More please?

jennbailey said...

Driving across the USA and the time is...ahem...'Flying By' due to lax speed laws in the MidWest and the joy that is Cabin Pressure! Thank you, thank you! But if you think I'm going to wait in Cincinnati until BBC finally airs Zurick, it is time to think again. (yellow car) Get on them, would you? Must hear all of them to appease my OCD before I get to start from A again and return to the East Coast.

Mikael said...

Mr Finnemore,I would like to thank you for creating Cabin Pressure,It will always be with me,I got attached to your souvenir program a lot It's truly brilliant

I can't believe i am saying this but British humor Is the best,It brings joy to me and my family

Your writing is much more Brilliant than previously stated please don't stop :-)

Unknown said...

You are just Brilliant. I cannot understand how someone can be so... Brilliant! You are so funny. Intelligent.
Thank you.
And how do you do this? Do you research a lot or it just comes to you?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

My friends all think I'm totally mental when I suddenly say in the middle of class "The Lemon is in Play" but it's definitely worth it as I have had so much fun listening to cabin pressure over the years! Thank you so much for Cabin Pressure I have really enjoyed it and I know that everyone who has listened to it feels the same!
Goodbye and thank you for flying MJN Air!

Anonymous said...

Dear John Finnemore,

I normally do not write in any blogs, but „Cabin Pressure“ has been so great fun for me that I simply want to say Thank You! I am a rather frequent flyer (though not too fond of it), and every time the cabin address comes on I start smiling. You really added something beautiful to my life.

I understand that everything must have an end, and most likely “Zurich” is a fulminant one.

But if it is only the last episode because “you can’t beat the alphabet”, as you say – well, maybe you can. I am from Germany, and you know we have these Umlauts: Ä, Ö, Ü. One could think of flying to Äpfelbach, Övelgönne, Öpfingen, Übach-Palenberg, or the like. And of course there are Turkey, Hungary, Austria, Denmark and other countries with city names featuring letters not in the core alphabet …

For now, I am looking forward to “Zurich”.

Thanks so much, and all the best
Stefan Heim

Grace said...

Im to excited for this final episode. I love your work so dearly. If you have the time check out my post I wrote about Cabin Pressure on my blog.

Anonymous said...

'Cabin Pressure' has been wonderful: consistently hilarious, brilliant and sharp writing and superbly acted.

It will join a select few other treasures that I have discovered, all of which I find very uplifting when life is not otherwise going so well.

For that, John Finnemore, I cannot thank you enough!

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Carrie said...

Having listened to the program from season 1... I'm so sad to see this series end. Looking forward to Zurich whenever the BBC decide to air it.

Thanks for making something so wonderful and funny, that also draws together some of the weirdest, funniest, most talented fans around the world.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Well I don't think this is good at all. Not at all.

HOW could you leave us with only one alphabet's worth of programmes? This is the best radio comedy I've ever heard or seen (oh, yes, I'm a regular at the Radio Theatre etc, but could I ever get a ticket to CP? oh no!).

You leave me bereft. I shall mourn the passing of Herc trying to surpass Duncan, of Duncan trying to surpass Martin, of Martin trying to surpass, well, Arthur, and Arthur - oh Arthur - not knowing what 'surpass' means. Of course it was Carolyn who surpassed them all.

Or was it Arthur after all.

Yellow car! Brilliant. xx

Blake Devitt said...

I'm driving everyone mad by saying 'Yellow car' whenever I see one.
I can't stop.

I want to marry the Princess, too.

It's not just the writing - the casting is superb.
ALL long- term ( and I mean decades) wonderful comedy relies on the casting being inspired.
Dad's Army etc.

Cabin Pressure is right up there with the greats.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Finnimore, thank you so much for so many lovely, funny and just delightful moments of listening (and laughing).

The writing, the acting, the timing....just Brilliant!

I would miss the crew, and MJN, except that....I have you all on CD!

Again, Brilliant!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Well it is said better to be late than never. So I just realised you'd done the last Cabin Pressure.

I had hoped it would have been another series and indeed the only reason I looked was because I saw album art for the complete collection!

As a man with a perfect face for radio combined with the perfect voice for silent movies, I'll never be an actor so I can only admire and respect the work you put in and the work of everyone that made cabin pressure just well err Brilliant.

Thank you very much for all the fun

Unknown said...

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