Saturday, 29 November 2014

Farewell Bear Facts - Boston

*Contains no spoilers for Cabin Pressure, but unexpectedly a massive spoiler for series one of the U.S. House Of Cards*

- Lots of people have spotted that the names of Mr Leeman and Dr Price are tributes to the 'Kipper and the Corpse' episode of Fawlty Towers. I can't remember whether anyone has spotted that his first name, Hamilton, as mentioned in Arthur's eulogy, is a reference to the 'Waldorf Salad' episode. The character seemed to combine elements of Mr Hamilton, the irascible American who tells Basil some home truths; and Mr Leeman, the inconvenient corpse. So I named him after both. (Having said that, if I was writing it now, I'm not sure I'd make him American. Bit obvious, maybe.)

- The choice of the book Arthur's so proud of having read - twice - is a reference to Nancy Mitford's character Uncle Matthew, based on her own father, who read White Fang and enjoyed it so much he decided never to read anything else, because it couldn't possibly be as good.

- In the (excellent) American version of The House of Cards, the dark miniseries about a ruthless senator who'll do anything for power, it takes him eleven hour long episodes before he finally kills someone. In my light-hearted radio sitcom about air travel, it takes Arthur until half way through episode two. Your move, Spacey.


Anonymous said...

Your references are so much more well-read (is well-watched a phrase?) than mine.
Thanks for the lovely facts.
From Rachel

Anonymous said...

These are so interesting! Thank you so much for posting these facts!

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite Cabin Pressure moments is Arthur killing a man. The most innocent character kills a man and gets away with it.

The Pink Lady said...

Ooh, I wish I'd said something earlier - I absolutely recognised Hamilton R Leeman's inspiration, and, indeed, when I picture your Mr Leeman, it's always with Mr Hamilton's face...

Thanks so much for four and a bit series of such clever, lovable fun. I shall be so sad when it's over, but can't wait to hear how they all end up!

The Real Emily said...

These are awesome! I got the "Hamilton" Fawlty Towers reference but now those others seem so obvious! Thanks for posting these!

Lee said...

So, if I don't listen to these upcoming two episodes, does that mean CP doesn't really end?

MartinPic said...

"Thank you for flying MJN Air" is one of many stand-out moments in this episode, it cracks me up every time.

Nice notes on the names as well, I'd never even thought to make a connection.

Anonymous said...

These blog posts are such a great way to lead up to Zurich, really enjoying them!

I did not get that reference at all, really glad I read this before I listened to Boston again tonight. Will have to watch the Fawlty episode again afterwards as well.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD? I already loved Cabin Pressure (& Souvenir Programme) and now I find you've included a reference to Nancy Mitford, and in particular Uncle Matt?? I grew up with those characters to the extent that it's like a family member made a cameo. Ahhh, I salute you, Finnemore.

Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled you're doing these! Thank you for noticing the Tumblr post about the advent timing for a Cabin Pressure re-listen, and thank you SO MUCH MORE for interacting with it. I've gone all mooshy!

Anonymous said...

Now I want a dark radio sitcom in which Arthur accidentally kills people and becomes Prime Minister.

Your move, Finnemore! :D

Anonymous said...

Coming 2015:
'Cabinet Pressure'
Captain Wing Commander Sir Arthur Shappey, fresh from completing his record-breaking trip around the world (including flight under the Sydney Harbour bridge) finds himself winning a seat in the 2015 General Election and swiftly (at the request of his party colleagues) finds himself in the Cabinet. Cabinet Pressure charts his rise through the ranks by accidentally killing off his political rivals, resulting in him being made Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the Fawlty Towers references, I love Cabin Pressure as much as I love FT.

All the best from Germany!
(Don't mention the war...)

Anonymous said...

"your move spacey"! I nearly laughed up a lung at that!

Anonymous said...

I never knew the faulty towers connection, but for some reason the face of the Mr Hamilton character popped into my head while listening.
Loving the background info

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